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Not a good survey for More FM and The Edge.

The Edge has become a giant mess over the last 10 years.
Letting Fletch and Vaughan go to NZME in 2013-14 was the moment they lost their breakfast succession plan and then it all kept unravelling from there.
Now you have breakfast/drive shows which essentially sound the same but also don’t stand out in the marketplace.

ZM was like that for a long time too, but finally figured it out, am sure The Edge will too.

Shared breakfast show with The Breeze these days and community programming for a lot of the rest of the day. Always been an odd mix, but feels like its time may be fading…


Mediaworks’ strategy plan is to let it die away.

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It shows the core audience for ZM & The Edge dwindling, having migrated to modern platforms.


The Rock’s pulling in some surprisingly strong numbers in Southland, along with Magic.

The real shocker’s probably with ZB losing a whole rating point in All 10+ (from 11.3 last quarter to only 10.2) dropping behind More FM (10.9 this quarter). As the home base of Marcus Lush, it’s strange to see.

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ZB has always kind of had an up and down history in Southland. Seems to go alright for a bit then fades.

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Hauraki’s shares in the Dunedin market are interesting 6.9% and 7th overall, Matt and Jerry on 7.0% (7th place) and The Big Show on 10.5% making it 2nd place at drive.

They have managed to execute that plan perfectly over recent years.

Their cume audience has held up across the years though interestingly. It’s just that ZM’s have increased by a lot at the same time.

Being on 89.5 for cars without band expanders helps

And the zb juggernaut rolls on against all others

Channel X vs Today FM’s last survey:

Channel X 1.4
Today FM S4 2022 1.3

Channel X 0.6
Today FM S4 2022 1.4

Anthemz 1.1
Today FM S4 2022 0.5


I wonder if it’ll last on the Welly frequency beyond their anniversary considering GFM had double the share while only being on LPFM in the inner city?

Not to mention stations like Mai, More, Hits, George and channel X competing with some of the target demographics along with digital offerings and other platforms. Its probably why the very little of The Edge I have heard feels like its trying to resonate solely with the 13-18 demographic and hence painful to listen to.

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Do the results take in those listening on streaming apps?

I’m pretty sure they do. Last one I did a couple years back had “listened online” as an option.

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Sell-able demos:
Channel X, 18-39: 2.7
25-44: 2.3
25-54: 2.5
Today (S4), 18-39: 0.3
25-44: 0.7
25-54: 1.0
Channel X, 18-39: 0.8
25-44: 0.8
25-54: 0.9
Today (S4), 18-39: 0.1
25-44: 0.6
25-54: 0.4
Anthemz, 18-39: 0.6
25-44: 1.0
25-54: 2.0
Today (S4), 18-39: 0.5
25-44: 0.5
25-54: 0.3

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Gold fm adding more music across the day with 90 minute rockathon
Playing some good gems as a result

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I’ve heard a bit of The Edge drive show in particular the last couple of weeks through circumstances.

I don’t know else how to describe it but it feels like it’s stuck in time. Not that far back but enough. Just in terms of presentation and break content. It feels it’s a 2015 show.

ZM sounds fresher in comparison - more in touch with 2023.


Yeah agree @OnAir, although I think 2015 Edge Drive might have been Guy, Sharyn and Clint? and that was 10x better! they should just bring over Sin and Brook over from George, even if it would be against their will lol.


The Edge’s problem is they have no “star power” on the station. The line up is unexciting.


Does anyone know of a list of all NZ radio stations listed by area? (similar to what ACMA produce in OZ)

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NZRBA has a search tool that allows you to pull up stations by city, but it does not contain technical parameters: Find a station | Radio Broadcasters Association

A little more complicated, but you can also do a license search by location/frequency here:

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