Mock Schedules


I think Ten should consider Big Brother, get the right mix of people that can cause dramas with each other , it will rate because people like to see the drama like on MKR and MAFS ?



Being a fantasy schedule I would have Big Bash running for four/five weeks at max and starting in the 2nd week of December, with finals arranged in Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday nights during the Australian Open. This allows Seven to fill up their primetime gap throughout the year and have a potential headstart to the competition.

Just a train of thought which will probably never happen but since this is mocks of schedules, then why not?



But the 16weeks of MKR is something you think will work?



I’m not 100% sure but it was put there so that Seven could have a longer period of competitive ratings. The other solution would probably be starting Instant Hotel before Easter with MKR wrapping up at the end of March.



Fair enough. Don’t know if I would do that with MKR but up to you. The other thing I am not sure why you did was put Wife Swap on a Thursday up against what would be The Bachelor on 10. Wouldn’t this be better off on another night where that audience is more available?



I only put it there because I thought it might be better for Seven to have something else other than triple Home and Away on Thursdays. If there’s any other programs then I would move Wife Swap to Tuesday 7.30 or bump it to Thursday 8.30.

EDIT: I’ve changed Wife Swap to go into an 8.30 timeslot on Tuesday and moved Ms Fisher into that slot for some variety. I also thought that Seven might need a few more new dramas and a revival of once-upon-a-time classics in Packed to the Rafters and a new drama based off that telemovie The Killing Field.

In my actual fantasy world, I would also have Seven program right through Summer and not have any cricket rights (only keeping AFL and Olympics, with more matches in the former every season) so that they can focus on having competitive, first-run programming year round and see them smash the competition for good.



Yeah its just a bit hard to comment on your schedule if you are claiming it is fantasy. Because it will never happen. It feasible impossible. 7 have another 5 years of cricket to air. So it will never happen. But I do understand what you are suggesting.



I think 7 are struggling home and away in its 7pm timeslot this year due to The abc news and aca On Nine. In the last decade back in 2009, Home And Away rated well but was hit hard by the first episode of 7pm project on Ten. Haa’s ratings have declined a bit every passing year and since 2016, the numbers have taken a dive. I don’t know why the numbers have taken a dive for this program

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Which is why it’s in the mock schedules, where them fantasies come in one after another :wink:

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I am a firm believer that Ten are missing out on a massive opportunity by not producing state based 1 hour morning news bulletins at 7am. This would be a point of difference for the network as the current offerings primarily focus on Sydney and Melbourne (occasionally bringing Canberra and Brisbane into it - although mainly from breaking news and political stories). For the most part the rest of the nation is being neglected.

If Ten did produce a morning news bulletin, here is how i envisage Ten could pull off a news and current affairs block between 5pm and 7:30pm). This idea could be tweaked by other forum members.

Option 1
5:00pm Ten News First ( structured like this : 5:00pm Nationally based stories first; 5:30pm Sports Tonight/Sports Project; 6:00pm Ten News (state based); 6:30pm The Project)

Option 2
5:00pm Ten News First (5:00pm National News; 5:15pm Ten News State editions; 5:45pm Sports Tonight; 6:15pm Ten News state editions*; 6:45pm National News)
7:00pm The Project

Option 3
5:00pm Ten News First (5:00pm National News; 5:15pm Ten News State editions; 5:45pm National News; 6:00pm Sports Tonight/Sports Project**)
6:30pm The Project

  • Win News regions could use this slot for its news service - possibly push the state based edition to 6:30pm on 10Bold

** Under this option Win News regions could move Sports Tonight/Sports Project to 6:30pm on 10 Bold

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I genuinely believe there is scope for 10 to mix things up when it comes to scheduling and programming. For 10 to be leaders like they used to be in innovating.

Here is how I would have liked to have seen 10 start the year off.

Mornings (with the new set complete, and very much versatile like US and AlJazeera sets - all these programs would come from a seperate part of one mega set)

7:00 10 This Morning. Modelled off a Turkish ‘magazine’ breakfast program with 1 host, small versatile set. Standing presentation. Check Turkish program by the name of Kahvalti Haberleri for set inspiration. Program would run continously live into all states with the anchor thanking and welcoming viewers from each state at the appropriate time.

