Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 is coming 29 March


15 March


Sounds like network tv saying that not enough people watched. Though I heard it was owned by Sony and Sony is shopping it around.


5 April


Check out “Test Patterns” on Netflix

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Coming soon to Netflix.

And no doubt some criticism and controversy.


Netflix has renewed The Umbrella Academy for a second season of 10 episodes.

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Netflix has cast English newcomer Emma Corrin as Princess Diana in the fourth season of The Crown.

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Wish series 3 would be released. Series 2 was released in December 2017


Lucifer Season 4 - 8 May


This looks a bit more interesting than Tidelands . The big arse knocking everything over joke seems to be taken from the UK show Man Down S1E4. Good to see Chris doing different characters to his other shows.


Hopefully they’re different enough from his previous characters and that the show is actually funny. Not just relying on coarse language and vulgarity for laughs.