I’ve also been enjoying it this year. I’ve watched every episode so far. In the past I would tune in for a few months here and there, I guess time will tell. I think having less then 2hrs a week it is easy to keep up to date.


I used to watch Neighbours, but after a while I dropped out. I did tune into the 2022 finale. But I have not watched any of the revival episodes.


Some other characters returning for the Save Our School storyline.

Brett Stark (Brett Blewitt)

Summer Hoyland (Jordy Lucas) and Melissa Jarrett (Jade Amenta)

Michelle Scully (Kate Keltie)

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I like old characters that come back it’s like real life people visit their old town but no one hardly returns to summer Bay only Marilyn and Angelo and Morag in the last 10 years don’t know why Alf and Irene live there Colleen smart smart and her son Lance and that funny idiot Martin dibble who else should come back to home and away?

I’m re-watching Season 2012 on Amazon prime. I think Season 2012 had some great memorable storylines.

Tonight’s episode was great though, a lot of things were glued together, but I think it ended so rather abrupty with the capture of the bloke they were after. I can’t help think that was just too sudden.

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Fans on the Neighbours FB page were saying the same thing for tonights episode, on how quick the police came. As soon as they called the police, they were there! True soapie style, some scenes are bit exaggerated. Lol.

Im enjoying the return of the show overall.

A shame about its ratings on 10 and 10Peach though.

It was as if they were just around the corner popping in for a coffee with a second Mrs Mangel! LOL :stuck_out_tongue: It was just so quick.
I still think the Bear at the cabin in Bold and Beautiful to kill Donna was an over the top… Don’t even think that can be topped. :slight_smile:

I think Neighbours has bombed here in Australia and it will only just get worse, in my opinion. I think there is only a slect group of die hard fans that will watch it. I’ve been watching the classic episodes on Amazon Prime, and even though some of the acting is corney and at beast diasterous , it was still great writing. I still smile at the cricket scene in the beginning of the credits. Wish they did one with Julie Martin coming down the stairs yelling about plaing cricket in the street and then her dad hits her in the mouth with the cricket ball. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s not really being made for Australia as long as it drives people to Freevee it will work for Amazon as it’s very cheap to make and pushes out heaps of episodes. I’m enjoying it and never watched the original. Maybe it’s for new viewers more than the old ones now?

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They used to be really good at doing that - usually for Alf or Sally’s birthdays or weddings or something. Always felt fairly authentic too unlike the big Neighbours returns which were often under the guise of celebrating Ramsey Street rather than a characters event.

I really don’t get who they’re trying to appeal to with some of these returnees - they’re not even the bigger names from their era, or even the second tier names. Most of those who returned to Neighbours for the nostalgia for it’s finale aren’t interested in watching it day to day. Even if like me they checked out the opening episode of the return it really wasn’t enough to hook them in.

The game finishes at 4:30 pm in Sydney and Melbourne so Neighbours will be first run on 10 Peach that night.

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Neighbours launched new opening credits yesterday, the first change since its return.


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I always FF the credits, so didn’t see, but assume they’ve removed Reece now she’s gone?

Replaced by Mel and a pavlova. Krista is a regular with Byron and Haz. Aaron, David, Nicolette and Isla join Jane and Sam.

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Wait, so they’re back full-time, not just as guests?

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There were comments recently that said they’re only returning for a short time, and that the story of them being permanent characters is meant to throw off the viewers.

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Well, it has been leaked that two of them have 12 month contracts and one has a much shorter contract.

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I guess they’re going to continue showing an episode on Christmas Day.

No Christmas break for Neighbours. Airing on 10 and 10Peach as normal for that week.

Big mistake Paramount +

Missed opportunity.