Typical Neighbours funeral. 15 people in attendance. 12 were from Ramsay Street, including Lucy who appears every 4 months, pluz 3 random extras at the back.

Any explanation why David’s mum wasn’t there?

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Doesn’t this apply to every soap funeral though


Aside of showing some amazing acting from many of the cast I dislike this storyline. I really hope there is more to it than being a way to reunite two former couples. How can Paul be forgiven for this? I know the writers have something in store but currently it looks like he’ll be hated for quite some time. I was hoping that Paul would be blamed for this but actually didn’t do it. In my storyline he would have a very difficult time proving his innocence but eventually everyone would realise they’d blamed the wrong person.


Once a soapie villain, always a soapie villain. :wink:

Nobody really cares because when we last saw her, she was such a terrible actress. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Is it one of the Blakeney twins?

That’s rude. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: She was still a capable actress when she returned.

Christina Alessi was played by Gayle Blakeney was the mother of Andrew Robinson. He was played by Jordan Patrick Smith who went on to star in The Vikings series.

Kim Tanaka was played by Jenny Young and she is the mother of twins David and Leo Tanaka. The actress was the original actress who played Kim Taylor in 1985 but she hadn’t actually acted since she was a teen and this was really obvious when she came back in 2017.

Back in 1985, Kim Taylor was the schoolmate and later girlfriend of Scott Robinson, when he was played by Darius Perkins. Kim’s parents were Marcia Taylor and adopted father Neil Taylor but she had run away from home when she was pregnant. The father was supposedly Brad Satchwell who wanted Kim to sell their baby when it was born. Scott and his brother Paul later helped her reconcile with her parents and the family moved away.

When the twins turned up in 2017, they were looking for their biological father Brad but a DNA test proved he wasn’t the father. They actually did a retcon and there was a suggestion Scott was actually the father, however when he was contacted he said that he had never slept with Kim. The retcon was that his brother Paul Robinson (who was at uni at the time) supposedly had a one night stand with school girl Kim and she became pregnant. The twins were fathered by Paul Robinson but nobody knew this because she had told everyone the father was Brad. Kim later married Mr Tanaka and he adopted the twin boys. The retcon was not popular with long term fans because it just seemed like the twins were the result of a sleazy fling with an underage girl (and an awkward way to give Paul more relatives).


Yeah she probably got lost heading there, just like the weddings and all the multiple disasters that have happened to her children

After the high rating for the 1 February episode numbers have been up. Last week was the best week since the start of the 2023 return of the show. Yesterday was the 2nd highest 4pm result of the year with 132,000 including 96,000 (5 city) total TV viewing. 10 Peach had 51,000 (27,000).


Hey! It was a genuine question. Thanks for the info as always :wink:

No worries. I forget sometimes that people haven’t been watching for 39 years. :wink: The 39th anniversary of Neighbours is next month on 18 March.


Yeh. I’m a ring in from the reboot so need lots of gaps filled :crazy_face:

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No worries. I’m happy to help new fans.

I’ve watched almost every episode apart from a few stints. That was when I was working nights and didn’t have a video recorder yet. And then a couple of long overseas holidays when it wasn’t possible to record all the eps.

Do you think Neighbours will get close to 10,000 episodes?

Depends if Amazon renews it next year, which I feel like it will, so possibly.

I think she died???

No, the character is still alive. According to Neighbours forums. They just don’t bring back very minor characters, apart from Lucy. Even for funerals and weddings.

Poor Paul. Always the villain.

And another pet peeve here. Toadie has his law firm/office next to Lassitters. His office doesn’t have blinds. In today’s episode, he was going through David’s Will, in full view of the public. A breach of confidentiality there. Anyone can walk past and look at his paperwork. lol

Nope, you may of been thinking of Aaron’s (David’s husband) mum Fay, who died on screen in 2021.

I’m not going to argue with those fans lol.

I know Aaron’s mum died. It was such a well written storyline that I’d argue was wasted on a minor character.


When she didn’t attend David and Aaron’s wedding, they said she was too sick to travel down from Sydney. As far as we’ve heard, she’s still alive.

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Another thing about Toadie’s law office. It doesn’t appear to be alarmed as Chelsea gained access with just the master key, and when Toadie unlocked it later he didn’t need to turn off an alarm, nor did he act surprised that no alarm was set.

@JBar - the only part of your summary above I’m not sure is correct is that Kim is Marcia Taylor’s natural daughter and Neil is her stepfather. She wasn’t adopted - unless by “adopted” you mean Neil brought her up as his own. I’m not too familiar with the legalities - I assume a stepfather isn’t automatically a legal guardian unless there is some sort of adoption arrangement? Strangely, back in 1985 there was no implication that Kim wasn’t the daughter of both Marcia and Neil.