Mock Schedules


Possibly a different name for the Sunday sports program (due to the probability that Nine has copyrighted that name), maybe Sports Central or Sports Nation. Other forum members would probably have other ideas (please not The Sports Project unless its an evening program)



True. The sports program could also push out after midday too. I just think there is an open window at that time, that Ten could be using again to strengthen its news/sport and network brand. The use to do well in that slot a few years back.



Monday To Friday
6:00am The Talk
7:00am CBS This Morning
8:30am Dr Phil
9:30am Infomercials
10:30am Alive And Cooking
11:00am Barney Miller (rotated with Maude second half of year)
11:30am Sanford and Son (rotated with Jack Klugmann’s The Odd Couple second half of year)
12:00pm Bold and The Beautiful (encore)
12:30pm Neighbours (encore)
1:00pm Days of our Lives
2:00pm Young And The Restless
3:00pm The Sullivans
3:30pm Lets Make A Deal (US Edition)
4:30pm The Price Is Right (US Edition)
5:30pm Wheel Of Fortune (US Edition)
6:00pm Pointless
6:30pm Jeopardy (US Edition)
7:00pm WIN News
7:00pm (NNSW, SA, WA) Entertainment Tonight

7:30pm Gold Coast Cops
8:00pm Baby Daddy
8:30pm Mini Series
10:30pm The Project
11:30pm Crawfords Classics Carsons Law
12:30am Lets Make A Deal (rpt)
1:30am Infomercials
3:30am The Price Is Right (rpt)
4:30am Wheel Of Fortune (rpt)
5:00am Jeopardy (rpt)
5:30am Entertainment Tonight

7:30pm Territory Cops
8:00pm Superstore
8:30pm Mini Series
10:30pm The Project
11:30pm Crawfords Classics Carsons Law
12:30am Lets Make A Deal (rpt)
1:30am Infomercials
3:30am The Price Is Right (rpt)
4:30am Wheel Of Fortune (rpt)
5:00am Jeopardy (rpt)
5:30am Entertainment Tonight

7:30pm Undercover Boss
8:30pm Bergerac
9:40pm Fast Forward
10:40pm The Project
11:35pm Crawford Classics Matlock Police
12:30am Lets Make A Deal (rpt)
1:30am Infomercials
3:30am The Price Is Right (rpt)
4:30am Wheel Of Fortune (rpt)
5:00am Jeopardy (rpt)
5:30am Entertainment Tonight

7:30pm The Dukes Of Hazzard
8:30pm 48 Hours
9:30pm Comedy Company
10:30pm The Project
11:30pm Crawfords Classics Division 4
12:30am Lets Make A Deal (rpt)
1:30am Infomercials
3:30am The Price Is Right (rpt)
4:30am Wheel Of Fortune (rpt)
5:00am Jeopardy (rpt)
5:30am Entertainment Tonight

7:30pm Murphy Brown
8:00pm The Conners
8:30pm Cops
9:30pm Hill Street Blues
10:30pm The Project
11:30pm Crawfords Classics Homicide
12:30am Bondi Rescue
1:00am Infomercials
3:00am Grant Denyers Family Feud

6:00am Sports First
9:00am Fishing Australia
9:30am Infomercials
10:30am The Saddle Club
11:00am Totally Wild
11:30am KTV
12:00pm Hardgaves
1:00pm The Flying Doctors
2:00pm Good Chef Bad Chef
2:30pm Its A Knockout
3:30pm Grant Denyers Family Feud (rpt)
6:30pm Magnum PI
7:30pm Kojak
8:40pm Columbo
10:10pm Robotech: The New Generation
10:50pm It Aint Half Hot Mum
11:30pm Crawfords Classics Cop Shop
12:30am Its A Knockout
1:30am Infomercials
3:30am The Saddle Club
4:00am Totally Wild
4:30am KTV
5:00am Hour Of Power

