Well 107 is more than the sporting capacity so it would be.

Has the MCG been used for a concert before?

To be honest, its totally the wrong shape and size for a concert… too big and too round.

Is that a genuine question? (not trying to be rude or anything)

(ignore the non-concert entries)

Yeah the massive capacity also makes it not so ideal, plus the lack of roof, with artists normally going to Marvel or normally AAMI if they’re not at RLA/MCA.

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Welll I’m not a Melbournian.

Don’t they usually have concerts at Marvel which has the added benefit of the retractable roof?

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I don’t mind George Ezra, to be honest. Though many people found that “Shotgun” song so annoying, I loved it, and there was a reason it went to number one on the ARIA Charts because it was so infectious!

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I can’t stand his voice. Grates me.


His voice doesn’t match his age nor appearance (if you get what I mean), but I actually like the song too, although am not a fan of his other tunes.

Also while I’m here, a fan of Miley’s new hit, back to her roots and catchy. Also enjoyed that Becky Hill song a year back, but I’m usually old school, Gold 104.3 all the way :laughing: :notes:

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Can I ask which song are you talking about here?

While her music has received a lot of radio airplay in Australia, only two songs of hers have even charted (“Remember” with David Guetta in August last year and “Lose Control” with Meduza and Goodboys towards the end of 2019).

She definitely deserves to chart much better than that.

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Ed Sheeran’s 100k+ crowd having a disastrous effect on the entire city’s traffic, major inbound carriageways were gridlocked after 5pm and currently at nearly midnight on a weeknight the inner south-east is a car park, even freeways 20km out seeing bottlenecks, with the unprecedented volumes, this from a Seven journo before all of that late arvo:

Melbourne’s major events publicist and former State MP for them on tonight:

And gets quite passionate and defensive too:
(this in response to a comment on an OG post from Pakula attacking Daily Telegraph’s Julian Linden for his almost daily hit pieces on the AO)


The album is now officially out in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. It drops at midnight in each region around the world, meaning it’ll be 11:00am AEST when it is officially released in the UK.

I’ve heard it from start to finish and it’s quite impressive :clap:

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Off to see a music icon as well as equally valued Jon Stevens and Cyndi Lauper tonight… :microphone::notes::musical_note::eyes:


So Tonight’s The Night!

Some Guys Have All The Luck!

Seriously, that sounds like a good gig.

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OneRepublic are performing in Sydney tonight but due to a prior commitment on my end (Supercars in Newcastle to be exact) I couldn’t make it.

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So you wasted your tickets?

Nope, didn’t buy them when I found out there was a clash.


Poor timing by News with this headline and left-hand photo :confused: Instant heart attack stuff that!

(Farnsy went into hospital again today with an infection)


It’s They thrive off scummy clickbait headlines like this.


People just don’t get an April Fools prank.

‘Hell’: Commuters rage at Spotify’s ‘joke’:

Streaming platform Spotify’s April Fool’s Day joke has enraged commuters. On April 1, Spotify announced that commuters could connect to trains’ Bluetooth - so everyone in their carriage could listen to their music and podcasts.

“We know daylight savings = darker commutes. Connect your Bluetooth to this carriage speaker and brighten up the journey for those around you,” an advertisement slapped across a train read.

It looked very legit. Spotify posted the news on Facebook, and commuters raged immediately. There were more than 4000 comments on Facebook and there was also a viral Twitter thread about the move. Quickly the comments spiralled into chaos, with people venting about how much they’d hate this - not realising it was a prank.