New Zealand Radio


I’d much rather have the variety of NZ stations here. All of them have wider playlists then here in Australia. I enjoy The Sound, Coast, Mix and Hauraki and flick between the 4.


Best radio station/network in the country right now is Brian FM… no announcers, only one ad-libbed (pre-recorded) ad between every seconds song. It’s the low-cost way of the future.


Yes I occasionally tune into Brian fm not a bad sounding station the flea is a great low power station with a very commercial sound


Polly Gillespie and Grant Kereama are leaving The Hits, it comes after being taken off air about a month ago. Article


Any Australians in management or those who have worked in Australia who are part of this decision?


Todd Campbell is the content director and Dean Buchanan is also top level management at NZME.


RadioLIVE Drive with Alison Mau is broadcasting from Queens Wharf on Auckland’s waterfront for the World Master Games, Using the Mediaworks radio outside broadcast caravan OBEEE1

#OnAir Drive with @Alisonmau and @reporter_ryan, LIVE from #WorldMastersGames2017

— RadioLIVE (@RadioLIVENZ) April 26, 2017




RadioLIVE has a new website bringing it into line with the rest of the mediaworks radio sites. It uses AEM as its new backend


Tell us more please on what AEM is and how it works for radio sites?


Pretty much it controls the backend of the websites and controls where the audio and video is posted to on the website


Wendyl Nissen joining RadioLIVE to host Afternoon Talk, 12.30pm

Wendyl Nissen is joining RadioLIVE to host the Afternoon Talk show.

Her addition to the team comes as Ali Mau is confirmed as Drive host, and Mitch Harris moves to Night Talk from Monday, June 26.

Wendyl Nissen’s Afternoon Talk show will be broadcast weekdays from 12pm-3pm, starting late June.

More here.


Interesting choice for Afternoon talk, I dont think the existing Willie/JT/Ali/Mitch audience would be pleased with the change of direction the slot is heading for.


What was the style of show and where is it heading?


The old style was talk and news with a few interviews now according to the article it is heading this way.

The new magazine-style show promises to bring listeners in-depth interviews with newsmakers in the world of current affairs, as well as conversations with leading lifestyle experts and prominent New Zealanders.


Not really sure what Radio Live are thinking with this show. Are they chasing the RNZ audience with this format? I just cant see the existing audience sticking around especially if their opportunity for input is either greatly reduced or taken away all together.

The show sounds similar to Kerry Smith’s show she done in that slot when the station first launched which was lifestyle based rather than standard talkback. Kerry Smith (who has since passed away) moved to the Breeze in 2006, which may or may not be an indication of how well the show performed.


Very, very odd move.


Brian FM (Wanganui) winner of the 2017 EMPA innovation award…

"Brian FM has won the ‘Innovation’ category for the inaugural Awards for Excellence in Emergency Communication from Australian organisation Emergency Media and Public Affairs (EMPA).

"The award was presented in Wellington at EMPA’s Disaster Communications Conference on Monday, August 21.

"Brian FM (91.2), which usually only plays music, began broadcasting public information from Whanganui’s Civil Defence headquarters during the April 2017 rain event.


Take note NZME & Mediaworks, Brian FM is the radio format of the future. Best you sack all your on-air personalities now… :upside_down_face:


what’s their format?


Sorry for the late response…

Music of varying tastes, pre-recorded ad-libb’ed ad’s in between every second or third song (no longer than 5 seconds each), delivered as dry and wryly as possible.

Tune in, They’re slowly spreading across minor markets, Wanganui or Blenheim will have more ads probably at present. There’s a big following amongst the tradies in Wanganui, pretty much every workside has them blasting on the radio and the odd shop in town plays them too.

They have installed a control desk in the Wanganui Council building somewhere, so when there’s a Civil Defence emergency CD can jump on and take over. They used it when the river was last in flood, to good effect, you’d think it was a proper station, no timing errors etc. Well deserving on the award me thinks.


Brian FM? Never heard of it.