Spectre was alright but yeah, Skyfall overall was just that bit better IMO. Was a little too long for my liking also, but the harsh reviews it got were exactly that… very harsh. The way some of them were going on about it you would be lead to believe it was a total disaster of a movie (i.e. Die Another Day type of disaster :grin:).

And I totally agree with you on the new Star Wars movie, Matlock. Absolutely brilliant! Certainly makes me forget all about those disastrous prequel movies! :blush:


I saw Zootopia this morning. Quite a good movie with a big twist.
Today Extra’s David Campbell has a cameo in the Australian release voicing a koala newsreader. Almost did not recognise his voice!
This is the fourth movie I have seen this year (The Peanuts Movie, Steve Jobs, From Vegas to Macau III and Zootopia) with Allegiant coming up. I usually see only 4-5 movies per year.


You kinda front loaded this year then, hey?


It just means I will watch more movies this year. Maybe 8 to 10?


Woah woah, let’s not get too wild here.


I saw Money Monster tonight with Julia Roberts & George Clooney, I would highly recommend watching it for all you tv news junkies on here as there’s some great televisionstudios/control room scenes in there.


Watched Deadpool and Ant Man for the first time yesterday afternoon. Deadpool came as a complete surprise. To be honest, i’m surprised that it was only given an MA 15+ rating! However, in saying that, I thought both movies were really good and I would recommend both of them (or maybe not Deadpool, if you don’t like “crude” humour :stuck_out_tongue: ).


I saw Now You See Me 2 today. It was very good with lots of twists and turns.


This looks interesting

Uber-style app for movies

The couple have created an app called Choovie, which will for the first time bring dynamic pricing to the realm of cinema tickets. When there are a lot of empty seats, tickets cost less. When demand is high, they will cost more, though probably not more than the regular full adult ticket price.


Caught La La Land last night. I liked it and generally followed the morals of the story until the last little bit of the film.

What did others think?


I thought it was a steaming pile of crap. I don’t understand why some hold it up as a masterpiece of cinema. It’s such a Hollywood wankfest I wouldn’t be surprised to see it win the best picture Oscar.

I’m not a sentimental or emotional person and have never rated Casey Affleck highly in the past but I thought “Manchester by the Sea” was a much better movie. I was on the verge of tears during some of it. I loved how the characters were developed in this and how it is revealed why the main character goes from being happy and carefree to a broken man.


The winners of the Razzies - Golden Raspberry Awards - were announced today

Worst film was Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party

Razzies: Batman v Superman and Hillary’s America top Hollywood’s anti-awards

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice also picked up four “wins” including worst remake, worst screenplay and worst screen combo for its duelling stars Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill.

Jesse Eisenberg was also singled out as the worst supporting actor for his over-the-top portrayal of Superman baddie Lex Luthor.


Just watched Sing and I loved it. Great animated movie.


The Emo🅱️I Mo🅱️ie Trailer has been released.

Lemme tell you right now, if this doesn’t clean up the oscars next February I’ll be shocked.


Waits for “Emo​:b:I Mo​:b:ie was ro::b::b:ed!”


The biggest crime of this film is that apparently the eggplant is in the unused emoji room?

:eggplant: is like the best emoji.


You better believe :eggplant: is my most used emoji along with :sweat_drops:

This movie has to have a “how do you do, fellow kids” vibe. Probably worse than that awful shit Hillary pulled last year ‘Pokémon Go to the polls’ FOH woman.


South Australian Film Corporation partners with Umbrella Entertainment to re-release South Aussie screen classics

The South Australian Film Corporation and Umbrella Entertainment today announced a partnership to give iconic South Australian film and television productions from the 1970s, 80s and 90s, a new life for audiences worldwide.

SUNDAY TOO FAR AWAY (1975), BREAKER MORANT (1979), THE CLUB (1980), STORM BOY (1976), MONEY MOVERS (1978) and THE SHIRALEE (1986) are among 25 SAFC-produced titles to be re-launched into the marketplace across multiple platforms by Umbrella Entertainment, in some cases with special features.

The announcement was made from the Cannes Film Festival by SAFC CEO Annabelle Sheehan who said these key heritage titles, representing South Australia’s unique cinematic voice, would sit perfectly within Umbrella Entertainment’s slate.

The first wave of SAFC film re-releases will include:

  • Ken Hannam’s Australian new wave classic SUNDAY TOO FAR AWAY (1975) starring the young Jack Thompson in his AFI-Award winning performance as a hard-drinking but hard-working sheep shearer. Winner of 3 AFI Awards including Best Feature Film.
  • One of the most iconic South Australian films of all time, STORM BOY (1976), celebrated its 30th anniversary in November. Directed by Henri Safran, based on the novel by Colin Thiele and starring a young David Gulpilil, Storm Boy won the AFI & AWG Awards for Best Film, and Cinematographer of the Year from the ACS for Geoff Burton.

  • Bruce Beresford’s bank heist caper MONEY MOVERS (1978) starring Terence Donovan, Bud Tingwell, Jeanie Drynan and a young Bryan Brown in only his second year on screen.

  • THE SHIRALEE (1986) starring Bryan Brown, Rebecca Smart and Noni Hazlehurst, is now celebrating the 30th anniversary since it was first broadcast as a mini-series on the Seven Network. Directed by George Ogilvie, the film was based on the novel by Australian writer and farm labourer D’Arcy Niland about a swagman and his young daughter. The film won the LOGIE Award for Most Popular Miniseries, Actor (Brown) and Actress (Smart).


Plot to this movie sounds amazing. :grinning: “something happens”.


I wonder, has anyone actually seen this yet (or has any intentions of seeing it at all)?

Not sure how they made a movie based around this but we’ll see I guess. I wonder what they’ll think of next, a movie with memes or perhaps Fidget Spinners? :stuck_out_tongue: