This one might just actually work. Looking forward to it.

I remember they did a 90s show reboot thing and it didn’t work. This one only works because of the connection to all the old cast. That being said none of these younger kids have an iconic look like they did in the 80s show.

Anyone watch Kaleidoscope? Interesting gimmick in that Netflix presents the episodes (save for the 2 minute intro and the finale) in a random order for each account. Was a relatively decent show for a genre (heists) that can be a bit by the numbers.

Clearly I don’t frequent this thread very often - I watched and enjoyed it. It’s a great format and hope to see a renewal.

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From the team behind F1: Drive to Survive, Break Point follows a diverse group of tennis players on and off the court as they compete in gruelling slams with hopes of winning a final and even bigger dreams of becoming world number one. Break Point gets up close and personal with top players on the tennis circuit through an entire year travelling across the globe for all four Grand Slams and the ATP and WTA tours.

Break Point season 1 will be shown in two parts, with the first five episodes to drop next Friday (January 13) ahead of the Australian Open, with the other five episodes to follow in June this year.

Synopses of the first five episodes

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i just finished it, found it good, up until the underwhelming ending.

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The Sun-Herald and Sunday Age today has a preview of the first episode of Break Point, featuring Nick Kyrgios.

Netflix have cancelled the animated series Inside Job.
Confirmed on Twitter by its creator.

The way things are going they will probably cancel That 90s Show after it premieres.

Well if it’s a rubbish show then they should.

Netflix is launching yet another sports documentary series, similar in style to F1: Drive to Survive. Full Swing, which focuses on PGA Tour’s 2022 season, premieres on February 15.

Several tennis players including Nick Kyrgios attended the premiere of Break Point at Melbourne Park on Thursday night.

In addition, Netflix has commissioned two more sports docuseries, on last year’s FIFA World Cup (to launch in late 2023) and this year’s Six Nations rugby union championship.

The final season of Riverdale will premiere in the US on March 29.

Netflix are cracking down on people sharing their Netflix account with friends and family. Viewers will now have to create their own login to watch. There will be a new option to add “paid sharing” which will allow multiple profiles but this will cost more (although less than a full subscription).

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Oh for people you don’t live with? I thought for a min they meant they would stop people in the same household sharing via profiles .

It sounds to me like they are saying you have to pay more for more than one profile, in or out of the household. That article is not entirely clear.

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