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Truly Mediawork’s Have only changed the name of radio Live including music hopefully a wider playlist I mean very few stations worldwide no longer play 50’s music.
Seriously I do wonder if it’s going to rate.
Time will Tell


There’s a reason few stations play 50s music… you have to be fairly old now to have grown up with music of that decade.

Rule of thumb, you’d be now 75+ if you were “young” in the 50s.

Not that there isn’t room for 50s music and of course people of other ages like 50s music too, but it’s fair to say it’s become more niche than mainstream.

If you’re looking to appeal to a core news/talk audience then they’re probably 40+, more likely 50+… so I’d be emphasising 80 and 90 music with a slash of 70s and the occasional 60 mega hit.


I give it a year.


Sean Plunket … makes me mourn for Wendyl Nissens show!

Im surprised he would think that to be honest and I wonder if its true. He seems to be someone Mark Weldon and the board would have loved at the time.

Peter Williams is 9-12pm from what I understand and Leah Panapa will take on nights. Other than Peter no one else new on the station. Through this restructure and rebrand I thought the weekend rural and lifestyle programming would have been the first to go. I would be interested to know how many people listen to them. A weekend rural show airing 5-7am with three presenters seems costly.

Will be interesting to see for sure. No doubt if it fails Mai and George would get the old FM frequencies.


The rural (especially) and lifestyle programming is an easy sell to advertisers, even on a lower rating station. Plenty of sponsorship opportunities too. REX is essentially a spoiler to NZME’s The Country and trying to take a slice of the revenue pie.

Yep, there’s a reason it’ll now be coming under the music brands’ administration.


RadioLIVE’s Weekend programming has no concluded this weekend 12/01/19 - 13/01/19 except for Rural Exchange which continues on Magic Talk.


Considering Radio Live has been on life support since it started, I’ll give Magic Talk 14 years… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyone know if MediaWorks’ radio stations have moved to their new building? Most of the stations are back to normal tomorrow… I thought they may have shifted over the break?


Not moving until the end of this year/start of next year I believe.


Where’s there new building? Are all the stations now under the one roof? If I understand correctly they were spread out over different buildings in Ponsonby?


They found a new building in Freemans Bay / College Hill area in Auckland


Soon will be under one roof for the first time.

Currently the music brands are based out of three sites in Ponsonby. Fountain Court has The Edge, The Rock, The Sound & Mai FM. Those studios were previously used by Radio pacific since at least the 1980’s so a somewhat historic site for NZ radio. Then there is the More FM building which also houses The Breeze and Magic. Radio Live was once based in this building as well but moved into the Newsroom at the TV3 studios which is in Eden Terrace. George FM has seperate studios on Ponsonby Road.



MediaWorks Radio isn’t holding back in 2019 as they reveal the exciting lineup of new talk and lifestyle channel, Magic Talk, launching on Saturday, January 19th. In an unprecedented move announced in 2018, the Magic brand encompasses both Magic Talk and Magic Music, allowing the choice of both options for listeners operating on different frequencies.

The supersized talk station will feature some of New Zealand’s best known personalities on talk radio with The AM Show’s Duncan Garner, Mark Richardson and Amanda Gillies kicking off each weekday morning on the live simulcast show (6-9am). Broadcasting legend Peter Williams will keep the conversation going (9am-12 noon) followed by Sean Plunket in the afternoons (12-3pm). Ryan Bridge will bring a comprehensive wrap of the day’s most important and compelling news stories on the Ryan Bridge Drive Show (3-6pm) along with Newshub at 6pm simulcast. In the evening, Leah Panapa will lead the chat every weeknight (7-11pm) followed by overnights with Tony Amos (midnight - 6am). Popular weekend shows REX and Home and Garden will also feature.

Leon Wratt, MediaWorks Group Content Director Radio, says: “When you look at the lineup - Garner, Richardson, Gillies, Williams, Plunket, Bridge, Panapa, Amos - you can see it’s a very strong team to launch Magic Talk.”

“The popular The AM Show will form the cornerstone of our weekday lineup followed by Peter Williams who is undisputedly one of New Zealand’s favourite broadcasters and very excited to be have his own talk radio show for the first time in his career. Together this is an original lineup of very talented broadcasters and I can’t wait to see what the audience makes of it.”

Magic Talk is aimed at the 45+ demographic and has almost 90% talk radio across the week. The Magic brand encompasses both Magic Talk and Magic Music, allowing the choice of both options for listeners, operating on different frequencies. Magic Music will continue to feature the ever popular Mark Leishman and Geoff Bryan, Mark Smith, Murray Lindsay and Bob Gentil and offer a 24/7 music option for Magic listeners.

Frequency Information:
Part of the wider Magic brand, Magic Talk will launch on January 19th operating on the following frequencies:
Whanganui 96FM, Auckland & Rodney 702AM, Tauranga 1107AM / 100.6FM, Rotorua 1107AM / 95.1FM, Hawkes Bay 1368AM, Manuwatu & Palmerston North 93.8FM, Kapiti 99.1FM, Whanganui 96FM, Wairarapa 98.3FM, Wellington 98.9FM / 1233AM, Blenheim 95.3FM, Nelson 96FM, Timaru 105.9FM, Christchurch & Ashburton 99.3FM, Oamaru 100.8FM, Dunedin 96.6FM, Queenstown 91.2FM, Southland 94.0FM, Whakatane 95.1FM, South Waikato 98FM, Gisborne 94.9FM, Kaikoura 89.1FM, Northland 90.8FM, Whangarei 100.7FM, Waikato 100.2FM, Taranaki 89.2FM, Alexandra 95.9FM, McKenzie Country 91.0FM, Picton 92.3FM.


A strong lineup. Wow!


Here we go now… the last week of Radio Live. I’m surprised it has lasted this long! Great names going on to form Magic. Love Leah Panapa. Ryan Bridge - meh.


How Ryan Bridge has carved out a radio career on that station is a mystery for the ages.


So Magic Talk is all talk weekdays except for 11pm-midnight? I suspect the music content is more heavily featured across weekends then


Peter Williams on his move to Magic Talk/Mediaworks, and leaving TVNZ after 40 years.


Be great to see Peter Williams presenting sport on the AM Show or presenting on newshub at 6pm


He won’t. He’s doing the show from Tauranga and I am pretty sure he wouldn’t want to do TV against TVNZ.


Yes true but why not he’s working for the opposition now.
Now he’s reinventing himself into talk radio
Also age is no barrier in 2019 media landscape.
Even the occasional guest host on the project.