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As much as I think other forum members may think this is a lame idea for a program, I was thinking that Ten or perhaps ABC/SBS could produce a fly-on-the-wall series called Job Hunters, a program that follows the journey of say 10 jobseekers from various ages and backgrounds. Possibly produce 10 episodes in each series to ensure that it doesnt suffer viewer burnout.

If it were to screen on Seven on Nine it would become some sort of tacky competition with some prize at the end



seven or* nine not seven on nine



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There’s so many great fly-on-the wall formats out there. I really hope one of the networks (either 10, ABC or CBS) picks up Educating and Dr. Davy. Wouldn’t mind seeing an Aussie version of The Surprise Teacher. There are some really great shows coming out of the Netherlands and Belgium at the moment, would be great if programmers looked over there for once as opposed to the UK and US.



There are also potential in other ideas such as The Clown Doctors (alternatively could be called Childrens Ward), Australia’s Best Garden (looking at Australia’s best gardens), Living In the 70s (similar to an SBS series where it looked back at what each generation had - possibly a Big Brother themed program with limited services - equivalent to what was available in the 1970s)



10 for 2020

7am weekdays: 10 News First: Morning
Weekend Mornings: 10 News First: News Hits (10 minute newsbreaks on the hour presented by Lachlan Kennedy)
8am Sundays: Ten News First: Sunday Morning with Peter Van Onselen (+ News Hits with Lachlan Kennedy)
12pm: 10 News First: Midday
5pm: 10 News First (local 7 days, since they have no sports they might as well pour the money to news)
6pm: The Project (90 minutes, 7 days for consistency sake, except for Saturdays/Sundays where it will be 60 minutes)
7.30pm Fridays: Living Room
7pm Saturdays: Graham Norton Show (encore on the following Friday)
8.30pm Sundays: No.10 Lucky Street (new Australian family sitcom)
9.30pm Weeknights: 10 News First: Late Night with Narelda Jacobs from Perth

7.30 I’m a Celebrity (Sunday-Thursday)

9.00 Come Dine with Me+Changing Rooms (Monday-Wednesday), Show me the Movie (Thursday)

7.30 The Masked Singer then Bachelor in Paradise (Sunday-Monday), Australian Survivor (Tuesday-Thursday)

8.30/9.00 Hughesy (Monday), 48 hours with Hamish MacDonald (Tuesday), Taboo/Kinne Tonight (Wednesday), Gogglebox/Gogglebox Jr.(Thursday)

7.30 Masterchef (Sunday-Thursday)

8.30/9.00 HYBPA (Monday), 48 Hours (Tuesday), My Life is Murder/BodyHack (Wednesday), Mr Black (Thursday)

7.30 Sunday Night Takeaway (Sunday), DWTS (Monday), Ambulance Australia (Tuesday), Bachelor (Wednesday-Thursday)

8.30/9.00 HYBPA (Monday), 48 Hours (Tuesday), Playing for Keeps (Wednesday), Mr The Secret She Keeps (Thursday)

7.30 Lip Sync Battle (Local edition hosted by Gretel Killeen and Ed Kavalee) (Sunday), Russell Coight/Trial By Kyle (Monday), One Born Every Minute Australia (Tuesday), Bachelorette (Wednesday-Thursday)

8.30/9.00 HYBPA (Monday), 48 Hours (Tuesday), Five Bedrooms (Wednesday), Gogglebox/How to Stay Married (Thursday)

Specials from Studio 10, various cooking shows, Gogglebox, Takeaway, DWTS Christmas danceoff, Living Room Christmas special, Lip Sync Christmas battle etc.

Overall there is plenty of potential for 10 to thrive without major sports other than Bathurst, Melbourne Cup and F1. They just need to find their groove.

Pilot Week
Takes place in the Grand Final week of Masterchef so that there will be great momentum to launch whatever they have in mind for pilot week.

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I would stay away from using the name 'Breakfast" .

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10 News First: 6am might sound better? I think it would be good steering away from anything to do with morning or early too.



Not just because its a failed format, but the ABC have also claimed that name as their own.



Not sure of the program for 90 minutes.

Two chat shows back to back won’t work in the Australian market. Potential guests would they appear on both shows? I would rather see your idea of Saturday Night Live and then perhaps Graham Norton. Perhaps you could put Rove Live on Friday nights at 8:30?

How do you plan to make this work once a week? Would all four/five contestants cook on the same night? Personally I think it would be better stripped.

The show belongs on Mondays IMO. Good slot.

I like this a lot. But I personally thought The Masked Singers was a once a week format? Could work well with Survivor though. Perhaps you could even slot Bachelor in Paradise as an Easter exclusive or something.