So the run down would be as such:

07.00 … Sydney and Melbourne
07.30 … plus Adelaide
08.00 … plus Brisbane
08.30 … minus AEDT
09.00 … minus ACDT, plus Perth
09.30 … minus AEST
11.30 … end of show.

Out of Melbourne studio. A smaller footprint but ver much similar to Sydney’s new set.

and you could have headlines on the half hour… ending on a sting, that’s the cue for presentation to switch out and over to Studio 10, or a commercial break for the other markets.

8:30 Studio 10. As is however, in a glassed off ‘sitting / board room’ kind of set up with the news room in action in the background.

11:00 10 News First - Morning Edition.

Weekday afternoon

3:00 10 News First - Afternoon Edition

3:30 Jessica. New live talk show hosted by Jessica Rowe in the vein of Ellen and Oprah.

4:30 Bold and the Beautiful.

Early Evenings (Weeknights)

5:00 Neighbours

This is where the big change would kick in with 5:30 programming alternating throughout the year in structured closed ended at the end of the week reality formats. I would have 4 formats that rotate the year.


Come Dine with Me (to commence the year).

Antiques Walkabout - I do believe there is potential for success here, if done in colloquial Australian humour.

Reno Swap - I do believe there is life in this sort of format it just needs to be executed properly).

$20 All Aussie Adventures - following everyday Australians across the globe surviving on no more than $20 a day.

6:00 10 This Evening. Yes while The Project brand as it is is 10’s most recognisable brand, it is also toxic on air. I watched this evening and thought Lisa, Hamish and Fifi were great and would encourage this team to be the regular team for the rebranded show.

7:00 10 News First - Evening Local Editions. Hyper local. Standing presentation.

Early Evenings (Weekends)

5:00 Weekend Antics with … . LIVE. Fun. Variety. Can alternate between hosts 4 times a year. Perhaps Kitty Flanagan, Rove, Shaun Micallef and Hamish and Andy.

6:00 10 This Evening with Friday through Sunday hosts.

7:00 10 News First - Evening Local Editions. Hyper local. Standing presentation.

Rest of the evenings schedule.


7:30 Ambulance Australia THEN MasterChef Australia THEN Police: LIVE this weekend. Police are shadowed over 48 hours leading to this evenings program THEN One Born Every Minute THEN Lifesavers - Spin off of Bondi Rescue (Summer) THEN Fire Rescue Australia

8:30 Taboo. New season.

9:30 Crashing. New to 10 US dramady.


7:30 Mr Black

8:00 It’s a Date. New Season on 10.

8:30 Good News Week (summer) would retain HYBPA viewers. Whatever else they put here will fail THEN Have You Been Paying Attention.

9:00 Back. New UK comedy

9:30 Car Share. New UK comedy


7:30 Dancing with the Stars

9:30 My Life is Murder. New Australian Drama.


7:30 Mid Week LIVE. Where Sunday Night Takeaway should have launched given the success 10 enjoyed in this slot with Thank God You’re Here in the past.

9:30 Five Bedrooms. New Australian Drama.


7:30 Googlebox

8:30 Curfew. New UK dramady.

9:30 Hughsey We Have a Problem. New Season.


7:30 The Living Room Summer Edition.

8:30 Friday Night Dinner. New UK Comedy.

9:30 Graham Norton.


7:30 Ambulance UK THEN COPS: LIVE (US) THEN One Born Every Minute: UK THEN Bondi Rescue

8:30 Wanted. Repackaged with Lisa McCune THEN possibly Crimes that Shook Australia (new to 10)

9:30 Cold Justice / Cold Justice Sex Crimes



I wouldnt do too much to the afternoon schedule, especially not what you are suggesting. Ten needs to be different. A talk show like you suggest is best served at say 1pm, followed by either reality TV encores or a game show until around 4pm where i would screen either Judge Judy or a cooking show (depending on what Ten does with 11am to midday (I would screen either 1 hour of cooking shows or a cooking show followed by Judge Judy).

