Anyone done That 90’s Show? Thoughts?

Better than I thought it was going to be.

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Watched it all and really enjoyed it. My partner was a big fan of That 70’s Show and really enjoyed it too. Hope there is a Season 2.


Yeh I think its really good. The new kids and their acting is all a bit Disney Jnr - but Kitty and Red make the show :slight_smile:


The hot tub scene was really odd so was Leia going around kissing guys randomly at the shopping centre .

Agree. And I think this talks to the Disney Jnr feel of the show. With those particular scenes and characters.

Also the flicking of bra straps was weird then Ozzie saying I’m not the audience for this ? Wtf

It would be less weird if the actors were adults .

The actor playing Ozzie is 13 by the way .

Titans is available in Australia on Netflix and Apple TV+.

The Recruit has been renewed for a second season. Thankfully after that ending!

F is for Family has ended … Paradise PD is the only adult animation left on Netflix?

Big Mouth?

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Last April, Big Mouth was renewed for a seventh season.

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A increase of 16 episodes for season 2. As previously discussed, this show was better than expected.

Renewed: That 90's Show | TV Tonight


I hope it’s not split into 2 parts of 8 .