6:00am Sports First
8:00am Speers On Sunday
9:00am Fishing Australia
9:30am Infomercials
10:30am The Saddle Club
11:00am Totally Wild
11:30am KTV
12:00pm The Living Room
1:00pm Holiday Island
2:00pm Hueys Cooking Adventures
2:30pm Undercover Boss
3:30pm Pointless
6:00pm Full Time Live
7:00pm I Fish
7:30pm Bondi Rescue
8:00pm Operation Repo
9:00pm 48 Hours
10:00pm The Sunday Project
11:00pm Back Page
12:00am Fishing Australia (rpt)
12:30am Lets Make A Deal (rpt)
1:30am Infomercials
3:30am The Price Is Right (rpt)
4:30am Wheel Of Fortune (rpt)
5:00am Jeopardy (rpt)
5:30am Entertainment Tonight



I’m not too sure why you replied to me.



i am not sure why it replied to yours… maybe because your post was the last one idk



If it’s a mock schedule for WIN Weekdays.
6AM - The Talk
7AM - Crawford’s classics (rpt)
8AM - WIN All Australian News
8:30AM - Studio 10
12 NOON - Dr Phil
1PM - Matlock (rpt)
2Pm - Young and the Restless (new eps or rpt)
3PM - Judge Judy
3:30PM - Entertainment Tonight (new) - rpt on WIN Peach at 7AM
4PM - Cooking SHow
4:30PM - Bold and the Beautiful (new)
5PM - 10 News First
6PM - WIN News (Mackay, Mildura, TAS, SA and REgional WA will get Celebrity Name Game)
6:30PM - The Project
7:30PM - Masterchef Australia/Bachelor/Survivor/Bachelorette
8:40PM - Gogglebox/HYBPA
9:45PM - Drama Show



To mix things up on breakfast for 9, I’d do something a little different and see if it might improve raitings.
5-6am Early Today, merge Nine News Early Edition with the first half hour of Today. Lara Vella or Julie Snook and Tom Steinford in the Today show set.
6-7am Today Local News - As people wake up, local News, Sport, Weather and Traffic as it affects you on your way out the door.
7-9am Today - Current format with local news every half hour like Today Perth News. Could remove Tony Jones and have Tom as a third Co-Host.
9-11am Today Extra - Current format
11am Nine Morning News



I like the idea of

5am: Early Today
6am: Today
9am: Later Today

Used to follow that naming format in the U.S. and sounds better than Today Extra. Plus combining the first 1/2 hour and the early news is a good idea.



10 for 2020:

5:00 10 News First (local for weekends)
6:00 The Project (90 minutes because the show is too fast and always have to cut off last guest. Extension allows more to be covered)
7:30 As follows

First week of January-End of March:
I’m a Celebrity (Sunday-Thursday)
Australian Survivor (Sunday-Tuesday after Celebrity): Survivor takes over new slot to target new demographic different from MAFS, Midweek Live with Rove (Wednesday), Bachelor in Paradise (Thursday)

Masterchef (Sunday-Thursday)

Sunday Night Takeaway (Sunday), DWTS (Monday), Taboo (Tuesday), Bachelor (Wed-Thurs)

Sunday Night Takeaway (Sunday), The Masked Singer (Monday-Tuesday), Bachelorette (Wednesday-Thursday)

Saturday 7:30pm (all year)
Ambulance Australia/One Born Every Minute/Bondi Rescue/Overseas factuals

Still thinking of 8:30pm shows so any suggestions is welcome.

Christmas-I’m a Celebrity (January)

Christmas/NY special programming from various programs which will until I’m a Celebrity (Gogglebox, Masterchef, Sunday Night Takeaway Christmas specials).



Celebrity can’t work 3 days a work.

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If that’s the case then I would have Survivor taking over Celebrity and going head on against MAFS. The only problem is the need for another show on Wednesday-Thursday as Survivor doesn’t work 5 days a weel and Bachelor in Paradise cancels out against MAFS.