I think 10 really need to do this.

I like this lineup a lot. All targets the same sort of demographic. This is ideally what 10 should have done from the beginning.



Thanks for the feedback! I put Rove on Sundays because it used to do well back in the day so I went along with the idea of ‘If it ain’t broke, why fix it’. Saturday Night Live was just a concept that came to mind since @blackbox had a pilot in mind for Saturday nights and I would personally go along with that concept. Graham Norton would be a great pairing with it now to think about it.

I was thinking Come Dine with Me is a good, once-a-week type of show so I thought I might just put it there on Wednesdays. Maybe if 10 could tweak it and make it one contestant cook each week or something? Not 100% familiar with the show so please forgive me :slightly_smiling_face:

As for the newly-developed line-up, I thought The Block is strong but it is slowly starting to crack and I’m thinking that is the perfect time to slot in the newer offerings of 10 to give The Block and whatever is on Seven a good run for their money. Of course this isn’t perfect but I suppose you have to start somewhere lol.



Oh sorry I thought you put it on Saturdays. Sundays are good.

Yeah I am not sure. I think the show works well stripped. But it looks like you will have plenty of space in your schedule if you decided to strip it. Because the Bachelor is only 8 weeks and Bachelorette 6 weeks. So there is still plenty of space between November-December in your schedule to strip.

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I’ve just revised it on my schedule and moved the other shows out for Come Dine with Me to 8.30 Sunday-Wednesdays following I’m a Celebrity. It’s light viewing and with the momentum from Celebrity would work quite well and be local content for the network, though the potential problem could be going up against MKR later. 7.30 later in the year would be great as well but with the failure of FFF in the last quarter it’s probably too risky for 10 to put it in that slot.

In the ideal world Russell Coight would return as shorter series as well and go on Monday nights later in the year. Pair that up with Trial By Kyle (even though I’m not a fan of the show) and they’ve got a fairly new and solid line-up for their last quarter on Monday nights. Better than Blind Date stinking up the schedule.

10 always struggles at 6pm. I reckon with the moderate success that The Project is they might as well give it a go for 90 minutes. I personally find the program too fast-paced and an extension might help them not to rush a lot and fit more content in. 60 minutes on weekends is to allow a 7pm start for their main evening line-up.



Sorry for double posting, but does anyone have any good programming ideas for 10 Peach and 10 Bold? If I was to program the two channels I would probably go along with something youthful for 10 Peach (particularly with an influx of overseas imported reality, cartoons, children shows etc) and American Crime channel/Factuals etc. for Bold but I’m a bit short of ideas. Anyone have any good ideas?



I dont mind this idea. I had been thinking if Ten did go down the path of a news/current affairs block between 5pm and 7:30pm, something like this may work

Option 1
5:00pm Ten News First (national edition)
5:30pm Ten News First (State Based Editions)
6:30pm The Project

Option 2
5:00pm Ten News First (National edition)
6:00pm (NSW) Sydney; (Vic/Tas) Melbourne); (QLD) Brisbane; (SA) Adelaide; (WA) Perth (I would assume WIN would retain the 6pm slot for its local news package in those markets)
6:30pm Ten News First (state based editions)
7:00pm The Project

Option 3
5:00pm Ten News First (National edition)
5:30pm The Early Project (or maybe LWT - Lisa Wilkinson Tonight)
6:00pm Ten News First (state based editions)
7:00pm The Project

I know these options may spark criticism as too many changes, many wanting to keep it simple (even pointing out Sydney etc failed under 10TV Australia in 1989). Ten need to try something, invest in talent



Channel 10 to begin the ratings period next year. Lots of change and change that is needed. I am not programming 6:00-7:30 as I don’t want this mock to be about that timeslot.

FIRST 5 WEEKS - I’m a Celebrity


7:30 Fire Patrol
8:30 The Courtney Show

7:30 The Masked Singer

7:30 Survivor Australia
8:30 48 Hours

7:30 Survivor Australia
8:30 Russel Coight
9:00 Mr Black S2

7:30 Antiques Walkabout
8:30 Gogglebox

7:30 The Living Room
8:30 Tommy Little’s Friday Hour

7:30 Graham Norton Show
8:30 Saturday Night Live



I disagree with having Survivor on Wednesday. I’d rather have this show on Sunday-Tuesday.
I would think that it would be dumb to have Graham Norton SHow on Saturdays. I’d rather have new eps on Sunday.



Why do you think it would be better Sunday-Tuesday? Last season it was moved away from the Sunday slot as it struggled in that timeslot.

Why is it ‘dumb’? Not really feedback saying something is dumb without justifying it.



Instead of first-run Australian content? Great idea (not).