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I think you are right with that one.

Timaru is probably local enough for it to remain a ‘Christchurch’ show and give it a point of difference against More FM. Nelson and Marlborough are a bit too far. The West Coast also have Sam and Toni as well but still have a local day show.

Smart call indeed, and they make good use of these reporters. A lot of Tauranga stories from Sam Kelway as well.


True, although Si and Gary used to go into Nelson when it was a local show still in the 2000s. Not sure which Tasman folk hate more - Cantabrians or Aucklanders! :joy:

And yes, remiss of me not to mention Kelway


Sacking women on maternity leave is also the done thing in NZ is it?

Why aren’t these journos trained to be multi-platform? TV/radio/online. ABC do it, so can they.

Don’t all the NZ news outlets have ‘news hubs’ aka combined newsrooms that are multi platform? If so, why not report for radio?

As they should be, is this for TV news where their content appears? Or do they file for radio and online too?

Is the Chch based bfast used as the national feed?


They are. Newshub journalists (last I heard ) had essentially a major and a minor. Mainly utilised in their major (ie. TV) but able to be used in their minor (ie. radio or online).

Same with New Zealand Herald/ZB/Radio Sport and to an extent with TVNZ (TV/digital).

TVNZ has no radio arm and no links with Radio NZ. So their reporters file for TV and digital.

Yes, since the start of 2016 I think. Wellington still does their own breakfast show (Polly and Grant) which also goes into Dunedin on a separate frequency to the one that Si and Gary/now called The Breakfast Club go in on.


Why does Dunedin receive two of the same format? What’s the history of it?


Wish I could tell you but I have no idea. I think they just had a spare frequency and decided to utilise it in a different way. Polly and Grant used to be the network breakfast on ZM and then The Hits (although not Dunedin) so there is a certain name recognition there. Mediaworks had tried to get younger brands George and Mai working down there on the extra frequency (a large student city) without any success.

Polly and Grant are also in a few other regions I didnt’t realise.


So what do the uni students listen to instead?

George and Mai FM would be seen as Auckland outsiders?


Spotify probably.

Na, Uni students listen to The Rock, ZM, The edge and weirdly, Flava (all network brands). I say weirdly because Flava is always second best behind Mai in every single other market it’s in around the country. I presume they also listen to the local uni station too (not surveyed).

George/Mai not seen as Auckland outsiders, probably in George’s case too niche and the electronic/alt music probably covered by uni station. Not sure about Mai.

In NZ, there’s not a great deal of backlash to networking, apart from a few provincial pockets here and there. There’s still local talk shows and some music shows on AC stations but certainly the Top 40 and urban stations have been entirely networked for the best part of 20 years and in most cases, longer.

Also, all of NZ’s TV diet is networked and has been since the 80s with no local news bulletins (apart from the community stations which are all dead now too). Everything media wise tends to be viewed in a national scope.


They are multiplatform these days but the primary job of these reporters would have to be 6pm stories mostly rather than online or radio. I doubt the roles would exist in those areas if they were only online and or radio for the companies specified.

Si and Gary became the Network Breakfast show at the start of 2014. Polly and Grant became the second network option at the start of this year after starting out as a local show on More FM Wellington last year.


Not quite community I guess being owned by the local newspaper, Dunedin’s ch39 is still going:

This is a great shame, as are the younger radio formats being networked totally.


Late 80s, after Prebble’s 1987 broadcasting reforms opened up the airwaves.

So Port FM was probably the only thing stopping them from doing it earlier. Now there’s no Port, there’s no need for competition in local breakfast. Does anyone know if Hoops is still doing the Hokonui thing in Ashburton, or is that dead now too?

Not sure about Taranaki, but NZME have paper assets in Hawke’s Bay and Wanganui (the closest non-stuff/fairfax paper to New Plymouth). Both are printed in the Hawke’s Bay.

Tough call, but I’d say they hate anyone not living in Tasman for 20+ years equally!

Can be, but is not legal nor is it above board.

Not on 4XO is it? Dunedin has (in the 1990’s anyway), the highest number of radio stations in the country per head of population. It’s pretty much where radio was born in NZ. NZ’s oldest continually broadcasting radio station lives there (today, owned by MediaWorks I think).

Devices. Barely anyone listened to Student Radio by the late 90’s/2000’s. Remember Napster? Even by then it radio had done it’s dash (apart from in the car). Find a student-radio sales rep from the era, they’ll tell you.

With much shoulder-shrugging when the “on air talent” talks about downpours in Auckland, when out my window the sun has been blazing all day.

Owned by Allied Press, who own the local morning paper, CTV in Christchurch (now online only) and a bunch of littler papers in and about the South Island.

Top conversation guys, haven’t seen this thread lit up for ages!


Port FM breakfast show still in existence but now on The Breeze which Mediaworks launched after it took over. Hokonui still has its breakfast show in Ashburton.

Si and Gary now The Breakfast club have been on the old 4XO now 97-4 More FM breakfast slot since 2015. The day show that follows it is done out of Christchurch also but presented as if its local. There might be a local Saturday breakfast show in Dunedin but that’s about as local as it gets on the old 4XO these days. Polly and Grant can be found on 100-6 More FM.

Radio Dunedin still on air and owned by Mediaworks. Only two announcers employed for the station now for two slots 6am-12pm and 12pm-6pm. Volunteer announcers do the nights and weekends as always. At one point last year they were getting Magic Announcers in Auckland to voice track the station on weekday afternoons but that didn’t last long.


Agree, loved it, learnt so much. Mediaspy is a great place for it, especially enjoy the Media sub-forum here.


“even more of a chance to be involved in the conversation” :question:

On the upside, The AM Show will finally be able to live up to its name! …in Auckland at least.


I presume this is because the 702AM frequency has better coverage area in Auckland meaning more people will be able to listen and get involved in the discussions.


Nice spin :sunglasses:


Tragic Talk 702 AM More like it.
Seriously I truely hope this new talk, music hybrid format does get an audience from jan 19 with the start of magic talk.
Seriously get rid of the 50’s, 60’s & the Station May have a slight chance of at least 2.5 % Rating’s Share in most Main NZ cities.


Sean Plunket just announced on Twitter he is hosting the 12-3pm show on Magic Talk (Wendyl Nissen’s old slot on Live - couldn’t be more different!)


Any more announcements to come with magic talk presenters considering the new format starts on 19th jan.
Sean plunked I’m sure he was on Radio Live 9- 12
before mark sainsbury.


Yeah he was - from other articles he seems to to include himself as one of the axed in Mark Weldon’s reign of terror…

Guessing then that Peter Williams will have 9-12 - could be Nights but I can’t see it. Will be strange seeing Garner cross to him on AM (if that bit of cross promotion continues…)