My Kitchen Rules

And also noticed the comments about the reversing cameras and how the car was easy to park!

Very observant work there by Johnson28 on the times of the car radio displays suggesting that it took 6.5 hours to do the shopping!


Changes on this season’s MKR compared to the 2015 season:

  • Peter Evans now has the haircut of a 14 year old skater boy.
  • Manu Feidel now has an extra 16 kilos around his waste. Although the cameras try to hide it (bring the black dinner jackets to Studio 4)
  • Colin Fassnidge has now undergone $16 000 worth of personality coaching. He is now appears to be socially literate - this is close to a miracle.

Bouquets to the coaching company. Brickbats to the hairstylist and weight management plan.

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Those young guys and their stylish hair cuts. Sounding like a cranky old man again. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I think I am sick of hearing Gareth and Alex go on about how “they are not ready to go back to the mines”… Why don’t they just give up mining and get jobs as chefs then?

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You make it sound so easy. Why do you think they don’t?

Well, with “My Kitchen Rules” exposure and some chef qualifications, they shouldn’t have too much trouble getting a job in that field?

But I acknowledge that studying and maintaining an income at the same time can be very challenging.

I was at Sydney last year and went to Surry Hills to see it for myself. It is the local office for Paramount Pictures and Seven is paying the property owners to use it as the facade for Kitchen HQ. I know the real one is in Redfern close to Carriageworks.

Well that’s exactly what they would be hoping for but chasing that dream wouldn’t be guaranteed. They’d want to stay in as long as possible to sure up their chances. So that’s why they keep saying they don’t want to return to their old jobs.

Just barely. He is just too intense at times - the way he attacked Carmine and Lauren the other ep at the outdoor challenge, even though they went on to win people’s choice.

In fact, all the judges were negative even after they had won. Which is weird, they usually aren’t and are quite glowing about how fantastic the food was.

Suspect the public foiled a neat little narrative that was going to be established for them…

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I agree that Colin can be too intense. I think he has mastered having a personality but it not sure what to do with this new found skill. At least he can now show emotion. So far this season he has shown:

  • disappointment
  • excitement
  • anger
  • happiness (to a limited extent - he is still mastering this one)
    This is a good add to a personality repertoire that last year could only register “speaking”.

I reckon Colin went to the same coaching school that Peter Evans went to over the break last year. Pete’s new skill is that he no longer engages in these really long blinks that were quite distracting whilst he was talking.

It must be weird for the MKR producers as the talent that hosts the show has less screen presence than most of the contestants.

Mind you they need to keep Colin on MKR as at least he owns a restaurant so has more cooking and business cred than Pete and Manu.

They need to keep Manu on MKR as he costs them nothing in coaching.

They need to keep Pete on MKR as there is a signifiant audience out there that only watch the show to see him squirm every time he puts a grain or some dairy into his mouth.


I notice too that Colin has been displaying more emotions this season. At least it shows he does not have a bland personality.

Last night’s episode really demonstrated the cooking skills of the miners and Rosie and Paige, if only they could maintain that level during the outdoor challenges. When Alex and Gareth got two 9s from the judges I actually thought they would survive the cook off.

According to Luddenham Show Society’s Facebook page, tonight’s episode was filmed at Luddenham Showgrounds on Saturday, October 31 last year. It had the notice to prove it:

I wonder why the producers chose 5pm to serve food to the cowboys and cowgirls?


It was on the clock shown throughout the episode. Teams started preparing food at 3.30pm and served “supper” to rodeo goers at 5pm for one hour.

Was that a clock set by the producers by any chance?

I suppose the clock was on real time.

Well somebody tasting the food was asked whether they had competed and she replied that she would be competing later. I guess they fit the dinner in, between competitions.

So shattered Alex and Gareth were eliminated.

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Oh god the amount of blabbering from Colin tonight about the use of squeezed lemon juice.

In the next frame we see ‘Campbell’s Real Stock’ cartons on Carmine and Lauren’s bench.

Some integrity, please.

Lemon juice in a bottle…is just lemons squeezed. To make such a big deal about it when people actually use stock, or filo (sometimes, and it’s acceptable) is just pathetic.

Colin is really getting on my nerves - I reckon he was getting on Pete’s too - a few snide little comments from Pete tonight aimed at him. :joy:

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Not really, there could also be some food acid and/or presentatives in it. I think Colin was asking Eve and Jason, why didn’t they spend more time on squeezing lemon than preparing and cooking chicken? As it turned out, Jason put too much butter on the marinade so the marinade did not stick to the chicken, meaning the chicken was dry. Not surprisingly they are in the bottom four. (According to progression chart on Wikipedia, Eve and Jason and Mike and Tarq were the only teams who did not win a people’s choice after last night)
There was an interesting mini-battle of chimichurri sauce between Mike and Tarq, and Chris and Cookie. But neither the public nor the judges liked the products and both teams fell into the bottom 4.
Tasia and Gracia must be counting their lucky stars. By winning people’s choice in the pop-up cinema challenge, the sisters skipped last night’s BBQ challenge and the risk of competing in the alumni challenge.