Narrowcast and AM Narrowband Radio



I was checking the ex ‘The Range’ FM licences in Victoria (4 from memory) & I see all 4 licences due to expire
on Jun 30, 2018 so be interesting to see what happens after that time.


I see that 57 licences on 61.2, 62 and 62.7 Mhz have been issued for the Commonwealth Games. They must be for sports ears??? The licences have been issued by ACMA to ACMA, which seems odd.


Radio Scanners would be the only device to pick them up. Unless they are selling another device.

Or analog TV…



I can “picture”’ it now.

“Watch the Commonwealth Games now in not so crystal clear worse than SD Channel 2 on ANY TV set”.


Would have to be a promo device as a normal run of the mill scanner would not pick it up due to it been FM Stereo aka WFM according to the emissions designator (200KF8EHF)


Better than this sardine stacked rubbish of digital. Mercifully less ad inventory too. DTV very poorly implemented in Aus, a great repeat of the aggregation bend over to suit the likes of Kerry Packer.


Whilst it’s sad to lose the localism of regional TV, aggregation kind of had to happen in this day and age with streaming and internet.

Regional viewers wouldn’t be waiting around these days for their station to show programs that metro stations had shown months ago.


Mystery Arabic broadcaster on 107.9MHz FM now.

For several months there’s been an un-modulated carrier on 107.9MHz Sydney wide.
Today I note Arabic language programming on this frequency.

Looking at ACMA records for 107.9MHz I find no licence records for this freq in Sydney for
next couple of weeks. That said there are scheduled short term licences on this frequency for:
Voice of Islam: May 15 - 29, 2018
Albayon: From May 30th

So far I haven’t been able to parallel it to any other known Arabic language broadcasters.
But haven’t yet gone through the VHF 151MHz licences.

Absence of ACMA records ‘may’ make it a pirate transmission?



This may well be a pirate station, but there has been some sort of Christian broadcast on 90.5 in stereo in the Lake Macquarie area for the past couple of weeks now.

There hasn’t been any sort of station ID or even music, just all gospel talk.


I hear mostly the open carrier (txing from 43 Bridge Street Hurstville) with a hint of Arabic talk underneath. I hope the Arabic tx isn’t from Hurstville as well! A gross piece of mismanagement by all involved.


That open carrier is still transmitting? You’d think ACMA would’ve looked into that by now, after it stuffed up a good part of this year’s AFTRS/Show Radio transmission.

I would guess that the mystery Arabic broadcaster is Voice of Islam.


No it’s not them. That was the first broadcaster I tried to parallel with (and I have excluded the MW X-banders).

Some of these ethnic broadcasters have audio feeds with significant delays between their different outlets which doesn’t make the task easy. Still working through the VHF NAS stations, for a possible ID. No luck yet.

I hear mostly the open carrier (txing from 43 Bridge Street Hurstville) with a hint of Arabic talk underneath. I hope the Arabic tx isn’t from Hurstville as well! A gross piece of mismanagement by all involved.

Thanks for the heads-up on this. Yes what a mess!


Okay… 107.9FM is carrying the program of: ‘Albayan Radio’.
Albayan Radio also has a outlet on: 173.525MHz via Sydney Tower. (Arabic & English Islamic programming)

DXNerd said: > I hope the Arabic tx isn’t from Hurstville as well!

No idea, but interesting you mention that.
There’s also another Hurstville based (VHF-NAS) transmitter on: 152.275MHz located at:
Empress Tower 588-602 Railway Pde
Licenced to: Arrahman Islamic Centre Incorporated
(no idea of its on-air station name)


Eh, but that would interfere with the DVB-T mux that operates nearby.

It has a licence attached to it now…

1mW or thereabouts of transmit power yet 820W EIRP :thinking::thinking:


That’s Voice of Islam, Lakemba. Licence effective from May 15th. Today is April 28th.
Different station to Albayan Radio (now on air)

Albayan Radio isn’t due on air on 107.9MHz until May 30th according to ACMA records:

There’s a significant number of Arabic radio broadcast stations in Sydney. The above are just two of many.

173MHz is yet another VHF-NAS band. Currently 4 broadcasters in Sydney using 6 unique channels in that band atm. Power only 50W erp.


What happened?


Because of the open carrier’s continued presence, the reception of 107.9 Show Radio wasn’t as good this year compared to the past.


If the ACMA cared, someone will be getting a knock on the door by some nice guys with antennas :grin::grin:.

Should have got an Amateur Radio operator who happens to be a fox hunter to triangulate that carrier :rofl::rofl:


Probably the reality of the situation (most likely) is that no one bothered to complain to the ACMA & they (the ACMA) are blissfully ignorant of the situation.


What is the purpose of Show Radio - if it is just targeted at visitors to the show, would the organisers care if the reception elsewhere was affected?