Narrowcast and AM Narrowband Radio


Kingston Tasmania:

87.6 Faith FM - Mt Wellington
87.8 Pulse FM - Mt Herringback
87.8 Faith FM - Mt Nelson
88.0 Vision Christian Radio - Boronia Hill

1611 AM - Rete Italia


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I think you are correct.


Morrisett 87.8 is broadcasting 3ABN Radio, and is transmitting from the 3ABN Australia headquarters in Morrisett. Somebody else owns the other 87.8s at the locations you mentioned.


Ah not quite. Noise FM was around until at least 2010 but was bought out by Faith FM / Lifeinfo Media. Noise FM’s owner, Nathan Rose, is still active in the LPON sector. He tends to invest in LPONs under his own name these days.


I’d like to see that Melbourne Map. I can probably help you with it if you need it.


I’ve driven past that place before…looks like an ex-Scout building!


Ha ha. No it’s a brand new purpose built radio and TV studio and broadcast centre.
I’ve been there too while it was under construction.


I must’ve got it mixed up with something else. I checked the site and it looks a hell of a lot better.


Yes! Heya
Hobart born but New Norfolk is where I spent most of my days till one day my aunt got scared and sent me to live in a place called Sydney.

New Norfolk Narrowcasts:
87.6: Faith FM
88.0: Vision Radio (Formerly tourist Info)


107.9 FM Sydney. Another instance of Islamic broadcaster blatantly (seemingly) flaunting its licence conditions by broadcasting beyond its short term licence period. 13-25 Aug. Being heard this evening August 26th. [Ref. ACMA online register]


Will any of this LPON’s get onto the Sydney Dab+ multiplexes?




Ah that was Radio 2’s original plan hoping they would get DAB licences for their off band narrowcast AM licences.


There’s probably a fair amount of history behind the likes of Radio 2, 2GW, The Goanna and 3XX that will sadly never get a look in, by virtue of their own failings


I’m currently in Daylesford, Victoria and 88.0 was playing Haze FM or something like that. It was a web stream as it was occasionally buffering. Since early this morning it has just been dead air.

AM and FM DX

This station is on again but sounding very distorted


Typical inexperience or tightfistedness of many LPON operators


This is the stream it is playing


I’ve heard of Phaze FM before; they claim a frequency of 104.5 in Horsham but can’t see it listed on their site.