I see where you’re coming from but that is not how music is consumed any more. Why would you force companies to wait to ‘nominate’ a single if people are already listening to it.

The 3-cap probably seems like the best way of doing things. The weekly charts were a system to reflect the top songs in the land across a week - in a era where you can get daily charts on Spotify, perhaps they’ve had their day.

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Well, allowing three tracks is odd too. Maybe they should just get rid of the singles charts. Or maybe split the streaming chart away from single sales.

Oh yeah, it’s all odd. I think trying to shoehorn a new way (streaming) of listening into the old way of charts is always gonna be fraught with danger.

Probably makes more sense to split the charts so there is a streaming specific one and the traditional singles chart. Though I think if they did so that the traditional singles chart would more or less be dead given you can’t buy singles on CD anymore and I would assume the amount of people buying digital singles from iTunes is vastly smaller than it was a decade ago.

I decided to look and see if Billboard has a specific chart for streaming and it turns out they do but its clear there aren’t any restrictions put in place given that 8 of the top 13 songs are by Kendrick Lamar.

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His album which debuted at #1 sold 39,486 copies made up of 19,279 cd’s, 8508 vinyl, 3122 digital and 8577 streaming sales. Mind boggling figures in the current music climate

There was a segment on The Big Fat Quiz this year (SBS) a I was surprised that Ed Sheeran had a lot more weeks at number one in the UK charts than Elton John. I suppose I was thinking of total sales.

Surprised that it sold more on CD than Vinyl given Vinyl seems to be where people are gravitating towards if they want to buy music on a physical format. But then again JB Hi-Fi has the CD at $19.99 as opposed to $84.99 for the Vinyl.

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The 1980s song “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” by Kate Bush is number 2 on the Australian Singles Chart this week after it was used in season 4 of “Stranger Things”.


Placebo has a great cover of that song.


Delta Goodrem will be a support act for Backstreet Boys on their world tour in the North America.


Now that “Running Up That Hill” is #2 on the ARIA chart, it will be interesting to see whether radio starts playing it.

That’s what happened with Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” after it became popular on TikTok. I guess the difference is that “Dreams” has long been a radio staple, but I’ve rarely (if ever) heard “Running Up That Hill” on commercial stations.

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It has been played on both Nova and KIIS.


Wow, it has indeed. And apparently on Smooth 95.3 as well.

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Running up the hill #2 sold 9182 copies made up of 1190 digital & 7992 streaming sales

It’s about the only song of hers I can stand.

4KQ often play Running up That Hill - it actually ranked higher in Brisbane than Wuthering Heights and was 380th or so in the top 1,000 list they play each year.

The highest position was #8, first time around, but Kate Bush hits #1 now.


The music conglomerate announced on Wednesday that Australian music executive Vanessa Picken will take over the top job starting in September.

Ms Picken, who is currently based in Los Angeles, will relocate to Sydney for the role.