From The Killers (an incredible get) to the fucking Black Eyed Peas and Barnesy. Lmao.


Very nice music and video from Qantas


You are talking about an Australian sports league. They are run by unco dickheads. :rofl:


Black Eyed Peas best track was Request Line.


It’s up there for me. My favourite would be Let’s Get Retarded, as that was back when I was at uni and getting drunk. A lot. To that song. :stuck_out_tongue:


Fergie is no longer in the band. The rest had split up for over 5 years and only got back together this year. They just released their first new song since 2011.


Dean Lewis having international success with his single “Be Alright”.

#18 on the UK Top 40 Singles chart.

#2 in Sweden, #3 in New Zealand, #4 in Norway and Belgium #7 in Ireland and #9 in Denmark.

Apparently it’s also charting in the US.

Quite good that a song sung with a natural Aussie accent and uses Aussie words like “mate” in it, is finding success. So often artists have a cultural cringe or try to sound American to achieve success overseas. Just goes to show that they don’t have to do that.

If a song is good, it’s good and people will listen to it. People want to hear something different these days anyway, so maybe other Aussie artists will follow the lead.


Concern for Australian music because streaming playlists are curated from overseas to the detriment of local music.


The first ever Australian Women in Music Awards were held in Brisbane on Wednesday. Lifetime achievement awards were presented to Renee Geyer, folk activist Margret Roadknight and Patricia “Little Pattie” Amphlett. Helen Reddy became the first person to be inducted to the AWMA Honour Roll.


I’m watching a livestream of ITV2 at the moment and a commercial for Dean Lewis’ “Be Alright” was just shown. The commercial went along the lines of, “introducing Dean Lewis, buy his new single out now”. It’s interesting that the song appears to be gaining significant attention over in the UK.


The song had peaked at #11 over in the UK.

Source: Official Charts, UK


ARIA today launched a new logo for the ARIA Charts.

Also, greater emphasis will be given to paid subscription streams over free ad-supported streams on the ARIA Chart. These changes will be reflected for the first time in the ARIA Charts for the week ending Saturday 27 October 2018.


Not sure how the related formats are weighted, but I hope CD sales and paid downloads are given far more weighting than streams.


You’d hope so. I think the repeat plays on streaming services are skewing the charts differently to the past.

So many songs stay at the top the charts for 8-12-16 weeks. Hardly anything debuts at the top and drops out fast. Older established artists are favoured compared to new and rising stars.


And every second song on the charts seems to be Ed bloody Sheeran! :roll_eyes:


It’s ridiculous. There are about 20 artists who get just about every song played across many stations. But there are other artists who it seems are one hit wonders but there other songs do well but never get the airplay.

Also ridiculous that some artists go Platinum or multi Platinum with sales but radio either won’t play them of begrudgingly play them after listeners complain enough.


my bad I thought this was an Ed Sheeran Free Zone


You can’t escape him. He’s omnipresent.


Since a lot of the discussion in this thread is weighted to the charts, some of you might find this series on Stereogum interesting.

A writer is going through every number one on the Billboard chart since it began(one song per weekday). you may have to scroll back to the start if you want but I’m finding it any interesting series.


Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have claimed the No.1 single and the No.1 album simultaneously on ARIA charts this week. Their single Shallow (from A Star Is Born soundtrack) jumped 16 places to No.1 on the singles chart, while the soundtrack album went up two places to top spot on the albums chart. It is Cooper’s first No.1 Australian album and Lady Gaga’s third.