So her tongue was stitched back on :wink:


Not sure I’d be able to watch her in Neighbours after her last role!



Sally makes her debut as Mrs Punt on Wednesday 23 January, she is the sister of Valerie Grundy (deceased character).


This was another hot cast shot posted for Summer.


Another Neighbours returnee. Shaunna O’Grady as Beverly Marshall/Robinson.


Neighbours will have a float at the Sydney Mardi Gras this year. They will also be shooting scenes for the show at the event.

Actors Takaya Honda and Matty Wilson featured in the first legal same sex marriage on Australian television when David and Aaron married last year on Neighbours.


Congrats to Neighbours. It’s a real testament to the series that it continues to portray equality and diversity and holding the title of being the most progressive show in Australian history. Show’s how far behind Home and Away truly is.


It seems they’re planning way ahead for the show too. The scenes they’ll be shooting at this year’s Mardi Gras won’t actually screen until 2020.


UKmedia personality Janet Street Porter will appear in Neighbours in April


We had a preview at the end of tonight’s episode. I hope this is a permanent thing.


Previews ruin cliffhangers. I think that’s why they stopped them for a while.


I won’t disagree with you, but will add that the dramas commissioned by SBS are diverse in casting and in the story.


The ABC does well with casting with diversity in mind too. Their depiction of Australia is often closer to the real thing.


Past couple of weeks I’ve had the unfortunate event of waking up from a nap with neighbours on the tv. In New Zealand I think we are two weeks behind or a week idk… anyway I have to say these scripts are Terrible and the acting is atrocious, kinda reminds me of those Indian soo operas. Over the top. Tonight ended in that gunman in Harold’s what a truly hideous scene with poor acting and bad scripting. I thought H&A was bad enough :joy:


Why come here then just hate on the people that work tirelessly to producer content for Australia and around the world? I’m not calling the series the most polished soap, but its been running for nearly 35 years, so it’s doing something right. #HatersGonnaHate


It makes money (mainly through UK distribution) and fills local content quotas. That’s almost all it does right.


But you want Home & Away, that’s been going for 31 years, to end?


If it wasn’t for the fact it generates money from overseas sales and also the local content requirements that Australian networks have, Ten probably would’ve cancelled Neighbours about 25 years ago.

If it wasn’t for the fact it generates money from overseas sales and also the local content requirements that Australian networks have, Seven probably would’ve cancelled Home & Away about 10 years ago.

Australia’s commercial TV networks would probably produce no local drama programming at all and fill their schedules with cheap “reality” programs if they could get away with it. Sad but true.


I said that in the TV Week thread, I didn’t go out of my way to comment about the show in it’s own thread where I knew I would get a rise out of the readers/fans.