I’m giving it the week. After the second episode, I still don’t buy that two marriages were off and two people fell in love and married within one year (that’s the storyline even with the time jump). They are already foreshadowing the temptation of a return back to Paul. What’s the point?

I like the fan theory that we are watching from Harold’s perspective, hence the confusion! :joy:

So the wedding we saw in the finale has been retconned?

I actually did not think of that, it would be an interesting perspective because it sounds to me that they are giving him a dementia-related illness.


It all does seem a bit odd… Like obviously Melanie is coming back because she was announced as part of the cast.

Also why are there two versions of the opening titles?! Seems weird, the Ten one featues some “set” scenes, where as the amazon ones are completely real world scenic? Also no actors names?
Wayy too much spinning transition on them.
Past ones weren’t so intense.

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I think the Amazon version is meant to show the soap is based in Melbourne, hence the CBD skyline in the background.

Maybe it’s a distance thing? They realised that the opening shot in the gondola you can’t distinguish the characters? As well as the one with Annie. Those two ones have been replaced in the 10 version with closer shots on set. Wonder if it was a case they changed it after the eps were submitted to Amazon?

Will be interesting to see if it changes and they align.

The gondola scene does remind me of the 2007 titles wirh Zeke and Rachel though :sweat_smile:

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I notice 10 has been promoting the soap’s new 4.30pm timeslot at the start of every ad break tonight. Must be desperate.

Or maybe they shouldve been promoting the timeslot from the beginning instead of “save the date” coming to 10 and 10play.


Speaking of which, are they still showing that huge “Bold now at 4pm” screen bug throughout the whole episode?

May be of interest


Sounds like the 9am hour with the 2 soaps rates better than Studio 10 was

10 going all in with ads tonight. Every ad break during TGYH

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Classic Neighbours episodes have just been made available to stream for free on 10 play.

Apparently there is 577 episodes currently abailable, which may increase.

Watch classic episodes of Neighbours from the 2010’s and 2020.

Not sure anyone would regard episodes from the last decade or so as “classics”. Indeed putting up 577 makes them even less so - might as well make the lot available if they’re not picking out the real stand out episodes which would probably be closer to 50 than 500.

So pleased to share that Curtis Perkins, played by Nathan Borg, is BACK as a recurring supporting character! 🙌

— Neighbours (@neighbours) September 21, 2023


No, not retconned. It happened, as did everything in the finale. But in the relatively short space of time since the finale Toadie and Mel have broken up, and Paul and Terese who reunited in the finale have also split up…. And now Toadie has married Terese.

That’s it what we are seeing now is canon and not someone’s imagination!! Who knows?!


needs to be truly classic episodes, 1980s or nothing :wink:


Are amazon and ch 10 going to put up the 80s and 90’s episodes soon or are they still being digitised by the film and sound archives in canberra please get it done i want to see kimberley davies and emma harrison,kristan schmid as todd landers,craig mclachlan,natalie imbruglia and raelee hill

I would love to see the episodes from the early 2000s (if they are not already on 10play) but they could be hindered by music rights. When Delta Goodrem joined the soap in 2002 as Nina Tucker, she performed the iconic Born to Try in one of the episodes. Sony/ATV still holds the rights for the song, even though Delta recently left Sony Music after 23 years to set up her own record label.