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From Studiocanal. Limited release and buried during COVID, was simultaneously dropped for Netflix. Received largely positive reviews. Female driven stylised action-crime blockbuster, with a great cast.

Previously on Seven (and Ten), now on Nine. From Fox. Interestingly Seven are also still airing titles from this studio, but seem to be buried on m/c or late at night and from ~2021, so maybe onerous from their lapsed output signed in early 2018.

It’ll be interesting to see if Nine have made more of a decent agreement, because the studio has some hit titles and younger skewing and could particularly serve 9Go! well, as we saw with Seven (Die Hard, Speed, Transporter, Taken, Kingsman, Greatest Showman, etc etc). I suspect with Disney now though (unlike back then in 2018) they’ll be more controlling about what and how they licence RE: Disney Plus. And they’ve also recently provided titles (Disney and Fox) to Netflix, moving back into the licencing area.

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