New Zealand Radio

…which is pretty depressing, IMO - I don’t know anyone who wants that bs here, apart from this lot.
Anyway I listened to about a minute of this new thing just after 7 when it was meant to be starting, apparently it’s meant to be Paul Brennan at breakfast, but I got a version of William Shatner remaking Common People (by Pulp). Sadly I can’t handle too much of William Shatner this early in the morning so stopped the stream.

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Sounds like it will appeal to
All the haters and negative viewpoints and
As mentioned pro trump
I thought we were better than that but
Maybe not



Oh that’s not good.

Seems like Today has had a hard time competing against ZB. This does not bode well.

Hate to sound all negative here, but is this a case of him jumping before he’s pushed, or simply realising what may be happening, and is like a rat fleeing a sinking ship?
If not I hope he’s been tempted to something better - he’s quite talented and will be a big loss to Today FM, I would say he was a huge driving force in getting the station up and running in the first place.

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It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s completely and utterly burnt out. Setting up a station isn’t easy and he’s been on the ground level. You often hear of him pitching in to produce (when thanked by on air talent) and the like as well.


Anything on record about Mediaworks persisting with Today FM long-term is pretty much dead now with this announcement.

I know he has a good track record at ZB but the audience is also handed to you with that station so a very different scenario when relaunching a poor performing station.


Will be interesting to see what’s next.

I wondered if they might bring in someone like Mitch Harris to have one last crack at it

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Sounds like he knew that today fm was always going to struggle no matter what he did
I also not sure he got top level support higher up

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Gurney told Stuff it was “not a one or three-year project. This is a five, ten, 15-year project and beyond”

But still can’t have been expecting such low numbers - Survey 1 2022 he said “bring on survey 2” - but ratings only declined further each survey last year, the more it decoupled from Magic Talk

“This survey result is almost all Today’s predecessor Magic Talk which means it’s not useful this time around. However we’ve had fantastic feedback since launching in late March and are excited about the platform we’ve built for ratings success in the future. We’re still in the early stages and looking forward to continuing to work hard to build the brand and our audience in the months and years ahead. Bring on Survey 2!”

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Interesting that his announcement came on the eve of Today FM’s first anniversary of going to air.

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It is debatble whether radio in its current form will still exist in 2037.

The Edge is currently dead air

Aw, great! Is there a technical problem going on?

Shame. Seems like a good guy. If he’s going then that’s probably it - he is Today FM. Can’t see it still existing in its current form in 12 months’ time. Radio 2, anyone?

What sort of
Support did he have if any??
It was all hype when tova started and then
It was as if all was forgotten
There appeared to be no marketing
I read a comment online from someoneyesterday that said
He had
Never heard of today fm
I guess talk radio is just not going to succeed at

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Isn’t that the MediaWorks way?
TV4/C4/FOUR launch/relaunch were all like that, big push at the start and then nothing, like a cat that’s got bored with a ball of string.

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And how many have continued to tune in