Narrowcast and AM Narrowband Radio


Thanks for the replies, everyone.

Is that the one owned by 2ST? Or one/both of the Craig Allen ones?

Is this licence just off air then? Or is it relaying something else? Likewise with the transmitter licensed to Noise FM.


I’d say it would be a Craig Allen licence; Vintage FM isn’t affiliated with any commercial radio entity as far as I’m aware. Incumbent commercial operators have often had fractious relationships with new narrowcasters; the Kick FM Penrith saga is one example, from about a decade ago.

I’m not sure whether any of the ex-Noise FM licences are active. As my previous post alluded to, it’s hard to ascertain how many licences are active within a geographic area because the operator may prefer running just one transmitter at 10 watts ERP, covering the same area as many 1 watt transmitters would (with convenient overspill into other areas)!


Can anyone from the Canberra region confirm if Rete Italia (Niche Radio) is on air from their 1629 & 1638kHz listed frequencies for the canberra/ACT region?

I have my doubts if all the outlets are in fact on air.

Have at times heard different program streams where Launcestion, Tassie 1611kHz differs from Sydney 1539kHz outlet stream & those streams differ from the Internet stream. Other times all the same program.

Any info welcome.


Around Woden there was nothing this afternoon.


If you want to know, contact Craig Allen, he’s a good guy and shares the interest.

Camplins are running tourist info and children’s programming in Bathurst. The tourist info service is one of the better ones I’ve heard of those remaining.


I Listen to KISS FM Dance Music Australia from Melbourne, the Station that was born from the Ashes of Failed Aspirant Community Broadcaster Kiss 90 FM, Timmy Byrne who hosted The Beautiful Drive back on the Former had Revived it back in 2005 as a Narrowcast Station.


Try Doing a Map of Melbourne with LPON’s?


Does anyone know how these sort of stations work? Frequencies like 152 MHz at 80w ERP from central locations. Do you buy a sealed radio?

This one from Mt Coot-tha seems to be in Arabic.


I’ve been receiving Big Country Radio on 88.0 in Brisbane the past week (without any enhanced conditions). Possible change in power? Included Southern Cross News. Seems strange considering all the other stations that are on that frequency.

List of frequencies.


I think you just need a VHF scanner / two-way radio. One of the Chinese stations in Sydney sells them, what appears to be a ‘closed set’ version. But those two-way radios are available retail.


Every area is different. I can also receive Planet Radio on 88.0 and just a few kms away it is something else. It is just this week though that Big Country Radio from the Gold Coast can also be received.


Thanks for that link.

I’m sure those LPONs are broadcasting beyond spec. I was also able to receive RAW FM from Sydney’s north up here at Charlestown before the Newcastle and Central Coast ones started.

That Big Country list isn’t very well done… why the double zeros? Gaven is incorrectly spelt and Surfers shouldn’t have an apostrophe.

I still fondly remember Beach FM 88.0 from my Gold Coast days. Though it doesn’t fill the brief of an LPON since it was Adult Contemporary.

There used to be another one on the Gold Coast in the late 90s called New FM, on 87.8… I don’t remember much about it, but the name gave me a chuckle being from Newcastle :blush:


Fond memories - IIRC started as a PA system across Surfers Paradise beach; it never had very good modulation though, always sounded a bit tinny.


City Of Melbourne LPON now online on 99.7.


Is there any plans in place to use 1476 or another frequency at the Ludenham site (old 2kA Cool Country)? The tower is still standing but nothing is broadcast from there now.


The 1476 service was supposed to move to 1386, as the operators of 1476 complained about night skip interference from 4ZR Roma.


To then suffer adjacent channel interference from 1395 Lithgow and Adelaide, 1377 Melbourne.

Ah well, AM 1368 will be clear in a year or two.


From the Digital Radio thread:

Not sure if it has been posted here, but I understand that SCA have given up most of their LPON and HPON licenses, which were carrying programming from The Range (or, in a few locations, Kids FM). The stream for the latter, which was active as of 2017, no longer appears on the Kids FM website.


“Given up” their OPN licenses?

What, are they selling them, or just switching them off completely and “hogging” them so nothing appears on them?


From what I heard, with the exception of 91.5 Toowoomba, the licences weren’t renewed.

(Edit: both the 91.5 and 99.1 [Kids FM] Toowoomba HPONs are set to expire in May 2018, so it’s anyone’s guess as to whether The Range/Triple M Country will remain on air past that date)