Ten could realistically do a spin off show called Cocktail Evening - It could be a light entertainment program. This program could air on Friday nights say from 8:30pm til 10pm (perhaps it could have been on initially at 7:30pm whilst The Living Room was rested) follow it up with The Graham Norton Show at 10pm. All New Graham Norton Show episodes could screen earlier in the week.



A mock Channel 10 Saturday Lineup. Rather than having repeats of David Attenborough eps at 6PM,
6AM - Lifestyle shows (various)
9AM - Studio 10 Saturday
12 Noon - The Living Room (rpt)
1pm - TBA
4PM - Fishing Australia
4:30PM - Discover [Insert Country]
5Pm - 10 News First
6PM - Celebrity Name Game (Highlights) - 10 should pick one ep from this week)
6:30PM - The Project Highlights
7Pm - Saturday Night Party (find new hosts rather than sticking to Julia & Dr Chris)
8PM - Ambulance UK
9PM - Movie



I understand this ‘need’ that 10 seem to have to want to be different, and many suggesting that this is a good thing but the 6PM strategy simply has not and will not wash. I believe the ratings for The Project move to 6PM last week shows that people want news content at this time. The 6 weeks that Pointless has left should have been used to update news sets nation wide, and move to a 5PM half hour news, and a 6PM half hour news with Celebrity Name Game sandwich in between. The Project mass promotional push should have commenced alongside the lead up to this, with a new set in tow.

Silly decisions continue.



A strategy for Channel Nine in 2020 to make it Australia’s No.1 primetime network.

Sunday, 2 February - Wednesday, 1 April (9 weeks)
Sunday - 19.00 Married at First Sight, 20.30 60 Minutes
Monday - 19.30 Married at First Sight, 21.00 Bad Mothers
Tuesday - 19.30 Married at First Sight, 21.00 Travel Guides
Wednesday - 19.30 Married at First Sight, 21.00 New Amsterdam

Easter: Sunday, 5 April - Wednesday, 15 April (2 weeks)
Sunday - 19.00 Secret Admirer, 20.00 60 Minutes
Monday - 19.30 Secret Admirer, 20.30 Movie
Tuesday - 19.30 Secret Admirer 20.30 Movie
Wednesday - 19.30 Secret Admirer, 20.30 New Amsterdam

Sunday, 19 April - Wednesday, 20 May (5 weeks)
Sunday - 19.00 Sorry About That, 20.30 60 Minutes
Monday - 19.30 Australian Ninja Warrior, 20.30 SeaChange
Tuesday - 19.30 Australian Ninja Warrior, 20.30 Australian Crime Stories
Wednesday - 19.30 Australian Ninja Warrior

Sunday, 24 May - Wednesday, 24 June (5 weeks)
Sunday - 19.00 Sorry About That, 20.30 60 Minutes
Monday - 19.30 Lego Masters, 20.30 SeaChange
Tuesday - 19.30 Lego Masters, 20.30 Australian Crime Stories
Wednesday - 19.30 True Story with Hamish & Andy

Sunday, 28 June - Wednesday, 29 July (5 weeks)
Sunday - 19.00 Love Island Australia, 20.30 60 Minutes
Monday - 19.30 Love Island Australia, 20.30 Halifax PD
Tuesday - 19.30 Love Island Australia, 20.30 Australian Crime Stories
Wednesday - 19.30 Love Island Australia

Sunday, 2 August - Wednesday, 21 October (12 weeks)
Sunday - 19.00 The Block, 20.30 60 Minutes
Monday - 19.30 The Block, 20.30 Doctor Doctor
Tuesday - 19.30 The Block, 20.30 Australian Crime Stories
Wednesday - 19.30 The Block

Sunday, 25 October - Monday, 23 November (5 weeks)
Sunday - 19.00 Make Australia Great Again, 20.30 60 Minutes
Monday - 19.30 The Imitation Game, 20.30 Paramedics

Major events:
State of Origin I - Wednesday, 3 June
State of Origin II - Sunday, 21 June
TV Week Logie Awards - Sunday, 28 June
State of Origin III - Wednesday, 8 July
NRL Grand Final - Sunday, 4 October

During NRL season (12 March - 26 September), factuals air on Thursday nights in non-NRL states. It will rotate between Bondi Vet/Driving Test and RBT/Vet on the Hill on ~10 week seasons.

