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A massive loss for Mediaworks. They had in it for them once Jono and Ben’s TV3 show was axed. They were joking during their announcement that they took The Edge drive from #1 to #6 :joy:

Guy Williams should be enticed back to host with Sharyn. Maybe bring Dom in from breakfast.

a coup for radio hauraki with jono and ben guess they will be suited to that format

Which means Bhuja is finishing up in ever the empathetic style

Trippy, was watching that video and thought one of the other DJs looked familiar. Seen the name at the end and confirmed my thought. I went to school with Manaia Stewart. What a lucky bugger getting to work with Leigh.

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I’d be looking at Dai Henwood, Josh Thomson, maybe Tammy Davis. Sharyn with Dom would be great but then a big hole to fill on Breakfast…
Though it sounds as if they’re just going to pick some randoms. :expressionless:


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Interesting way to fill an announcer hole

Vaughn Smith got his job on The Edge through a similar competition. He did have radio experience already though. I would be sure the winner of this would have a similar sort of back ground.

Interesting in this Stuff article Sharyn mentions quite a few times finding “someone” using this approach- so either they’re just going to be a 2 person show next year (like ZM’s Bree & Clint) or they already have someone else signed / in mind and looking to fill one more role.

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I would think so too. Nice idea but they’d really have to find someone of the box to go with them straight on a network drive show.

I’d be moving Marty Hehewerth back into an on air role with Sharyn and maybe a Laura Daniels type.

Jordan Watson (How to Dad) put his hand up straight away under one of the Edge’s Quit your day job posts, jokingly maybe, but if they can get someone of his star power on board… :man_shrugging:

Edit to add heard on Edge Breakfast Karl Burnett (Shortland Street’s Nick Harrison) has entered.

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2 people will audition on air each day this week for The Edge’s “quit your day job”.
Taylor Curtis - Canterbury women’s rugby player, studying media and psychology
Liam Malone - Former Paralympic bladerunner now pursuing media and comedy

Aesha Scott - the Kiwi star of Bravo’s Below Deck Med
Anthony Niterl - one of the hosts of short-lived TVNZ Duke sports show Short and Wide (2016)

Shay McEwan - supermarket worker
Sam Smith - dentist turned comedian

Jonathan Trenberth - MAFS NZ 2019
Jayden King - Works at The Rock

Taylah Tomokino - Northland rugby lock and Sky TV commentator
Sonny Tupu - Actor (Dion Tai on Shortland Street)
Keegan Govind - Stand-up comedian


Only one of them, on Wed, supermarket worker, has a non media/sport/celeb job?

Yeah pretty much. I didn’t hear them make any mention of Jayden King being in radio already, instead mentioned an old waitering job. Taylah Tomokino is also an auditor which is all I heard them say on air. Guess they didn’t want to highlight it too much…

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Former Chief Content Officer of Mediaworks, Andrew Szusterman has joined NZME as a Consultant.


Alex King has jumped from Flava’s day show where she will host Mai FM drive with Fame Teu and Brook Ruscoe next year.


  1. Newstalk ZB 12.7 - 12.2
  2. Mai FM 7.7 - 9.1
  3. The Breeze 7.4 - 8.9
  4. Coast 6.6 - 7.9
  5. Magic Music/Talk 6.0 - 5.5


  1. Newstalk ZB 12.1 - 13.8
  2. The Breeze 13.3 - 13.2
  3. More FM 15.0 - 13.0
  4. The Sound 9.8 - 9.8
  5. The Rock 7.5 - 8.8


  1. Newstalk ZB 12.2 - 15.7
  2. The Breeze 12.5 - 10.8
  3. ZM 10.7 - 8.7
  4. Magic Music/Talk 6.9 - 6.8
  5. Coast 4.9 - 6.4
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The finalists:
Liam Malone
Aesha Scott
Dan Webby - the show’s producer
Anthony Niterl
Wildcard: Sam Smith

The funny thing is in 2016 Dan Webby (then a producer for Jono & Ben on The Rock) tried out to replace Guy Williams. And I have heard Liam say on air that Sharyn wanted him for the same gig back then and he regretted not applying. But of course the big reshuffle happened with Jono and Ben moving to The Edge, so we’ll wait and see what happens this time…

Quit Your (Current Media) Day Job.


My gut feeling is Liam and Ant with Sharyn.

I think Marty and Steph have low key been the best duo they’ve had since fletch and Vaughn. Sharyn kinda irritates me just give her the workday and bring Marty and Steph in for drive.

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