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Another cracker SBS World Movies line-up tonight (a shame against AFL and NRL on FTA), with cult classics Weekend At Bernie’s and Pulp Fiction.

Interesting to see them get rights to such a title like Pulp Fiction, now licenced by Paramount, re-run across Nine a lot (when Miramax was licenced by Roadshow) and was previously on Seven (when Miramax was licenced by Disney). In the case of Seven and Nine, their old masters were very heavily edited down to M, actually completely butchered, with essentially every swear word removed for example (and there were hundreds), but the newer print MA version Nine aired in more recent times wasn’t as cut. It’s still rated R18+.

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Nine Friday 22 March 11pm Nine in Mel, Ade, Per; 9Gem Syd, Bris

I notice on 7flix late tonight they’re airing an old tape from their WIN (World International Network) affiliation days in the 1990s, a made-for-TV film, global broadcaster arrangement (Lifetime in the US). “A Clean Kill”. Guessing this’ll be grainy SD 4:3 pillarboxed and look awful on LCN76 16:9. I doubt you’d even see this during daytime on Seven’s main channel, must just be overnight filler for a lower rating channel. Like Seven’s O&O old content (Border and a mountain of programming mainly from early-late 2000s you often see on 7Two), WIN rights must be in perpetuity for the original broadcasters (i.e.) Seven.

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7Mate Friday 5 April 10:00 pm Melbourne, Adelaide
7Mate Saturday 6 April 11:30pm Sydney and Perth, 10:15pm Brisbane

Saturday 6 April 7Flix 9:00pm

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I see 7flix will be airing Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (and probably the sequel) Tuesday week. Previously a Nine staple over the decades, also aired on Ten IIRC. Previously licenced by Roadshow, but since Morgan Creek titles shifted to Sony via Revolution, rights have moved.

The first movie was only ever available in a 4:3 aspect ratio here, until widescreen digital became available on Nine and Blu-Ray in the late 2000s/early 2010s. A 25th Anniversary DVD and a just released 30th Anniversary Blu-Ray have since restored the original 1.85:1 aspect and therefore full screen for current era flatscreens. The sequel has always been available since DVD in anamorphic 2.35:1. It is presently not on an svod service, but the first can be rented / digitally purchased via Warners.


It was shown on Seven before it went to Nine (GO!) in 2015…


I see Nine (9Go!) are airing a few more Fox titles this week, Volcano tonight, 27 Dresses and Dr Doolittle.

However they don’t have a “premiere” (AKA first airing on the network) indication in guides. IIRC Nine aired these titles around 2016, when Ten had the output.

Seems Nine have chosen to get rights to titles from this studio now available since Seven’s output lapsed, but only ones they’ve previously played.

Seven have also aired these titles after 2018 and/or before 2007.

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apologies for double post

Somewhat refreshing to see some different movies for once on Seven and Nine in their non-broadcasted sport’s markets tonight, even if not ‘classics’…

1991’s teen action-thriller Toy Soldiers starring 80s young stars Sean Astin (“The Goonies”) & Will Wheaton (“Stand By Me”) and 1999’s psychological thriller The Bone Collector starring Denzel Washington and a younger Angelina Jolie, directed by aussie Phillip Noyce (“Dead Calm”, “Sliver”, “Patriot Games”, “Clear and Present Danger”).

For curiosity sake, anyone know when/where these first ran and last ran? And any promos for tonight or from back then? Ping: @TV.Cynic @Zampakid. I’ve seen the former on Nine (usually day time or maybe 9Go! in prime time) for years now (I think it’s actually owned by MGM depsite the Sony/Tri Star branding) and the latter I’ve seen on at least both Seven and Nine, but Ten had the output back in the day so they might’ve even aired it in the early noughties.

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I found Toy Soldiers’ network premiere. It first aired on Nine on Sunday 7 March 1993 at 8:30pm


Midday movie Friday 19 April Nine - unusual to see a movie from the current year premiere on FTA.

Saturday 20 April 10:15/10:10 pm Seven/7Mate

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From Studiocanal. Limited release and buried during COVID, was simultaneously dropped for Netflix. Received largely positive reviews. Female driven stylised action-crime blockbuster, with a great cast.

Previously on Seven (and Ten), now on Nine. From Fox. Interestingly Seven are also still airing titles from this studio, but seem to be buried on m/c or late at night and from ~2021, so maybe onerous from their lapsed output signed in early 2018.

It’ll be interesting to see if Nine have made more of a decent agreement, because the studio has some hit titles and younger skewing and could particularly serve 9Go! well, as we saw with Seven (Die Hard, Speed, Transporter, Taken, Kingsman, Greatest Showman, etc etc). I suspect with Disney now though (unlike back then in 2018) they’ll be more controlling about what and how they licence RE: Disney Plus. And they’ve also recently provided titles (Disney and Fox) to Netflix, moving back into the licencing area.

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Any OJ Simpson movies tonight?

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I don’t think networks in Australia are going to scramble to air The Naked Gun or The Towering Inferno just because OJ Simpson died. Plus he isn’t exactly a “beloved” figure either.


Moreso documentaries if anything.

Did Made in America ever air on TV here? Feels like the type of thing SBS would have aired at some point. I know its been on a few of the streaming platforms but its also 8-hours and a big time commitment.

SBS airing 3 simultaneous R18+ and classic movies tonight (Viceland, World Movies and NITV), even if often repeated.

Road House, Pulp Fiction and The Exorcist.

Although you’d imagine edited down to MA


Great indigenous broadcasting :roll_eyes:


Sunday 21 April 10:45 pm 9Go!

Wednesday 24 April 8:30pm Seven and 7Mate

Friday 26 April midday Nine