New Zealand Radio

There isn’t a central list for New Zealand. The Registrar of Radio Frequencies maintains a register of licences. Try the Radio Heritage Foundation Radio Guide for listing by region:
FM not LPFM; The New Zealand Radio Guide - Full Power FM Stations
MW; The New Zealand Radio Guide - AM (Mediumwave) Stations


RSM’s RRF, as @DLK suggested, is the closest thing. What it doesn’t tell you, is what station (brand) is aired on each Frequency, or whether or not that Frequency is actually broadcasting at present. To find that out, you’ll need to cross-reference the data on there with other sources.

I’ve done this in the past and compiled them to a spreadsheet, but I’ve not done this recently, it would be fairly useless for accuracy in 2023/4. You’d be better off building your own.

A note about the NZRBA as @HUFF suggested, it’s NOT 100% accurate. You’d have just as useful/useless data gatherering it from Wikipedia.


Write up i saw,today regarding brian fm
Yhe independent family run station not mainstream
A station people forget about
No ads and no djs

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They’re a pretty good listen if you are lucky enough to have them on the dial - especially if you like Channel X but want a little more rock (though they play anything!). They also run ReelWorld radio in a few markets along side Brian FM which is the same thing but if you’d rather listen to 2010s+ pop music instead.

I find that they are a lot less heavy on the channel IDs compared to channel X - and they put company shoutouts to sponsors there too rather than the full ads that channel X run occasionally.

Yeah it would have been… that was quite good that show.
I feel for Sharyn because I rate her but they’ve battled to find the right team/person around her ever since then. I feel a two person team might be best. Never convinced about 3 person drive teams.

Agree on that last point - or maybe Tegan from Mai.

Yep - it’s dull. The Edge should be a ‘challenger’ station, feels dated.

And the obsession with celebrity news/‘Scandal’ feels very dated. My feeling is that the interest level in that waned a while back - especially with social media and the general downward slope of celebrity culture.


This is the reason why I like ZM nowadays. Scandal/Spy had toned down a lot in recent years, especially after Megan was replaced with Hayley.


Not that i listen to edge or zm but i think sharyn c is funny
They should put her on brekky
The irony there is she would be competing with her husband bryce on the rock
That would make an interesting household

Brian’s the only music station I listen to. I reckon they’ve been giving off C93FM vibes lately, a bit more rocky than what they were playing six months ago. My only gripe is they’re like a casino, no time-checks!


Anyone know what magic’s plans are for 2024?

Radio Magic Talk Live to launch with Duncan Garner as Breakfast/Mornings/Afternoons host, while Polly Gillespie takes on Drive and Nights. And if you missed a second, the much loved Best Ofs are back on overnights and weekends!


More a prediction than a plan, but I think they will go fully automated.

I note robert taylor is doing
The vo and sweepers for gold since they did a slighr relaunch
Should bring him back in some capacity even on weekends after grant k

Yeah he’s a talent. A shame he’s gone.

@millsy Going 100% automated means no DJs/announcers, no talk and a lack of old familiars and fresh talent - just music.

I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Besides Magic, anyone know what are the plans for The Sound in 2024?

Yes, I belive that they will turn into to a Boomer Channel X. They already automate everything from 8pm till midnight, 6pm till 5am on Saturdays, and Sundays 7 to midnight.

And, same with The Sound I think

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@millsy There already is a Channel X and that means there’ll be brand extensions!

If that happens, RIP magic. It’s already been going downhill for years though.

What do you think they should do to stop the downhill slide? I thought it should revert back to how it was when it started in 2015. Also it should be on AM as well as FM again.


What do you think of the new Gary&Mark Breakfast show?