Everything of Schumers that Netflix has produced has been panned, yet they continue to give her specials.


Even though they’re terrible she must have enough viewers to keep them coming.


Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 is coming to Netflix 29 March


Interesting how it works.


Gwyneth Paltrow’s wellness website Goop will get its own show on Netflix later this year.


Entertainment giants Foxtel and Netflix will co-produce an Australian TV show for the first time and have inked a groundbreaking deal that is expected to see Netflix shows and movies streamed on Foxtel boxes later this year.


Netflix has axed the two remaining Marvel shows in its line-up. The upcoming third season of Jessica Jones will be its last, while The Punisher is gone after two seasons (season 2 is currently streaming).

EDIT: Netflix has also axed Friends from College after two seasons.


I actually think this is a good conversation.
Netflix have ramped up their production so much that people literally no longer have the time to watch everything. And not that everything is going to appeal to every subscriber but the reality is that these shows are largely being dropped with very minimal promotion and little internet buzz and once the show has dropped it is already yesterdays news.

Right now I can probably think of a dozen shows dropped in the past 6 months that are of interest to me but I literally just can’t find the time to get to them all, Haunting of Hill House and Sex Education are both shows that have recently dropped, had some good buzz but already feel old as so much has come out since… hell I’ve only just started watching Grace and Frankie (yes, from Season 1) and that was a show that appealed to me when it first dropped.

Whilst the binge model is great for freedom of choice I personally feel that so many shows just get completely lost in the noise that otherwise would have been quite successful on traditional broadcast or cable TV.

It’s also a huge shame that binge watching is what defines success for Netflix rather than looking at the longer term impact, those viewers savoring a show a more likely to become heavily invested in the characters and storylines compared to those binge-watching.


Geolocked to AUS

Geolocked to NZ:


No Arrested Development, completely pointless


The most recent half season was pretty bad.


Netflix doesn’t seem to understand that half seasons kill viewer interest in comedies. Just look at Kimmy Schmidt.

Hopefully they will finally let Arrested Development die with dignity after this season, IMO it would have been better off if they never revived it in the first place.


The Breaker Upperers will NOT be released on Netflix in Australia.





The OA Season 2 March 22 nd.


because it is on Foxtel Movies and FoxFlicks.


With the recent deal made between Foxtel and Netflix expect more programming to be going there.