New Formats

The project sees 100 chefs converge on a high-stakes culinary battleground, each vying to carve out their legacy among the elite.

Forging kitchen brigades, the chefs engage in battles, transforming the stage into a test of skill, creativity, and teamwork. Every slice and dice by the chefs become a quest to sharpen their edge against the competition. By the end of this clash of kitchen titans, only one brigade will stand victorious, claiming their triumph with the ultimate “blade” of glory, per the logline.

Eureka Productions have secured Australian adaptation rights for Zenith.

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Local version coming to Nine in 2025 according to this.

I watched the US version and thought it was great. Really holds audience interest across the 8-10 episodes or whatever it was.

I think Nine could do a lot with the format and LM is looking tired so it’s good they’re thinking about refreshing their lineup. They do 12 eps of LM so I could see them increase the amount of players on The Floor to 100 and produce 12 eps.

Hamish Blake as a host makes sense too because he could have the banter with players in between the duels.

Not new formats but just wondering how the format process works.
With ten walking away from key formats (masked singer, bachelors, traitors) and seven doing the same (SAS, big brother, AGT) does this mean that they are technically up for grabs?
Would there be a waiting period?

I actually think that ten could do wonders for AGT and we all know that big brother belongs on ten, but u assume there is a reason why they haven’t pounced on either, especially when they have a seemingly bare cupboard?

And surely seven or nine would love a go at traitors which is going gangbusters o/s???

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Overseas success doesn’t guarantee success in Australia.

Nine and Seven had attempts at Survivor before Ten made it a success years later. Ten had an unsuccessful go at X Factor before Seven did better years later.

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Networks can elect to gate keep the rights to any show by paying a fee to secure them, this has happened in the past where they hold on to the rights even if they don’t intend to actually produce a series.

Most likely wouldn’t do this now as it would be a costly exercise.