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Have not seen (or had heard of) the regular show but I did stumble across and enjoyed the recent Celebrity/Christmas special - with Bill & Ben (:joy:) as the final two.

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Been loving the hell out of the US series and think it would translate really well to an Australian audience.

With the recent success of The 1% Club and Deal Or No Deal and Tipping Point Aus, I’d love to see this make primetime. Game Shows are going through a bit of a renaissance at the moment.

10 could slot this on on a Wednesday or Thursday in the 7:30 slot, especially now their Q3 and Q4 looks quite bare…

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The floor is very good. Highly addictive. I’ve binged the first 6 episodes. Would do well here.


TV networks have truly jumped the shark (pun intended).

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This show sounds interesting is it being broadcast in Australia and should there be an Oz version?

I just read that article and it told me nothing about what those shows were about :thinking:

David Tennant to front ITV’s Genius Game

BAFTA and Emmy award-winning actor, David Tennant is inviting the country’s most brilliant minds to take part in the ultimate TV challenge.

Genius Game is a brand-new reality game show that will see strategically minded players, chosen not just for their high intellectual prowess but also their social IQ, face the ultimate battle of survival. To win, contestants will participate in a host of never before seen games all designed to not only test their intellectual acumen but encourage them to carefully and creatively use the art of manipulation to outfox their opponents and win a cash prize.

Produced by Remarkable Entertainment (part of Banijay UK), viewers will see David take on the role of The Creator in the eight-part series which originates from South Korea, and guide players as they attempt to navigate each uniquely crafted challenge. But who has what it takes to deceive, collude & outsmart their opponents to become the first UK winner of ‘Genius Game’?

Katie Rawcliffe, Head of Entertainment at ITV, said:

“This exciting reality format is designed to keep not just the players but the audience on the edge of their seats with each episode containing compelling gameplay and thrilling twists. David Tennant is the perfect ringmaster to preside over this battle of brainpower, teamwork and deception. We’re delighted to be bringing Genius Game to the ITV audience.”

Tamara Gilder, joint MD of Remarkable added:

“We are so thrilled that David will be guiding the players through the twists & turns of the show. There’s nothing quite like Genius Game, it’s smart & funny – just like he is - he’s the perfect frontman.”

Genius Game is commissioned by Katie Rawcliffe, Head of Entertainment at ITV and Joe Mace, Commissioning Editor, Entertainment Commissioning, ITV. Tamara Gilder is Executive Producer for Remarkable Entertainment (a Banijay UK Company) alongside Kelly Lynn and Anna Kidd. Remarkable Entertainment is run by Joint MDs Tamara Gilder and Cat Lawson. Genius Game is represented by Banijay across eleven international markets including the UK, Germany, Iberia, Mexico, Brazil, Israel and the Nordics.

Genius Game was originally created by leading entertainment company CJ ENM that is known for creating hit formats that travel globally.


France’s W9 is preparing to launch a new gameshow from European prodco Dreamspark and RTL Group-owned Studio 89.

The Power is set in an isolated house and features 13 celebrities who must live together while facing a series of challenges.

However, each week one of the contestants gains control over the house – with power over what they eat, when they sleep and who faces which challenges. The contestant will also pick out a single player for elimination, whose only chance of survival is to guess who the player with the power is.

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Seven should jump on this fast. Something different. Sounds fun.

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The show is called Lovers or Liars.

The show is two years in the making and the original idea hailed from All3Media’s UK prodco North One. The show tasks contestants with spotting the real and fake couples from a selection. The couples, genuine and not, play rounds that see them singing, dancing and even reading love letters to one another. The strapline for the show is: ‘Are they couple up or making it up?.’

Japanese comedian and actor Shitara Osamu hosted the pilot and TBS will soon decide whether to take it to series. All3Media is selling it globally and shopping it to buyers at MIPTV.

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This is a really fun strategy game show premise.

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