Narrowcast and AM Narrowband Radio


Sydney Short Term FM News.

91.6MHz QK Radio commenced broadcast operations today. 200W; stereo pilot.
This broadcaster is one of the many 150MHz VHF NAS broadcasters.

107.9MHz Blank carrier atm. Should be Voice of Islam. 500W; mono from Lakemba.
Start date: today.
‘Move FM’ signal underneath, no sign of other station(s).


Voice of Islam programming now heard with stereo pilot carrier on 107.9MHz.
Same programming as that carried on 87.6MHz. Announcing both freqs
About 6 minutes of continuous adverts heard at one moment in the morning.
Special broadcast for first half of Ramadan & then from May 30th the
ALBAYAN group use the freq until end of Ramadan on June 14th from transmitter
in Parramatta.


Whilst on a day trip to the Southern Highlands today, I’ve noticed that Classic Hits FM has replaced Vintage FM on the 88.0 MHz frequency.

Classic Hits FM also has stations in Newcastle (87.8), Wollongong (87.6), Mudgee (87.6), Mid North Coast from Harrington to Tea Gardens (88.0), Orange (87.6) & Roma (95.9). You can find more, as well as listening to them online, here:


Why carn’t 89.5mhz be used in Sydney for VOI / Show Radio, etc and give Move Fm a free run on 107.9mhz?


There was a bushfire emergency near Albany WA last week. Of course excellent coverage from the ABC and commercial radio yet Gold MX did not issue one fire warning despite the blazes in its broadcast area. Surely this a serious breach of their licence?


Gold MX wouldn’t have any local content obligations because it is a Narrowband Area Service (NAS). It may fall under the (grandfathered) s 40 off band commercial licence, but these were excluded from local content obligations also.

They’re not legally required to do it but I reckon it’s still pretty poor form as you say.


Is Gold MX heard in many shops and workplaces?

Guessing it must run a low clutter, ipod style format of gold music? Seems to be enough to severely dent the SCA AM station in Albany every telephone survey. ABC is #1, Hit #2 and well behind is their AM clunker “Triple M”


The tide is turning. More are switching to Triple M since the Classic Hits reboot. Also as word gets out about Gold MX’s lack of coverage, they’ll have a reputation for being unreliable.


Well, I know at least in the national news that they take, Bushfire Warnings for the area were at the top of each bulletin.


What was it before?


The ex-Radiowest stations (all on AM) had the “Greatest Hits from the 70s to Now” format until September 2016, when it flipped to the current Classic Hits format.


Is there anyone from Tasmania in here?


Why has Melbourne lacked a Proper 60’s & 70’s Music Station On AM Narrowband?


Welcome Josh, great effort with your LPON network.


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Would be great if we could do a band scan in our area to identify what AM narrowband radio stations are on air.

Of the HPONs in band, what ones are off air at present might be the best way.

AM narrowbands on up the coast from Sydney to Brisbane include:

Newcastle: Radio 1629, Hospital Radio.

Grafton: AM 1611, Vision Radio (Christian).

Gold Coast: AM 1620, foreign language from the Rete Italia site, Burleigh Golf Club is it still?

Yatala: AM 1674, OFF. Vision have turned this off in the last year.

Sunnybank Hills: AM 1656, Chinese, corner Compton and Calam Rd.

Seventeen Mile Rocks: AM 1701, Radio Brisvaani, Fijian Indian.

Toowoomba and west to Dalby, south to Goondiwindi is alive with activity usually, but has been some time since up there.


In Sydney:

1611: Vision
1620: Radio 2moro (Arabic)
1638: 2ME (Arabic)
1665: 2MM Greek Radio
1683: Greek Radio
1701: Voice Of Charity (Arabic; Lebanese Christian programming)


Raw FM have been running on air ads over the last couple of days advertising the sale of their surplus frequencies. The ad doesn’t mention the areas / frequencies for sale. The ad gives the name and mobile number of a person to contact for further information.


The ACMA is proposing to extend the availability of spectrum for LPON (low powered open narrowcast) services until 31 December 2025. Currently, all LPON licenses are set to expire on 31 December 2020.

More detailed information, including details about a proprosed spectrum review, is available here:


Heard that 3XY Melbourne (Greek) will be doing a telethon to raise funds after the bushfires in Greece.