Mock Schedules



6am: Sports Tonight ®
6.30am: The Project ®
7am: Studio 10 no audience until 8.30am
11am: The Talk
12pm: Dr Phil
1pm: Replays etc.
3pm: Entertainment Tonight
3.30pm: Judge Judy
4pm: Cooking shows
4.30pm: The Bold and the Beautiful
5pm: Neighbours premiere episodes
5.30pm: 10 News First (Local) national bulletins air 5.30-7pm on weekends
6.30pm: 10 News First (Local)
7pm: The Project


9.30pm: 10 News First (Local)
10.30pm: Sports Tonight
11.00pm: The Project ®
11.30pm: Colbert



For later this year, I can see the following schedule being formed:

7/7:30 - Survivor (Sunday-Tuesday)/Bachelor (Wednesday-Thursday)/Living Room (Friday)/Saturday Night with Rove (Saturday)
8:30 - Mr Black (Sunday), HYBPA (Monday), American Imports (Tuesday), Playing for Keeps (Wednesday), Gogglebox (Thursday)

October-last week of 2019
7/7:30 - The Masked Singer (Sunday-Monday)/Ambulance Australia (Tuesday)/Bachelorette (Wednesday-Thursday)/Living Room (Friday)/Saturday Night with Rove (Saturday)
8:30 - American Import (Sunday), HYBPA (Monday), American Import (Tuesday), The Secret she Keeps (Wednesday), Gogglebox (Thursday)



I cant see anyone making 90 minutes of news on weekends.



TEN’s Programming on a Saturday
6AM - Morning Programs
7AM - RPM (encore)
7:30AM - Escape Fishing (rpt)
8AM - iFish
9am - Studio 10 SAT
12pm - Lifestyle programs
4Pm - Fishing Australia (with WIN TV having it at 4:30PM)
4:30PM - What’s up Down Under
5PM - 10 News First
6PM - Best of Pointless AU (10 will pick any episode from Monday to Friday)
6:30Pm - The Project Highlights (taken via Melbourne)
7Pm - Bondi Vet
7:30pm - Ambulance Australia (rpt)
8:45pm - Ambulance UK
10pm - NCIS: New Orleans
11:00pm - Elementary



10 doesn’t have the program anymore. It’s on Nine.



My apologies. Ive had a lorn of other things on like dealing with parties last night and i was all over the place



Don’t seven and nine do it now with two separate editions?



Isnt the 5pm bulletin just long winded pointers to the 6pm news?



5.30 could do the same thing on weekends I guess. I just think consistency is key.

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Here is what I envisage would be on a channel called BRUCE TV - using his contacts from around the world plus the resources of Channel Ten.

This is what I think the weekday schedule would look like


Monday To Friday
6:00am Entertainment Tonight
6:30am CBS This Morning
8:00am Dr Phil
9:00am Infomercials
10:00am Barney Miller (rotated with Maude second half of year)
10:30am Sanford and Son (rotated with Jack Klugmann’s The Odd Couple second half of year)
11:00am Bold and The Beautiful (encore)
11:30am Neighbours (encore)
12:00pm General Hospital
1:00pm Days of our Lives
2:00pm Young And The Restless
3:00pm Jeopardy (US Edition)
3:30pm Lets Make A Deal (US Edition)
4:30pm The Price Is Right (US Edition)
5:30pm Wheel Of Fortune (US Edition)
6:00pm Pointless



What’s everyone’s thoughts on Ten relaunching “Meet The Press” on Sunday mornings? I really do think this would be a nice little line up, and help promote the TEN News brand. A news bulletin and a sports program similar to Sports Tonight would be added to the line up.

Studio 10 - 8.00am
Meet the Press - 10.00am
Ten Morning News - 11.00am
Sports Sunday - 11.30am



I would like to see Seven take a new (and music-heavy) approach to their 2nd half after House Rules finishes:


Sorry about That! (Sunday) Same as the French show with Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies hosting. Keeping the lives of everyday Australians under surveillance and then questioning the unsuspecting residents at the end of a month.

It Takes Two (Revived) (Monday-Tuesday) with Luke Jacobz hosting.

Rockwiz (Wednesday) a much fresher, more expensive style quiz with a focus on recent generation of rock music and not the pub style stuff SBS churned out, Julia Zemiro to host.


All Together Now (Sunday-Tuesday), expanded with additional rounds, wildcards and eliminations. Nat Bassingthwaighte to host.

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I read up about this format and I kinda dig it - the only issue that I foresee is that it might only work for a season as contestants may suspect being on the show for further seasons.

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Yeah that could potentially be an issue but I think it’s one that can be solved easily. Just find some new people every season.

Other than that, how do you like the schedule? As someone who hopes that Seven would innovate and improve their offerings in the 2nd half of the year, I hope something like this becomes the reality in the future.

Just thinking of some 8.30 formats to follow these shows as of right now. If you have any suggestions that would be great!

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I’m probably not the person to ask for opinion on them - I’m not overally crazy for the music centric shows that you listed.

But I could see them working for 7, if they want to stay the course - those shows are very 7 - board demographic skew, relatively safe but different to what they got now.

I would flip Larry & Julia hosting their shows. Taking a longtime host from a format is a dangerous game, in taking Julia away from Rockwiz. Plus I can see Larry being a better fit for “Sorry For That”.

I think the 8:30 slot should focus on local drama and truely fastracked American offerings (same day as the US with shows being available on 7Plus ASAP, no exceptions).

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I thought the same just now. I would probably also put Kylie Gillies on Sorry about That as well. They work together.

Just a shame that most of Seven’s schedule is filled with rubbish this year, like AGT, The Proposal, The Super Switch and crap.

I do think though that Sorry about That would be quite a risk because of the uncertainty involved. It would be quite similar to Big Brother, just very unsuspecting in comparison.

Agreed. Local drama is very important and Seven knows how to do dramas well. All they need is a few strong tentpoles and the dramas will work out.



I agree that those shows are crap (although Aus Got Talent is semi-similar to the shows you suggested)

But to rationalise the mess that will be Super-Switch, The Propsal - I guess that’s just 7 trying to jump on the bandwagon. Let’s just hope that those shows die a quick death.

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Typical of Seven really. The music shows that I proposed above would do way better than their current offerings. It Takes Two was popular back in 2008 and it’s been a while so it’s probably good to do a reboot. Sorry About That could become the next Big Brother while Rockwiz would be a good family friendly game show on a Wednesday.

Seven used to be great at producing these types of shows so they need to get back to their roots. And as a musician myself I would really like Seven to take this approach.



While I’m not normally one to watch 7, I agree - those kinds of shows are 7

I’m not sure how they would fill out the rest of the year, but the shows should be those that shy more away from the “scandal” & “controversy” (as has been the trend with some of their shows from the last few years - Bride & Prejudice, 7 Year-Switch, MKR (which seemingly can’t go an episode without someone saying something stupid).



I usually would say that Seven should target the younger demo, but then realised that there has to be a network that targets families, and thought that Seven was the only network that was able to do so and do well.