Network Ten 2017

###Network 10 Programming for 2017

Upfronts for Ten are Friday 4 November

Hoping to see a third multichannel announced by the network.

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In addition to another multi-channel (hopefully a crime based alternative) I hope they use the opportunity to rebrand/refresh the other two existing multi-channels at the same time if not only for ONE which is about due for an update.

For the main channel, I’m guessing we’ll see much the same as this year with some additions with the network looking to maintain further consistency with their scheduling, albeit with some shuffling of tentpope realities to spread them out across the year a little better to not have so many gaps between shows finishing & starting.

For what I’d personally like to see, a commitment to strategically growing and improving their existing news & current affairs offerings, more new 8:30pm content across the year and a panel / chat show that could air at 9:30-10:00pm weeknights or Sun-Thurs to improve late night audience shares. A solution to the 6:30-7:30pm & post 8:30-9:00pm Sunday timeslots would also be ideal.

Finally some improvements to the tenplay website and catch up services with more live-streaming, HD content online (and the dedicated HD channel), chromecast support, better video player and ad management etc.

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I think Ten has to do four things next year to improve its programming and ratings.

  1. Show US programs in native HD. Given the likes of NCIS, NCIS: New Orleans and Bull will be delayed to next year, Ten should use the period between now and February to gather HD copies of each episode by internet.
  2. Fix up the Sunday early evening timeslot and the gap between reality franchises. Create programs that will suit the 7.30pm timeslot, e.g. factuals.
  3. Flexible news programming, especially if it follows sporting events like motor racing in Sydney and Melbourne. It could start by renaming the weekend bulletin as Ten Eyewitness News Weekend (or something similar). It must be shown every Saturday and Sunday. If it clashes with sport e.g. Bathurst 1000 it must be shown on One, Eleven or the proposed multichannel.
  4. build up its movie archive so it won’t have to show the likes of The Devil Wears Prada and 27 Dresses multiple times during the year. Are the rights to Warner Bros movies available?
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[quote=“JohnsonTV, post:3, topic:1984”]

  1. Show US programs in native HD. Given the likes of NCIS, NCIS: New Orleans and Bull will be delayed to next year, Ten should use the period between now and February to gather HD copies of each episode by internet.[/quote]
    Sounds like a wish list. How would showing these in HD improve ratings?
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I would start with Sunday night reality at 7pm (every night of the survey).

Followed at 8.30 (ish) by something new - I don’t know what but prefer with a target 25-54 with a contemporary format (not a throw back to what worked in 2007).

Ten’s reality show on Sunday needs to compete head on with the competition and not give Seven and Nine’s a 30 minute head start. The lead out would be competing with 60 Minutes and Sunday Night, so it shouldn’t be too hard to counter-program.


Yeah move content to start at 6pm on Sundays. Maybe All Star Family Feud/specials at 6pm for an hour on Sundays.

Ten Crime channel (or a procedural drama based channel) sounds good, lots of procedurals and factuals could be run on there, films as well. Would do well with an older audience, even stuff like Murder She Wrote etc alongside things like Law and Orders.

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I doubt we’ll see more new channels. Can’t they use One as a crime procedurals channel? It basically shows a lot of them already?

I think we’ll start seeing the networks running streaming services instead so viewers can watch all teh shows whenever they feel like doing so. Just like the recent Foxtel Play announcement.

Here is what I would like to see Ten do to go forward (I know many will disagree with me):

  1. Sunday night Project from Sydney and an announcement Fridays will also be live from Sydney.
  2. 9:30 News bulletin
  3. Third multichannel - headlined by US acquisitions in Prison Break, NCIS, Bull etc. - Ten Crime
  4. Renewal of Survivor Australia
  5. All Australian products on Channel 10 at 8:30.
  6. Bachelor to move to March/April to fill the void left by I’m a Celebrity.
  7. A Sunday night chat show - not hosted by Rove - I think this is what Ten is missing.

Before Ten even think about launching a 4th channel or 3rd multichannel (which I do think will happen at some stage, since even the ABC & SBS currently have four channels), personally I’d like to see the following.

*A full relaunch of One. Programing, On-Air Presentation, the lot. I’d probably even suggest a name/logo change to distance the station away from the failed 2009-11 attempt at an all sports channel.

*An On-Air Presentation relaunch of Ten’s main channel. While the current branding has served them well, it will be turning three years old early next year so probably time for a change sooner rather than later.

*An On-Air Presentation relaunch of Ten Eyewitness News. Yes, the current branding has aged rather well and I have suggested that they keep it mostly unchanged in the past. However, we’ve since seen Nine News change it’s graphics to a rather Ten-esque look. Even considering the graphics tweaks that Ten made to their news branding made in May this year, I think it’s time for a full relaunch of the news graphics.

Of course this will probably end up being more of a wishlist rather than things we’ll actually see happen at Ten in 2017. In any case, I’d certainly be interested to hear what others think! :slight_smile:

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We already know that version of The Biggest Loser is coming next year.

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With News Ltd buying out Sky News AU next week to become its sole owner / parliamentary reform on media also due next week - I think it would be a pretty good guess to say Sky News will become the fourth digital channel on TEN.


Does Nine still hold rights to Big Brother?. Was thinking this was the final year. Ten should pick it up for a reality show next year . It wouldn’t be messed around like it was on Nine. Just a thought. Could air later in the year . Surely would get more than 500,000 viewers ?


I don’t think there’s room for Big Brother in Ten’s schedule - unless they air daily shows at 9.30/10.00 as per the UK however this would risk the loss of some of the younger and family audience. Sadly I don’t think there is sufficient demand for the franchise to be profitable at the moment.

Some say sadly; others say luckily. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Surely there is demand from FM Radio stations looking for new breakfast hosts - perhaps they can all promise to advertise if it returns. :grinning:


Have a chat to 2Day. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

For what its worth, someone on the Behind Big Brother site posted that Ten have been in secret discussions about returning it to them, to coincide with a “Welcome Home” network promo. Take that with a grain of salt, or not.

You can also read between the lines regarding the timing of their upfronts this year. Gone is the ritzy boozy harbour party, good morning to a breakfast sit-down. Or perhaps there is a morning theme happening here? All will be revealed soon.


I’m surprised you didn’t read between those lines and deduce that Ten will be having another shot at a breakfast show. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Now why would I allude to that? :wink:

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These days, I’m pretty sure that the SCA Hit Network now uses The Bachelor/The Bachelorette as a platform to find potential breakfast radio hosts! :wink:

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