New Zealand Radio


I believe More FM drive is now Auckland based. Jay Jay Feeney seems to be back in Auckland full time and their producer has relocated to Auckland also. Jason Gunn remains in Christchurch.


Can’t see that working long term, can you? Wonder if Flynny will replace Jason Gunn then.
Maybe Jase will join the already overcrowded Breakfast show …


Interesting. I do still wonder if Jason may move to Breakfast when Gary leaves.

On another note, Jim Kayes (former TV3 rugby editor, Paul Henry sports reader, Radio Live weekend sport co-host) has started at Radio Sport hosting on a casual basis, I believe.


Having announcers in different studios isn’t known in NZ but works well enough in Australia. I think this was always going to be the case when Jay Jay Feeny went to More FM, I doubt she would have lived in ChCh long term and probably just relocated there temporarily to build a working relationship with Jason Gunn.

Possibly the grand plan with Flynny joining this year. Pairing up Lana and Jase again would be a great idea as there was a great chemistry with those two.

If this were to happen I think this would also be the time to reduce/cut the on air roles of the producing team. As you say nztv an overcrowded breakfast show. Sometimes I like it sometimes I could do without the up to 6 voices chiming in.


Guyon and Susie do it on Morning Report but yeah that’s the only other one I’m aware of that does it. Toni Street used to do her Hits show from home a few days a week when she did Seven Sharp but is now in studio Fulltime.

Speaking of, Hits CD Todd Campbell is now anchoring that breakfast show (Laura, Sam And Toni) (and has done since Sarah Gandy took leave then left).

Yep. Fun show but it’s often a scramble to pick who is chiming in.


when does simon Barnett start on zb and will phil gifford
have to relocate to christchurch


Meant to be the middle of this year. Im thinking Simon would be under a restraint clause from Mediaworks until then. Plus it gives him more time out to spend with his Wife and family.

Will be interesting to see if Phil moves back south.


Tonight Marcus Lush got locked out of the ZB studio in Invercargill

Magic Talk has a good sense of humor though.


Superb and weirdly entertaining radio!

And loved the Magic Talk tweet :rofl:


Check out @marcuslush’s Tweet:

He got back in.


Interesting insight here from Newsroom’s Mark Jennings on Magic Talk: MediaWorks brings in the grumpy old men

He says Hal Crawford who had charge of Radio Live wanted to rebrand it as Newshub Radio. There would have been a lot of sense in that IMO. Also mentions Ryan Bridge being the odd-man out. So agree with this. Not sure how many of Peter & Sean’s older listeners keep listening once he starts (and banging on about his germ phobia or whatever it was I heard the other day)

Overall though the merger with Magic has shaped up a lot better than what was originally being reported… feels more like they actually have a target audience ( with the exception of Bridge)

Interested to hear what others think of the station


Even better ZB posted the whole thing online


Must be a very slow news week…


heard it was his best show ever


Ive listened in very briefly just to check in over the past few weekends and the station has kept talk/lifestyle programming during the day on Saturday and Sunday. Have management changed their mind with some of the simulcasting hours?


I think there have been a few programming changes,

Special edition of Sunday Talkback tonight for the Nelson Fires with Joe Reid being back for the night.


A TVC for Magic Talk just went out on Three.


I saw one during The Chase on TVNZ 1 last week (morning edition).


I heard a few featuring the AM show team might be mixed in during breakfast


A magic talk TVC on TVNZ 1?