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10’s upcoming schedule is dominated by movies including

Sunday 24 December 6pm

Saturday 30 December 6pm


Some premiere midday movies on Seven this week




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Are Nine no longer airing ad break bumpers to their re-run movies (which have been mastered years ago, some many many years) or at least the Bond ones? Or maybe its because this is a new version on 9Gem tonight, as discussed below:

Tonight on Seven 8:30 pm


Odd to see no Home Alone this year, usually Seven staples, maybe their rights ran out. Wonder if someone else like Nine could/had picked it up.

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Wednesday 27 December 8:30 pm SBS Viceland

Friday 29 December 7:30 pm NITV

Monday 25 December 10:00 pm NITV

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

This film has aired on NITV/SBS a number of times in recent years. A very underrated Christmas film.

Sunday 31 December 9:45 pm 9GO!

Friday 5 January 8:30 pm Seven

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Sunday 31 December 6pm on 10

Sunday 31 December 9:15 pm Nine Melbourne


Promo for premiere movie tonight


I saw The Hustle at the cinemas, it was nothing great, Hathaway and Wilson had a lot of fun and a watchable caper, but don’t expect top notch writing nor production values. Background fodder or switch if nothing else better on.

Trivia: Wilson used her law degree, along with MGM studio executives, to help challenge the MPAA for the film’s rating. She was also a producer IIRC.

Nine running the old master (unedited version) of Christmas Vacation


Tuesday 26 December 9:05pm ABC TV

The Griswold’s movie must now hold a record in Australia. I thinks it’s been broadcast on Christmas Night for the last 25 years, on Seven and Nine.


What’s happened to the 007 marathon, which was rating high for 9Gem once again, @TV.Cynic? Die Another Day aired the other night, but then no more (Daniel Craig era with Casino Royale should be next - unless it’s a rights problem or saving for main channel)? This happened the last time or two as well.

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The Exorcist. Tomorrow night (Sat 30 Dec), on NITV at 9.45pm.

A classic.

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Wow, not often aired on FTA here, Nine ran it at least once about 15 years ago (the widescreen digital HD remastered re-release from around 2000), still holds an R18+ rating, no doubt will be heavily censored by SBS.

Odd channel though, why not World Movies or even Viceland, let alone the main channel!? Therefore sadly will register very minimal viewership, could pick up viewers on OnDemand (if have those rights) with some promotion.

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Probably only air those ones on the main channel since they would likely garner higher ratings. Though it is weird since they clearly have Craig in the promos and he is the most featured of the Bonds in the framegrabs of the promo.

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Maybe they’re saving them for ratings survey (Friday/Saturday main channel during Married weeks after the tennis in Feb?) They could have now secured the FTA premiere rights to No Time To Die, which would make a good promo campaign and mini-marathon, no doubt draw higher than usual weekend ratings and encore them on say 9Go! which would see high shares (a la 9Gem’s recently).