New Zealand Radio


It’ll probably sound like the old ZBs used to - ‘full service’ style. It’s hard to imagine there’d be much of an audience for such a format these days.


Amazing. What a long run.

Generally unaware of much of what happens in New Zealand, Australian radio would be largely unaware of his achievement.

I’m sure he would’ve received many offers to return to Australian radio for short lived, ill conceived talk formats, but he has remained loyal and successful within NZ.

Great voice, I’m sure he would still be well received if working in Australia.


Mitch Harris told Stuff if he was still the boss of Radio Live, he would have kept Duncan Garner on the Drive show where “he was great”. The journalist is “too angry” for the morning slot, Harris reckons. “There’s too much table thumping”.
Instead, he would try getting More FM’s Gary McCormick on The AM Show.

McCormick would probably be a good choice if Three’s target audience wasn’t 25-54… Garner is no Paul Henry but nowhere near as bad as I expected IMO.


Well now we know the new Breakfast club team :laughing: - Lana, Gary and… is that Flynny?


Na, it’s Jason Mac who has been on board this year as their anchor.


I wonder if he will remain in his role as operations manager for Mediaworks Canterbury. I imagine he would give that role up now that he is a permanent member on air.

As someone who has only started listening on and off to si & gary/ the breakfast club this year I have really enjoyed Lana and Jason Mac as part of the team. They have set themselves up well for Simon Barnett’s departure.


The transition should be smooth with the measures being put in. The stakes are high with More with being one of (if not) the most successful stations in the stable.


Enjoying Radio Live Summer breakfast with mike puru & carly flynn very refreshing, entertaining a great change from the simulcast of threes am show.
Also great to hear Mary lambie on radio live from 12 pm.
Mary is top talent & a great listen I hope Mary is used on Magic Talk/ Magic in 2019.
MediaWork’s hopefully will use her more on The Project as I make a point of watching when she’s on.


Last year the Summer Breakfast was hosted by Mike and Trudi Nelson, which just as refreshing from a year of hard talking Garner.

Mary Lambie is just a gem of a broadcaster isn’t she? She just gets it. I agree that she should be used a lot more often. Could see her as a main fill-in on AM and The Project. The new morning slot on Magic Talk would be fab. She owns a media consultancy firm with her broadcasting husband Jim Mora, who’s recently moved from a weekday show to Sunday mornings on RNZ. Her schedule may have opened a lot more.


Not that I watch The Cafe on TV3 but I would replace Mel Homer with Carly. What is with Mediaworks using the opposition radio talent ? The Cafe may not work with Mel Homer’s schedule now anyway that she is moving to host NZME’s Coast Drive show


Yep, I don’t know whether using Carly on radio is a great utilization of her talent, which is clearly television.


The Cafe records a week’s worth of episodes during 1 day so if they start early they could get them all done before drive.


Here is a good example of why local radio is still important (courtesy of RNZ’s Mediawatch).



Thanks for letting us know of this.

Exactly what local radio should be about.

Yes, a journo is a cost, but sell ads around compelling news content that makes for “appointment listening” and a cost centre is quickly transformed to a profit centre.

Having heard many NZ radio news bulletins, the lack of local info and local journos is very poor for such a spread out population. Local bulletins are more scant than Australia. Whilst there might be many more formats to choose from in NZ, the consolidation of ownership has damaged the vital local news aspect of radio. RNZ could do better themselves from a national perspective too.

Local news is exactly what local radio should be doing anywhere in the world, because what 1XX does are the fundamentals of what makes radio a successful medium.

Giving airtime to damaged clients etc is another great example of engaging with their community, what radio should be doing.

In Australia, we are yet to hear of any station donating airtime to struggling businesses across the many markets in drought.


I believe the problem is that sales staff don’t know how to sell talk radio compared to music radio when it really should be as easy.

Having said that, NZ’s small size means reporting on issues outside the markets you have journos is remarkably easy.


Except when a natural disaster means the “out of towners” can’t get in, as was exemplified in the article above.


A good read and listen.

I would be surprised if NZME have a single journalist outside of Christchurch in the South Island and it would only be because of the print assets that they have any outside of Auckland and Wellington up North to supply news for their radio bulletins. Mediaworks would be even less as its TV and radio.

We also go into 2019 with NZME further reducing its local output on The Hits. They have axed their Blenheim/Nelson breakfast show as well as the South Canterbury one. Southlands breakfast is currently being networked from Dunedin while the local host is on maternity leave but I wouldn’t be surprised if that role is axed as well.


I think mediaworks and tvnz both have reporters in Dunedin


Both do have a reporter in Dunedin each and TVNZ also have a Queenstown based reporter. But these roles would primarily be for TV reporting.


Only Christchurch journalists, correct. ZB’s Dunedin reporter was relocated to the Chch office this year. Taranaki was also cut, along with Hawke’s Bay, but there is print journalists in these markets (I think).

I think Southland’s host will move 9-3 when she returns. Surprised Sarah, Sam and Toni have been networked into Nelson/Marlborough rather than the Chch show.

TVNZ’s decision to move video journalists into the regions has actually been a smart call, I reckon. Heaps of stories out of Nelson and Hawke’s Bay in particular.