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I re-watched “Look Who’s Talking Too” (1990) and I never noticed previously how the studio’s fanfare (TriStar) is the soundtrack to a scene during the movie where a baby is trying to crawl towards a couch, like an anthem in a marathon win slo-mo. Can’t see I’ve seen such in a movie before, it was well integrated too.

Also, towards the end of the movie, another scene is playing Sonny & Cher’s “I Got You Babe”, which this same studio would use famously a few years later in “Groundhog Day” (the song that plays on the bedside radio which Bill Murray’s character keeps waking up to over and over again to much displeasure).

Australia’s Jaggi Entertainment and US-based Nicely Entertainment are teaming on a new holiday movie titled A Vintage Christmas.

The project, written by Jennifer Snow and directed by Colin Budds, is currently filming in various locations across Brisbane, Australia.

A new movie from Sony will be shot in Melbourne’s Docklands Studios.


Great little read on the backstory of The Bourne Identity:

Based on exchange rates, Australia ranked 7th in overseas markets for the opening weekend of Inside Out 2.


Tonight’s airing got me looking into Twisters, the long-awaited sequel-reboot, out in cinemas in a few weeks…

Some big names were attached to the original. It was the second biggest film of 1996 and heightened Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton and Cary Elwes’ careers especially (though all were stars by then anyway), coming off Mad About You, True Lies and Men In Tights respectively and next went onto As Good As It Gets, Titanic and Kiss the Girls (side note: currently doing the rounds on Netflix!) It was also well received and nominated for Academy Awards. Written by Michael Crichton (coming off JP) with uncredited re-writes by Joss Whedon. Created and Executive Produced by Steven Spielberg (coming off a string of mega successes and another next with Saving Private Ryan) and his Amblin company. Produced by Kathleen Kennedy (uncredited company Kennedy/Marshall). Directed by Jan de Bont (coming off Speed). Released by Warners (North America) and Universal (here and internationally).

Is Spielberg actually involved in this new movie in any way, according to IMDB he is credited as an EP again? Frank Marshall is producing this time. Distributors are switched too, Warners will be releasing this one here. Glen Powell is arguably the biggest name and should be a strong publicity point, given his recent hit Netflix and Aussie film roles plus Top Gun Maverick, Crawdads’ Daisy Edgar Jones also stars, but the cast isn’t A-list or megastars, even not on-par with its predecessor, just hope they haven’t gone too Gen Z or woke and miscast here. The script will need to be good to draw a positive reception and word of mouth IMO. The 90s one has become a bit of a fan favourite modern classic and RIP beloved Mr Paxton.

Some connections were producers loving De Bont’s directorial debut in Speed after many years photographing movies, de Bont then insisted on casting then relatively unknown outside of TV Hunt, Tom Hanks recommended Paxton (the two starred in Apollo 13 the year prior) and Paxton would work with James Cameron the next year after 1994’s True Lies (which gave him his 1995 gig) and Aliens in the 80s and Hanks would work with Spielberg the next year in SPR.

Those two are big enough stars to be draw cards - there’s very few true movie stars or box office draws (in the old terminology) left.

Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton were not exactly megastars at the time, really.

Not sure what on earth going woke means in this context, but you know the adage about ‘go woke’…


The existing Village Cinemas in Melbourne’s inner suburb of South Yarra, will be rebuilt as part of amended plans to redevelop the Jam Factory shopping centre complex.

According to The Australian

Village chief executive Clark Kirby and executive chairman Robert Kirby added Village Roadshow, now controlled by private equity firm BGH Capital, was “excited beyond imagination” to partner with Gurner to recreate what it called “the best cinemas in the world” in the Jam Factory development.

“The new Village Cinemas will now be on the ground floor and integrate beautifully into the Gurner vision of a central piazza, exciting eclectic retail and five-star hotel.

“The intricate design flexibility of these cinemas — which will include a new super luxury gold class offering — will be the first choice for premium functions, events and especially Hollywood and Australian film premieres,” he said.


Axel F, really enjoying this, what a throwback. A lot of fun, original characters back after 30-40 years and so many references to those decades plus a ripper soundtrack to boot matching the trademark style of the OGs and era. Solid premise and plot, sort of thriller/mystery/conspiracy/corruption in parts to its main action-comedy-cop. Eddie Murphy’s still got it. Taylour Paige is fab. Mr Bruckheimer always delivers :+1:

Shame it’ll remain a Netflix property though, unless that changes in the future and it’s sold to Paramount, assuming Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer Films retained the IP.

Expect this to shoot to No. 1 over the next 24hrs.

This would probably be more relevant in the Netflix thread?

Though I doubt it would be on-sold later on, Netflix traditionally retain original titles on the platform and unlikely it’s go to Paramount as don’t believe they had any involvement with this series.

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Not sure I agree with that for this specific title, on the franchise basis. This is also still produced by Bruckheimer and his company, as per the OGs. But get where you’re coming from. However, don’t think we should exclude one or make it different, just because parties went down the svod negotiation route for funding/release.

I meant the studio, not Paramount Plus. Who financed and distribute the first three films.

You’re probably not aware that when the original Twister came out, the leading actors when not widely known megastars. Bill Paxton was only known for one other movie he had done and Helen Hunt was a TV actress. Who the producers were unsure about. Jami Gertz and Cary Elwes were not big names either and still aren’t.

I hope you’re not suggesting that casting Anthony Ramos as a lead in Twisters makes it “woke”. Anyway, some of the reviews are praising his performance as the standout actor.

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UPDATE 2 15/7

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The Melbourne International Film Festival will this year offer $10 tickets on the day for sessions that have not sold out, and retain the three-tickets-for-$30 pass for people under 26 that it introduced last year, as it seeks to increase audience numbers that are yet to return to pre-COVID levels.


Alec Baldwin’s involuntary manslaughter trial came to a sudden and surprising halt Friday, while the judge considered a defense motion to dismiss the case over disputed ammunition evidence in the killing of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

— AP Entertainment (@APEntertainment) July 12, 2024

“The state has repeatedly made representations to defense and to the court that they were compliant with all their discovery obligations,” said Judge Mary Marlowe Sommer in her ruling from the bench just now. “Despite their repeated representations, they have continued to fail to disclose critical evidence to the defendant.”

“The state is highly culpable for its failure to provide discovery to the defendant,” the judge, added in a measured tone. “Dismissal with prejudice is warranted,” she concluded, ending any hope of the state recharging Baldwin again.


Rebel Wilson‘s The Deb will close the Toronto Film Festival on September 15 after all. This is after the actress claimed on social media that the pic’s EPs blocked her feature directorial debut from making its world premiere as the closing-night title at TIFF.

I randomly thought of this post when I was watching it the other night.

Anyway, great movie. Glen Powell has the juice.

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Not sure why I used those words! Looking forward to it, also Fly Me To The Moon.

Meanwhile, Inside Out 2 and Despicable Me 4 have both dominating the North America, global and Australian box office.

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