Narrowcast and AM Narrowband Radio


Could be useful for people traveling to the Show also, not just those within the perimeter of the Show venue at Olympic Park.


It’s supposed to be a starting ground for a lot of the students at AFTRS as well an visitor station AFAIK.


It’s from 43 Bridge Street Hurstville. Funnily enough there’s a high end (HF) ham that lives just across the road- he (I presume he) has a huge log periodic antenna on a lattice tower.

And yes, I haven’t bothered to complain about the open carrier, mostly because it’s not a clear channel anyway due to the strength of Move Lithgow…


Yes -but would anyone travelling to the show know the station existed? I wonder how many people at the show even have a radio :). Is there an app?


If they listed it on a website, or promoted it a bit more, they would be more likely to know about it.

They could stream it via their phone when at the show.


And that’s exactly the problem I’m sorry to say. (I know you’re talking about a different point, I need to get it off my chest thanks)

The 2LT s39 began life on FM 95.3 and it was rightly so, a clear channel for a commercial station.

The mid band re-allocation for the Sydney LAP determinations saw it punted to the junk freq at the end of the dial and along with licence conditions not to upset adjacent freqs of the aviation FM allocation. It’s also suffered the ignominy of being co-channelled with a temp freq in an adjacent market.

If I was the licensee of 2LT/Move, I would’ve been on the backs of the local pollies and had ACMA in the AAT long ago for a fair frequency.

As for Show Radio, well, that’s AFTRS using its clout to justify a temp allocation. In this day and age, AFTRS should do as other radio training providers do and run an online only program. Seemingly no external marketing, so quite the indulgent waste isn’t it?



At the very least, I personally think all of these short-form temporary broadcasts in metropolitan markets should just be on Digital Radio if there’s still a desire to have them on terrestrial airwaves. Set 48kbps aside on one of the multiplexes, have a simulcast of something inconsequential like the BBC World Service or the Community Radio Network programing feed to fill the extended gaps and be done with it!


Now this is a great idea and a wonderful way to drive uptake.

Multiplex operators could also charge for it if the agreement lodged with the ACCC catered for it.


The Port Douglas’ 107.1 and 90.9 FM narrowcast station is back on the air, after the previous operators put the station into liquidation last year (details here). The station is now called “Fab FM” and is run by ex-reporter and Today Tonight Adelaide reporter Paul Makin and his partner business entrepreneur Marion Blackham.

The website and live stream of the station is available here. The music mix seems to be a mix of contemporary and classic music from the 70s to 00s with some tourism information, interviews and advertising sprinkled in.


This is considered narrowcast?

How long before the community stations or one of the five commercial broadcasters active in the area put in a complaint?


To be fair - the previous station “Radio Port Douglas” was more community than Narrowcast. Just by looking at their archived website (here) there was various specialist music programs in the schedule as well as a weekly Saturday sports program for example - and that style went on for years. Even the daily live Breakfast program at the time featured weekly chats with the local mayor, police, newspaper editor and such.

I think if there was a complaint forthcoming, it likely would have happened already.


The Spirit of Tasmania advertises a TIS on 88.4 MHz at its East Devonport terminal; I can confirm that it’s not on air. I’m literally ‘fresh off the boat’. The tropo conditions are very flat with not even a hint of Mold 104.3.


Haha. Had to chuckle at your reference to ‘Gold 104.3’…& bend on “Mouldy Oldies”

BTW Narrowcaster Rete Italia is ‘supposed’ to be active from Devonport on 1611AM.
Don’t know if true or not or even if an transmitter installation exists…?
Launceston 1611AM is on.


Spirit FM 88.4 has a website, which was created/updated last year.
Operated by the local community FM station Coast FM per webpage.


At Devonport there’s 87.6 (Vision) and 88.0 with religious programming (probably SDA). 88.4 is a non-standard LPON frequency; ACMA got rid of those when Band II TV switched off. 88.4 would not have been available in the ABNT3 days, though.


Where’s your 8 element yagi?


Thanks, fascinating. I gather then there’s no concern of these narrowcast stations stealing any clients.


Looks like ones wishes were answered.

Both the illegal (according to ACMA records last week) Islamic short term broadcasters have vacated 107.9MHz FM in Sydney.

Move FM has been heard in the clear past two days.


Good to know @ozbark, as it should be.


Well it didn’t last long. One of the Islamic broadcasters is back on air early (mono). No Sydney licences found on ACMA records until May 15th.