New Zealand Radio


Wow, that’s a such a bad ad.

There’s no dyanamism, no excitement, not even any examples of how knowledgeable the presenters are.

There is no level of entertainment there at all.

Peter and Sean are top notch broadcasters (I’m not familiar with Ryan) and they come across as bland, boring. middle aged men.

And where was the breakfast team? That’s kind of important to a radio station.

Newstalk ZB should be buying time and showing that ad… they’ve got nothing to worry about.


More FM have adopted the dual programming strategy for Hawkes Bay that they have in Dunedin. Breakfast Club continue on 88.7FM followed by a local day show and Polly and Grant now broadcast on 106.3FM with a high school hits workday show. 106.3FM was previously used for Radio Live.




not very inspiring


Every time I hear Polly and Grant it sounds like a trip back to the early 2000s. The Breakfast Club manages to sound a bit more modern even with a 67 year old in their ranks.


So Mediaworks opted to put RadioLIVE/Magic Talk on an AM frequency in Hawkes Bay just to add a dual More FM station? That’s ridiculous!!


Yep. I was surprised too.
as @KnowItAll (sorry, I don’t like calling you that :stuck_out_tongue:) says though, they may as well have not bothered … very amateur ad


This one features Garner, Gillies & Richardson too:


i imagine that AD would not be played on tv1


It is the one, as it doesn’t refence TV3 or the am show its kinda in a grey area.


Are any of those shifts live?


Both are live talkback shifts.


Great. For a national market the size of Melbourne, this is a great result.


leah sounds like a good talk host
she used to be on the Rock and then the sound