Key points

  • Stripped short-run reality Secret Admirer to keep people watching over Easter, cheap and easy to produce. Nine could otherwise jam it with factuals, movies or Attenborough docos if they liked.
  • The Voice rested due to declining ratings, recent controversy and expensive production costs.
  • Australian Ninja Warrior moved forward to April/May to avoid State of Origin/Tokyo 2020.
  • Sorry About That (based on Belgian show Sorry voor alles) takes the Sunday 7pm slot competing against Masterchef.
  • Australian Crime Stories expands to weekly true crime documentaries similar to 48 Hours
  • True Story with Hamish & Andy returns alongside Lego Masters with double episodes
  • Nine end the ratings year with Make Australia Great Again (based on Belgian format) and The Imitation Game (based on the British format), Paramedics airs Mondays 8.30pm.


Don’t forget. The men’s Twenty20 World Cup will be coming to Australia in October 2020. Nine Will televise Australian games plus semi final And the big final with fox cricket screening every match live. I’d say some games will be shunted to 9Gem.



Channel Seven in 2020 during primetime
Jan 27 - May 5 - My Kitchen Rules
May 10 - July 21 - House Rules
July 22 - August 9 - Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics (will get an average of 50% primetime share during the period. Football before Opening Ceremony be played on 7mate. If AFL clashes with Olympics, AFL goes to 7Mate nationwide, with live action on 7flix.
Aug 10 - October 7 - Popstars Australia
(Aug 25 - Sep 6) - 2020 Summer Paralympic Games will be shunted to 7Two with Live coverage.
October 11 - November 25 - Dating shows

I would say that Seven will win in 2020 in terms of primetime shares, No 1 program of the year, Number of weeks, Demographics by a fraction, in all Five cities (Sydney by a fraction).

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Slightly off-topic but I love this emoji from a member about Nine becoming No.1


Jokes aside, great schedule. Although do you have anything in mind for Tuesday-Wednesday 7.30/8.30 after The Block? The shows for Sunday/Monday looks great but not sure what might work in the Tuesday/Wednesday slot at the same time. Also Thursdays outside of NRL season looks a bit bare.

I’d probably also have Talkin bout your Generation in the Tuesday 7.30 timeslot in Winter with Lego Masters on Monday. The show has the potential and always worked best on a Tuesday.



AFter the Easter Ratings ended, If i was a Nine programmer, I would follow like this.

7PM - The Voice
8:30PM - 60 Mins
9:40PM - Crime Stories

7:30PM - The Voice (For first 2 weeks)
7:30PM - Lego Masters (replaces the Voice where its downgraded to Sundays only.)
8:30PM - TBYG (retain as PG classification)
9:30PM - Footy Classified (AFL States)/100% Footy (NRL States)
10:30PM - The Oval Office (VIC)/Footy SA/Footy WA

7:30PM - Lego Masters
8:30PM - Doctor Doctor
9:40PM - Love Island AU

7:30PM - Britain’s Got Talent
8:30PM - Seachange
9:30PM - Love Island Australia

7:30PM - Thursday Night Football (NSW, QLD, Canberra)
7:30PM - RBT (VIC, SA, WA)
8:30PM - AFL Footy Show (VIC, SA, WA)
9:45PM - Overseas Show

7:30PM _ Friday Night NRL (NSW, QLD, Canberra)
7:30PM - Bondi Vet (Rest of states)
8:40PM - Movie (Rest of states)

7PM - Movie



Just don’t like your Wednesday. Would much rather see either LEGO masters twice a week or generation in a 7:30 slot than Britain’s Got Talent.

Also Sea Change won’t be ready by Easter. I don’t even think they have started filming yet.