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Bit of a problem for listeners in the Waikato district this week


And a monopole no less.

Maintenance mustn’t have been too good.


Who owns NZME?

Does News Corp own a share or all of the company due to the acquisition of the APN titles in Australia or a different transaction to separate Aus/NZ assets?


NZME was spun off from what was APN in 2016 I think, part of the seemingly aborted plans to merge with Fairfax’s New Zealand operations. Doubt that the current HT&E hold a stake there however


Brodie Kane leaving TVNZ Breakfast to join The Hits Christchurch breakfast show, replacing Ali Pugh.


I really like Brodie Kane, i’m just wondering if NZME would have been better off teaming her up with someone else and putting her on ZM drive next year. A wasted opportunity for good talent.

The Hits really struggles in Christchurch (as did Classic Hits) compared to its main rival More FM. Si & Gary have a 17.6% share versus 2.7% for Ali & Dave at breakfast. The cume for Si & Gary is 62,600 versus 14,300 for Ali & Dave.


Is Brodie a good on air talent? Her photos look stunning, quite a quirky, attractive look.


She’s okay… personally I agree with the earlier post - “she would’ve been better on ZM.”

The Hits will never compete with the power of More FM. Sadly, The Hits is one of NZME’s worst performers… and I doubt the addition of Brodie will change that.

But good luck to her! I think she is a great talent - I just don’t believe or have any faith in The Hits making any ground in ratings, particularly in their toughest market: Christchurch.

On the other side, Simon Barnett from More FM is leaving at the end of next year so they could pick up a few listeners but nothing substantial. And I’m sure More FM will be doing all they can to find the best personality to replace Simon Barnett, without losing cume.


Clint Roberts is leaving Mediaworks and his George FM Breakfast gig for a role at NZME mid-2018.


ZM Drive? Presumably after best of Jase and PJ?


Good to hear - thought Mediaworks could have given him a lot better than George Breakfast in their last reshuffle. He was well suited to The Edge.


After 27 years of 4.30am starts and breakfast radio, Simon Barnett is taking a sabbatical.

Today was his last day on air, he will return again in January for his final year on More FM before leaving Mediaworks for Newstalk ZB.


Jay-Jay Harvey who has been with The Edge since the station started 23 years ago, is leaving to pursue another opportunity within Mediaworks Radio. Her last brekky shift will be on December 22, where then she will take a short break before heading into her new stint. She is being replaced by Megan Annear, who currently presents the Workdays slot.

I met Jay-Jay recently - so, so friendly. No wonder the ratings have been so kind to The Edge Breakfast as of late. It’ll be interesting to see how much of an impact the ratings will have when Megan replaces her.


George FM Breakfast? :joy:


I’m guessing she’ll jump to More FM.

The Sound - Leah Panapa is leaving Breakfast. But I don’t think Jay-Jay is suited to The Sound.
The Rock - Not sure which daypart she’d suit.
The Breeze - Maybe?
RadioLIVE - Maybe? Leah Panapa has been filling in for Wendyl Nissen lately.


MoreFM as a replacement for Simon Barnett?


I remember Jay-Jay hosted Radio Live Drive with Ali Mau one day in 2014. Seemed quite random at the time & I wondered if it might have been a trial but nothing ever come of it. She would certainly brighten up that station. Or any of them for that matter. She’s a good talent.


Marty Hehewerth is returning to The Edge as night show announcer with Steph, with Guy Mansell and Stuntman Sam taking over the day show from Guy’s partner Megan, who as already mentioned is moving to breakfast to replace Jay-Jay…


Mix FM have changed their logo - with the “i” in Mix appearing to be from the old i1332 logo.