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More bad publicity for today fm then

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“Sometimes I think this is how I’m gonna lose my job – because I would refuse to read out the words ‘pregnant people’.”

”Once Leah and Miles were made aware of the impact of what they said, they were devastated about those they have hurt.

Oh really?

Prefacing by saying these are my own comments on the situation and do not reflect mediaworks or Today FM.

I heard parts of the on-air comments and as a part of the LGBTQIA+ community they disgusted and upset me.

Leah and Miles made their comments without knowing the harm they inflicted on their own team.

No business or individual is perfect when navigating the LGBTQIA+ space, I personally feel the situation has been handled well internally and externally with an on air apology and communications within media works.

In an ideal world rainbow training should have already happened and the comments should never have been made but we don’t live in an ideal world.

Mistakes are made, people say things in the heat of a moment without always realising the consequences.

We have seen this before in the media where people make comments about a section of society, make an apology and move on.

Some situations these comments are made repeatedly and when this happens firm action should be taken.


No plans.

Are the sound on a 1 hour delay

Tofay in 1987 newstalk zb was launched
Who knew then the big juggernaut it would be

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Polly Gillespie was out putting flyers in letterboxes in Wellington last night while live on air…


Jordan and Brook who left Mai Morning Crew last year are doing what all ex radio hosts do now… starting a podcast.

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Apparently this “Reality Check Radio” thing starts on Monday. Oh yay. If Sean Plunket is right, it will be a station mostly harping on about vaccine mandates, which were gotten rid of last year. That and probably going on about how Putin and Trump are really good guys, just misunderstood. Will be riveting listening…not.
Maybe they should talk about the 1984 election while they’re at it as well? :roll_eyes:

Heaps of (digital) billboards around Auckland, whoever is bankrolling it has a bit of coin

Probably some property developer or somesuch whose income was badly affected by the pandemic, and was radicalised as a result. Some of these people really do fancy themselves as ‘the resistance’. Would be funny if they weren’t so dangerous.

I still think Liz Gunn will have a show on there sooner or later. I fancied a laugh last night so I thought I’d listen to her latest video. 45 minutes (I didn’t make it past 5!) ranting about how Jacinda was the most tyrannical leader in the world. Has she never heard of Assad, Xi Jinping, Kim Jong-un?! But Jacinda encouraged everyone to get vaccinated. That’s worse than bombing your own citizens, apparently…


She is just awful everyone is entitled to an opinion and viewpoint
But she borders on hysteria
Some things are just best not said


I believe it’s being bankrolled by Voices for Freedom. Since the vaccine mandates were removed and whatever they did has become largely irrelevant, I guess they had to put all that money they raised to some use.

As to Liz Gunn, I’ve seen her described elsewhere as a “washed-up former newsreader, desperate for attention in today’s digital age, reduced to creating antivaxx and conspiracy theory videos and publishing them online for a very limited audience”.

She has become quite bitter and twisted, especially about the former PM. I guess Liz would rather we had hundreds of thousands dropping dead of coronavirus instead? That would have also been Jacinda’s fault too, I guess :roll_eyes:

In any case, this just seems like more conspiracy theories, even more so than what The Platform became. Sad to see someone like Paul Brennan (who I used to quite respect) going fully down the rabbit hole of this nonsense.


Really? Man, I guess he bought more than just birds home.

Oh jeeze. Paul Brennan has a terrible reputation. He left RNZ under a cloud for inappropriate behaviour.


Since his departure from RNZ, he had worked at NBR and The Platform before switching to Reality Check Radio (RCR).

Wouldn’t surprise me if it outlasts The Platform. Does seem like they have a lot more $$ to spend on marketing etc & if you go by the platform comments section when Plunket calls the likes of Liz Gunn something not very nice you would think this new station would be taking about 98% of his audience lol

Sorry, I should clarify that - I mean while he was at RNZ (and even before, I remember hearing him reading the news in the 90s for them). After Trump came to power, I think he started to get wrapped up in his nonsense and it all went downhill from there. A pretty sad fall from grace.

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The backer of The Platform has money to burn, so I think it’ll be around for a while yet (as per the link posted earlier):

Having said that, I have no idea how much money Voices for Freedom currently have in their account or are taking in - they don’t seem to want to release that kind of information.

Same people funding QAnon, Trump, etc and so on. They want to import US style culture wars into this country.