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For discussion of the ‘other’ NBN

I’ll start off with a Q - What do you do when NBNco say a property is serviceable but the ISPs database says that it’s not available yet? Is it just a matter of waiting a few days/weeks?

If I were u I’d either wait a few days or contact the ISP directly. It just may not have updated online.

NBNco didn’t even update their website when the NBN was being installed. For months, I was waiting for the buildings fibre to be connected to the pole outside and one day on my morning walk I noticed it was finally finished.

It was I think a day later TPG said I can upgrade to NBN. Signed up, bloke comes out to finish it off and we were up and running. Meanwhile, NBNco website still says unavailable…

if you’re in a FTTN area, you might be on a micro node, could be weeks to months.

Actually I have a question.
Anyone think there should be any service difference between Telstra and TPG?

To put into perspective, I’m with Telstra atm and previously had a Speed boost (cable) where I could get 114Mb/s (even though the max speed on the plan was 100).
If I switched to a TPG NBN plan when it comes to my area in the next month or two, if I get the fastest plan, could I expect a similar speed?
If it helps, the Telstra exchange is right at the end of my street.

Thats an interesting one - Im guessing you’ll be getting NBN via HFC?

Would that be because I am currently on Cable? Would there be any noticeable difference between regular NBN customers and HFC NBN? Especially if I move to TPG, or would Telstra “lock me in” because I was using the telstra cable network? (Cable services were only available through Telstra and Optus, ADSL2+ was only available through TPG in my area)

from what I’ve seen on whingepool, most users are getting close to 100/40 from HFC

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I’m on FTTN and my line rate is:

Maximum Line rate
Up 50.51 Mbps Down 118.35 Mbps
Line Rate
Up 40 Mbps Down 109 Mbps

My upstairs neighbour can only get 35 down 5 up, I won node lotto lol


I thought they rebranded to Nine?


Oops wrong thread


i’m on a TPG HFC NBN 100/40 plan and i get pretty much the speeds advertised. around 90 down and 37 up


Looks like I’ll be getting FTTP since the NBN cable was recently rolled out right outside my building. I’m hopeful of good speeds as the exchange is also only about 500 metres away.

Given the NBN cabling was done just recently, does anyone know from their experience how long it takes for the service to be available after the cable was rolled out in their area? eg. 3 months?

Took about 7 months for my area to go live from when the fibre was laid.



This list gets updated every Friday,


24th March for me! Woop :smiley:

if you have a small green box near your place (a micro-node) you’re essentially fucked.

All across Australia - none of them work.

I have one about 50 yards from me. Area went live last April… our street is still waiting.

They reckon we’ll all go live in March, right around Australia. Not holding my breath

So does Paul Lobb and his mate, Ray Dineen come out to install it, or is it just Kev Kellaway controlling some node :stuck_out_tongue:


Apparently it’s all an illusion that Australians want NBN… according to the NBN CEO?!?


The head of the National Broadband Network has sensationally claimed Australians do not want super-fast broadband and would not use it “even if we offered it for free”.

He can fuck right off.