New Zealand Radio


Oh yeah!


RadioLIVE is Now Magic Talk as at midnight on 19/01/2019


Let’s hope this time if it rates bad or worse mediaworks will relaunch with a new music format
& not react in another 14 years with dragging radio live on.


Magic Talk Weekend Life on now… I thought it was going to be music simulcast? If it’s just for this weekend, why didn’t they wait and do the changeover on Monday?


More to not scare listeners away by being music right away, easier to change on a weekend and have bedding in times for ids and changes to Ad Timings


It’s probably just me but the branding sounds a little weird when you actually hear it… Magic News, Magic Talk, Magic Network just doesn’t sound serious or newsy to me. I suppose it’s just a case of getting used to it.

And how about the Kiwi accent on that news reader? “News Hib” :stuck_out_tongue:


I wonder what their first song will be when they do finally play some music?

America - You can do magic?

Probably more likely to be DD Smash.

On another note…

Max Cryer is sounding good for his age…


It’s refreshing to listen to Magic Talk - well spoken people with ‘neutral’ sounding voices, who speak the Queen’s English.

Same obviously for RNZN.

So different to the ABC where you hear so many bogan voices… take Paul Kennedy… that ocker drawl of his makes him sound like he’s just been herding cattle.


i thought they would be try to be a little different
but seems to be updated radio live


tracy donaldson left the sound fm
heather keats now doing Mornings


would be interesting to see How Peter williams goes
up against zb


i agree
like a crossover of the sound and the rock maybe


If Peter has a chance now is the time with a new morning show on ZB following Leighton’s departure.


I heard Tracy reading the news today on The Sound so she is still heard - just not in an announcer role.


Heard her on The Sound up until last week. She was also filling in on The Rock over summer and she was on The Rock yesterday as well.


my wife listens to the breeze and i
think we heard her on that station also


peter williams about to kick off On magic


She is reading nights on Magic Talk at the moment.


must be branching out to news reading full time


Tracey is an excellent news reader but I hope they have something bigger in mind for her. She is totally wasted doing only that. Here’s a random thought, perhaps she could eventually replace Amanda on The AM Show. I thought she had more banter with Mark & Duncan during the 3 minute music segments than most of the hosts they had trying out for Gillies’ job…