News Corp reports Sydney-based rock group Gang of Youths will perform in the pre-match entertainment at this month’s NRL Grand Final.


Is this another overseas act?

IMO, both the AFL and NRL should be supporting the local music industry by picking Australian performers to sing during the pre-match entertainment of their Grand Finals.


No, Gang of Youths is an indie rock group from Sydney, and all five members are rugby league fans. Their latest album Go Farther in Lightness won four ARIA awards last year: Album of the Year, Best Group, Best Rock Album and Producer of the Year.
Great choice if you ask me.


Oh, well that’s good to know.

There’s always been something a bit off about Australia’s two most popular football codes (which probably don’t have much of a mainstream profile outside of this country or New Zealand) getting overseas performers to sing during the pre-match entertainment of the Grand Final, particularly when the performances are as shocking as Billy Idol for the NRL in 2002 or Meatloaf for the AFL in 2011! :open_mouth:


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They have been using an instrumental version of Black Skinhead by Kanye West (featuring Daft Punk) - it’s also the same song Toyota have been using in their ads for the Camry

I believe theyve also used songs from the Tron soundtrack as well


Thanks for the tips - I knew they used Black Skinhead, I think it’s a sports staple, have heard it used at Kings and I think maybe Knights and/or Jets games. At least the instrumental version.

The track I was looking for was during the countdown, which I think is the best in all of the sports events I go to (Knights/Jets/Kings/Thunder/Waratahs/Swans), just for the build up. You are right, it is from Tron Legacy, track 7 - Rinzler, though the Swans might use an remixed version of it.


Sunday Herald Sun’s Fiona Byrne writes tonight that Mahalia Barnes will sing the Australian national anthem at this year’s AFL Grand Final, and will also join her father Jimmy Barnes in pre-match entertainment.


I hear rumours that US pop group the Black Eyed Peas might perform at this year’s AFL Grand Final.


Why do we need another has been band which hasn’t been relevant in nearly ten years?


Where is the love, JBar?


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pack 'er up boiz, this is meatloaf 2.0 lmao

we better get a glorious quote from the press conference like this one from meatloaf.

if they’d have said ‘you wanna perform at the quarter finals?’ not particularly


Just get an particularly attractive couple, specify that they have to have a fetish of having it off in public, and let 'em at it at half time. Simples! :rofl:


fucking nailed it.
What is with the AFL and the constantly bizarre choices for GF entertainment…


they have so many choices and could hire an artist that are local and are featured on the players playlist thing. I would think Tame Impala (if available) would be a good fit for the AFL GF, better than old washed up international artists.


International Artists in the AFL Grand Finals
2010 (Replay) - Lionel Richie
2011 - Meat Loaf
2014 - Ed Sheeran, Tom Jones
2015 - Bryan Adams, Chris Isaak, Ellie Goulding
2016 - Sting
2017 - The Killers
2018 - ???


I’d heard that the AFL have had difficulty securing an act that had availability on GF day


with special guest Mark Ronson


The AFL today officially confirmed Jimmy Barnes (with guest musician Diesel) and The Black Eyed Peas would perform at the pre-match entertainment. Barnes will also perform at the post-match concert at the MCG from 7pm AEST.