New Zealand Radio


Thanks, interesting…: call me a cynic but I reckon this is transitional… I’d bet there’s a plan to merge the 2 stations completely and free up one set of frequencies for something new.

Having said that a blend of talk and music might just work.


Magic frequency map


Current RadioLIVE Frequencys


Alexandra 95.9FM
Auckland 100.6FM
Bay of Plenty 1107AM
Blenheim 95.3FM
Christchurch 99.3FM
Dunedin 96.6FM
Gisborne 94.9FM
Hawkes Bay 1368AM / 106.3FM
Kaikoura 89.1FM
Kapiti Coast 99.1FM
Mackenzie Country (Tekapo and Twizel) 91.0FM * new frequency
Manawatu 93.8FM
Mid-Northland 100.7FM
Nelson 96FM
Paeroa 98FM
Picton 92.3FM
Oamaru 100.8FM * new frequency
Queenstown 91.2FM
Rodney 92.9FM
Rotorua 95.1FM
Southland 94FM
Taranaki 89.2FM
Taupo 99.2FM
Tauranga 100.6FM
Tekapo 91.0FM
Timaru 105.9FM* new frequency
Twizel 91.0FM* new frequency
Waikato 100.2FM
Wairarapa 98.3FM
Whanganui 96FM
Wellington 1233AM / 98.9FM
Westport 90.1FM
Whakatane 92.1FM
Whangarei 90.8FM

Current MAGIC Frequencys


Auckland 702 AM

Auckland North 104.9FM

Rodney 104.9FM

Tauranga 88.6 FM

Rotorua 100.7 FM

Hawkes Bay 92.7 FM

Manawatu 104.2 FM

Kapiti 95.1 FM

Whanganui 90.4 FM

Wairarapa 105.5 FM

Wellington 891 AM

Blenheim 105.7 FM

Nelson 99.2 FM

Timaru 103.5 FM

Ashburton 103.7 FM

Oamaru 94.4 FM

Christchurch 738 AM

Dunedin 99.8 FM

Queenstown 104 FM

Southland 106 FM


Any interference between ABC 702 am and Magic in Auckland?

I can see this working for MSR in Sydney. Music and Sports.


Maybe Magic Talk won’t be the write off we were all expecting. Peter Williams is a really good get.

I imagine Newshub might call on him to fill in when required too. Good way of getting some of the more staid 1 News viewers to change the channel occasionally.


Will be intersting to see how that goes as he apparently will be broadcasting from Tauranga not Auckland


Yeah he lives in Tauranga now and only commutes up for weekend bulletins. I don’t think they’ll use him.

Peter is a good get, safe pair of hands but not sure he will turn the ratings.


I was under the impression that the Radio Live frequencies would be surrendered. So they will keep the current Magic music format (e.g 104.0 Queenstown) and have an ersatz talk station to replace Radio Live? Sounds like a curious option.


What’s interesting is that, according to the map that’s linked above, whilst Magic Talk & Magic Music will swap frequencies in Auckland with the latter moving to FM, they won’t do the same in Wellington & Christchurch, in which Magic Talk will be on FM whilst Magic Music will be on AM. :open_mouth:


I’m very confused with this magic talk/ news concept. Yes I get that they are still keeping the am show, gardening, Ryan Bridge, mixed in with music on the radio live frequency’s.
But why let go of top talent when MediaWork’s have just added Peter william’s to magic talk with more to come ???
Why call it Magic talk ??? yes it will have music as well but why not just keep it separate from the magic brand ???
This remind’s me of Dunedin’s ZB in 1990/ 1991 when it was ZBFM / AM music fm- talk - am.
Seriously remove the 50’s- 60s on Magic focus on 70’s - 90’s “Your Relaxing Music Mix simply MAGIC” Soft AC Similar To smooth 953 sydney,
The critically acclaimed Sunshine 106.8 from Dublin, Ireland & The Breeze Soft AC Stations launching around major cities in the USA & Soon Canada.
Yes NZ’s Breeze is similar but there’s a gap in the market for Magic if it want’s to make any Impact in 2019.


I was thinking the same thing, especially with a handful of mixed stations as per the frequency map posted by nztv above… reminds me of the 70’s & 80’s when local stations used to switch between YA and ZB programming.

Interesting times.


MediaSpy cohorts… please buy me this for Christmas…


It’s Mitch Harris’ last night on RadioLive tonight. Listening right now as he has Willie & JT join him in hosting the show.


Currently has a studio audience with lots sitting out in the production booth too


Do you know when RadioLive wraps up?


Last call is on 18 January with Roman Travers hosting the last night show before handing over to Magic at Midnight.


I notice they’ve already changed the social media handles:


Thanks @GradyACN.

Personally I don’t see Magic Talk bringing ratings any better than RadioLIVE has. What will be different apart from the name?


It will be run by the Music arm of Mediaworks rather than the News arm and fewer weekend shows and new hosts.


I’m guessing Gary McCormick will be one of the hosts. Kind of odd there was nothing about More FM’s lineup changes at their new season launch when they’ve got Flynny joining Drive, Simon leaving etc. Could partly explain that if they weren’t ready to announce it - he would make a good talkback host IMO