Even lapsed viewers have been left confused. I’ve been reading the comments in a Neighbours forum and they’re split between those that like the flashback and those that absolutely hate it. Unfortunately, rather than uniting fans it has divided opinion.


Yes I don’t think the average Neighbours viewer IQ could handle this. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Fair enough.

I was more commenting on the strategy to focus the show around legacy cast. All the research showed that it would be hard to recruit new viewers to a 30 year old show. And most viewing would come from Gen X and Gen Z who grew up with the show

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I’m Y and only know the basics of the show having only watched bits after The Simpsons for years. The confusing thing is starting fresh for three months then going back with all these random (to new viewers) characters coming back in this very rushed flashback sequence week.

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I certainly didn’t expect it to get that dark.

I’m absolutely loving Neighbours right now and can’t wait to see the fall out next week. It’s definitely a big change from the stupid evil twin storylines of the last few years of Neighbours.

Any chance of Neighbours returning to 630 on Ten should the Project finish or it goes back to 30 minutes?


Doubt it will ever be back in prime time. It struggled to find an audience at 4.30pm.

You might be a big fan of this outageous, over the top storyline but it has left a lot of fans divided. Not sure there is much different between the “stupid” evil twin storyline and this current storyline to be honest and from spoilers there’s more whacky stuff to come.


Any news on whether it will take a break over Christmas?

They haven’t made any announcement yet.

But on the forums I did see rumours that they have made Christmas and New Years Eve episodes. That could mean it’s going straight through but then again they have done Christmas and New Years Eve episodes before, which have screened before and after a break.

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They may break during summer northern hemisphere time

I saw an interview online with the three of the main actors and they mentioned they are currently six months ahead between filming and screening. They used to be three months ahead. They usually take a month off at Christmas so that will shorten the time.

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Interesting. That’s Home and Away timeline territory in production cycle isn’t it?

I believe so.

Stefan Dennis was part of the interview and he said something along the lines of making sure they did everything right when they restarted the show. They were just being safe, in case they ran into trouble and there were delays in production.

Jordy said she would only return for two episodes, replying to a fan’s question on X/Twitter.

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This show has lost its way. It doesn’t know what it is anymore. Just keeping bringing people back and hope they stick.

Summer has no friends or family there and she’s only back for 2 episodes. Why? What’s the point?

There’s just no interest in this at all. Even 2022 viewers on Peach didn’t return.


She does actually. Holly Hoyland is Summer Hoyland’s cousin. Holly’s mother Izzy is the sister of Summer’s dad Max. I suspect Summer is back as part of the Save Our School campaign. There have been a number of other characters from the past rumoured to be coming back too. But I do agree that the show is spending too much time bringing past characters for pointless stuff.

I also agree with this. The show had a refresh with two new families, the Rodwells and the Varga-Murphys in recent weeks. But they really went backwards with the flashback week and now bringing back a lot of the regulars who had departed.


I was devastated when the show was axed but now I am kind of glad I didn’t bother watching any of the revival episodes. It seems like I am not missing anything.

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I’ve been the opposite of this scenario. I couldn’t tell you the last time I watched the previous version of the show. I then tuned in for the big finale, and then the re-boot, and now its hooked me. I know its tragic, and the storylines are far fetched and the writing shocking, but I cant look away :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve also been enjoying it this year. I’ve watched every episode so far. In the past I would tune in for a few months here and there, I guess time will tell. I think having less then 2hrs a week it is easy to keep up to date.


I used to watch Neighbours, but after a while I dropped out. I did tune into the 2022 finale. But I have not watched any of the revival episodes.