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would live to see a rebrand. new colours (or stick to the same palette) new logo

Forget Matty McLean, time for NZME to bring back Jase & PJ!



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Given this has been on the cards for months, I do wonder if they did reach out. A lot to move family back across the Tasman though. I suspect he’ll land somewhere decent though in Aus.


Mentioned at the bottom of the Drive show press release, Megan’s current network/Auckland daytime role will be going to current Wellington host Hayley Bath, not sure if Hayley will juggle all three shows like Dave Nicholas used to do in Christchurch.

@Reece Hayley Bath is based in Wellington and will host The Hits’ new look network daytime show from the capital in 2024.

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Yes, currently based in Wellington. As announced already, will host the daytime show next year not the drive show.

@Reece Thanks for correcting me. I have just updated the facts.

TVNZ announced this week that Matty McLean will be leaving Breakfast to co-host The Hits’ new look drive show with PJ Harding, but the addition of Matty to radio in 2024 may not be everybody’s favourite and the ever popular duo of Jase & PJ may be a better option for NZME, which owns and operates The Hits, although there are no plans at the moment… I think (if the fact is incorrect at the time of writing).

I am led to believe she will likely still do it from Wellington.

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I wonder how thats going to go with them not in the studio together, especially with Matty being a radio newcomer

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Interesting to announce this on ratings day - although I think it’s SEG’s AGM today
Think they’re out at 1pm

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4 million seems … enough, considering

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It’s interesting to see the TAB buy the organisation - after it sold the frequencies to SENZ a couple of years back under different owners.

I see there’s a note that nothing operationally will change for 12 months - wouldn’t surprise me to see them run Trackside simulcast after midday once they can. And gut some of the high paid hosts.


GFK Survey 3 - Major Metro Rankings

Newstalk ZB 16.0-15.7
Breeze 10.5-10.6
Mai 9.7-8.4
Coast 6.4-6.9
More 6.1-5.9
ZM 4.6-5.4
George 3.9-4.2
Magic 3.2-4.2
Rock 4.2-3.9
The Hits 3.7-3.7
Edge 5.1-3.6 (smallest share since taking over the frequency 20 years ago)
**Channel X debuts with 1.4

Newstalk ZB 17.0-15.9
Breeze 9.6-10.4
More 10.8-10.1
Edge 8.9-8.6
Rock 7.7-8.3
ZM 6.4-8.1
Sound 8.2-6.8
Magic 6.7-6.4
The Hits 3.9-5.8 (largest share on frequency since 2008, as Classic Hits)
**George 0.6-2.5 on its new frequency; Anthemz registers for the first time with 1.1

Newstalk ZB 15.3-15.7
Breeze 9.9-9.9
Mai 6.0-8.6
Rock 7.2-8.1
Magic 6.2-7.5
The Hits 6.8-7.1
ZM 6.7-6.5
Edge 6.5-5.9
Hauraki 4.1-5.4
The Sound 7.1-5.2


Mark Leishman was going to become part of the Southern Cross Country Radio team but has been removed from the “Meet the team” and “On air schedule” pages as they are updated.

Miranda Easten will join the team early next year.

I’m not sure if the facts are correct at the time of writing though.

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Flava being #1 in breakfast and #2 overall in Rotorua is interesting

Radio Dunedin had a 10.6 share a year ago. 4.8 now. Ouch.