Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries


It’s a tough sell but is there an alternative timeslot? Most nights, the bloated MKR will run way past 9pm.


Probably not. But why 2 hours? Miss Fisher was only an hour long. With padding & double the ads, I can’t see this being a success.


I agree it should have been a one hour show but who knows why they went with 2 hours. Maybe the producers felt restricted with one hour including ads


Perhaps they should start at 8:40pm (usually when 8:30 programs start) and finish at 10pm. This will be lucky to finish by 10:40.


The episode length is longer than any MKR episode so hard to see how it will fit into 2 hours.


Can’t they air it at 7.30 and burn Home and Away off later in the year?


More like 11pm. Seems as if 7 has set it up to fail. It’s an odd program choice by them, as it won’t do wonders in demos.


Disappointed with the timeslot, generally considered a dead night.

But I wouldn’t have expected anything more from the network that buried The Blake mysteries on a Friday


Weren’t the original Miss Fisher and Dr Blake on Friday on the ABC?


Yes but they were popular with an older audience that doesn’t watch sport and is at home on a Friday night. If Seven want the golden oldies fine but they axed A Place to Call Home because it wasn’t getting enough young viewers so I just assumed the ABC audience is one they want to watch this, but not exclusively.


Aside from Sunday’s, the days of programs consistently starting at 8:30pm are long gone. It’s yet another victim of Australia’s (unhealthy) addiction to reality TV


What happened to sevens troditional drama slots, at 8.30 on Tuesdays?


American streaming service Acorn TV has acquired Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries as well as streaming rights to Miss Fisher & The Crypt of Tears movie. The movie will be released on US cinemas before premiering on Acorn.