Mock Schedules


Channel 10’s mock programming in 2021 or 2022
0600 - The Talk
0700 - Entertainment Tonight (encore) - new eps on 10Peach
0730 - Bold and the Beautiful (encore)
0800 - Encore of game show
0830 - Lifestyle show (rpt)
0900 - The 9am Show (to be produced from SYD) - have the same formula as 9am with David and Kim - Joe Hildebrand & Sarah Harris as hosts
1130 - Neighbours (encore)
1200 - Midday Movie
1400 - Dr Phil - It’s OK to have M-rated episodes
1500 - Judge Judy - encores on 10Bold.
1530 - Cooking Lifestyle Show x2
1630 - Bold and the Beautiful
1700 - Game Show - compete against The Chase/Hot Seat
1730 - 10 News (drop the First)
1830 - The 6:30pm Project (a rebrand, bringing back the [Timeslot] Project
1900 - Reality Show (I’m a Celebrity/Masterchef)
2015 - Drama/Documentary
2130 - TBA
2230 - The Project (encore)

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10 News First is here to stay, so get used to it.



Or at least until someone at CBA comes up with another gimmicky name for it



Sorry I hate that schedule.

  1. The project timeslot was the dumbest thing the show did at the beginning.
  2. It is awfully messy. 8:15 for drama is just awful.
  3. Why compete against the game shows when you have a news brand that does that and seems to do it well.


cbs* not CBA lol



I agree whole heartedly with you here.

The options for the 5pm to 7:30pm are limited.

Firstly, you wouldnt move your 5pm news product and risk losing news viewers altogether.

Secondly, you have 3 real options for 6pm. One option is a news or sports based program, the second is retain a game show (perhaps try a know brand like Sale of the Century) or thirdly and least likely 4 reality franchises (screening a total of around 48 weeks between them with possibly Bondi Rescue/Bondi Vet for the balance of the year)



At 6:30pm The Project retained or shortened to half an hour (starting at 7pm) with a News presence in the 6:30pm slot



Yeah… nah.



In a nut shell, your schedule will put Ten at 5th behind SBS



Let’s be real, their main channels have more news than other programming 5-9, 11-12, 3-5, 6-7 (7:30 on 9) and 10:30-11 (on 7). That’s nearly half the day viewing already.

I agree I wouldn’t wanna see constant news between 3 and 7 on 7 and 9



National news has NEVER rated in the early evening. This is The 6:30 Project’s main problem. Local news rates… what… ten times higher!!! 10 are actually better off just dropping in local news at 6:30 than The Project. jb76’s idea is not bad.

Personally, I would do
10 News First @5
10 News First @6
The Project @ 7



If in theory Ten started their reality content at 7pm, what do you think Nine will do??? I doubt that Nine would continue screening ACA at 7pm, it would probably move back to 6:30pm. Hot Seat would probably screen at 4pm and Nine News Now would start anywhere between 2:30pm and 3pm (depending on the reality show screening beforehand)

This may also lead a re-think on Seven’s evening viewing (H&A possibly at 6:30pm).

If the oSeven and Nine resisted the temptation, I daresay ABC will have a crack at a 5pm bulletin



um, I was referring to jb76’s insistence that CBS will swoop in and drop the First from 10 News First. Nothing about the schedule.



What about replicating the Sydney studio nationwide (yes I understand some changes would need to be made to accommodate the scale in some states) and having a locally based ‘The Project’. Content could be much the same bar in studio guests.

News anchor just throws to local team with a camera sweep and the team on the couch previewing the upcoming show before set graphics are swapped out during the break.

You could do exactly the same thing in the mornings with a breakfast program and Studio 10 - albeit national.



Another thing that Nine could do in 2021. I feel as though Channel Nine is kind of news-centric and is lacking variety
6am - Today
9am - Today Extra
11am - Morning News
11:30am - Extra
12pm - Movie (there is speculation at the end of last year that Ellen will quit her talk show in 2020
2pm - Encore of reality show
4pm - localised arvo news
5pm - Hot Seat
6pm - News
6:30pm - ACA
7pm - Reality Show
8pm - Drama Show

7pm - RBT (rpt)
7:30pm - NRL (in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra).
7:30pm - Vet on the Hill (Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth)
8:30pm - Movie



Already discussed and dismissed as impractical.



So weird. Why would CBS drop the First when they just approved it?



Why would 9 do that? They are winning that 7pm timeslot. There would be no way they would change it.

OK I need to ask. Why would you start this is 2021? Why does it take close to two years to organise a schedule? Can it not be done in 2020?

Don’t try to fix what isn’t broken. 9 are competitive and win these timeslots. No need to change them.






Here’s what I do if I was in charge on Nine Programming schedule for NRL in 2020

6PM - News
7PM - ACA (The Pre-Match talk starts at the same timeslot on 9GEM)
7:30PM - NRL (SYD, BNE, Canberra)
7:30PM - RBT - VIC, SA, TAS, WA)
8PM - Young Sheldon - VIC, SA, TAS, WA
8:30PM - Drama Show - VIC, SA, TAS, WA)

6PM - News
7PM - ACA (The Pre-Match Talk starts at the same timeslot on 9GEM)
7:30PM - NRL (SYD, BNE, Canberra)
7:30PM - Vet Series (VIC, SA, TAS, WA)
8:30PM - Movie (VIC, SA, TAS, WA)

SATURDAY (When it comes to August)
6PM - News
7PM - NRL (SYD, BNE, Canberra)
7PM - Movie (VIC, SA, TAS, WA)

Finals Time
6pm - News
7pm - ACA (with Pre-match talk on 9GEM)
7:30pm - NRL (SYD, BNE, Canberra)
7:30PM - Vet on the Hill (VIC, SA, TAS, WA)
8:30PM - Movie (VIC, SA, TAS, WA)

6PM - News
6:30PM - NRL Pre-Match (NSW, QLD, ACT) - rest of states on GEM
7PM - NRL (NSW, QLD, ACT) - rest of states on GEM
7PM - Movie (VIC, SA, TAS, WA)