Two problems here, One Ten would be vacating the 5pm news slot, which I can see Nine taking over should Ten abandon it (quickly followed by 7)

The second one, Neighbours moved to 11 (aka 10Peach) in 2011, I cannot see it returning to the main channel at that time of day. I feel even the 2:30pm screening is out of place, moreso given the ad hoc screening these days. I believe it should strictly stay on 10Peach



Hey kubi. I think your schedule is very interesting.

Some points I really like:

  • The idea of 10 this evening - however, there is also something I do not like about this which I will get to shortly.
  • I really like the idea of some of your short reality forms, I like the idea of Reno Swap, Antiques Walkabout and $20 All Aussie Adventures (especially this one). However, again there is something that I don’t like about it as well which I will discuss.
  • Love the idea of Sundays becoming a doco night.
  • Good News Week reboot is a good idea. Only half hour though?
  • Mid Week live is a great idea.
  • Cold Justice and Wanted are fantastic ideas for Saturdays. And just a suggestion about about a local version of 48 Hours?

Ok so some things I think need retweaking:

  • I think you have some great programming ideas I just think the way you schedule them is the issue.
  • There is a lot of UK shows. Perhaps this needs to be spreaded out over the year a little. Having 5 hours of UK drama/comedy is a lot.
  • 9:30 slots for Australian drama is a massive downfall of your schedule.

Now for the things I think are a real concern:

  • Moving News from 5pm. Just a disaster waiting to happen. Why would you take that away and give it to the competition? Its the only service on at that time.
  • The stripped reality at 5:30. Seems like a bit of a waste of money for what it is really.
  • My big one! The Project. Under no circumstance should the Project be culled altogether. Think of another slot to put it in before you go and cancel it. It has a good name, a strong online presence that takes years and years and years to develop. Canceling it and replacing it with the same concept is pointless.


SUNDAYS ON 10 (2019/2020)

6:00 Sunday Project
7:00 10 News
7:30 Police Watch (10 episodes), Fire Rescue (10 Weeks), Ambulance Australia (10 episodes), One Born Every Minute (10 episodes), Life Savers/Bondi Rescue (10 episodes)
8:30 48 Hours Australia *To air all year round. Go with the known brand that people know so well.
9:30 10 This Evening
*30 minutes current affairs/entertainmnet program. This could have things like an after the rose special, survivor contestants, masterchef contestants. Hosted by Tommy Little and guest hosts such as Gretel Kileen. It will have a look back at the days news and entertainment.
10:00 American proceduals

6:00 The Project
7:00 10 Evening News
7:30 Come Dine With Me (4 Weeks) THEN Survivor (8 Weeks) THEN I’m a Celebrity (6 Weeks) THEN Masterchef (12 Weeks) THEN Thank God You’re Here (12 Weeks) THEN The Masked Singer (4 Weeks) THEN Come Dine With Me (4 Weeks)
8:30 Dirty Laundry Live (12 Weeks) THEN Have You Been Paying Attention (30 Weeks) THEN Hughesy We Have A Problem (8 Weeks)
9:30 10 This Evening

*Essentially, Come Dine With Me will be a split season over the Summer. Masterchef will be starting a little later and the biggest episode of the week will be on Mondays

6:00 The Project
7:00 10 Evening News
7:30 Come Dine With Me (4 Weeks) THEN Survivor (8 Weeks) THEN I’m a Celebrity (6 Weeks) THEN Masterchef (12 Weeks) THEN Dancing With The Stars(12 Weeks) THEN The Masked Singer (4 Weeks) THEN Come Dine With Me (4 Weeks)
8:30 Australian Drama to shift to Tuesday nights
9:30 10 This Evening

6:00 The Project
7:00 10 Evening News
7:30 Come Dine With Me (4 Weeks) THEN The Apprentice (8 Weeks) THEN I’m a Celebrity (6 Weeks) THEN Masterchef (12 Weeks) THEN The Bachelor (8 Weeks) THEN The Bachelorette (6 Weeks) THEN The Masked Singer (2 Weeks) THEN Come Dine With Me (4 Weeks)
*The Masked Singer will air for 2-4 weeks either two times a week or 4 times a week (similar to Ninja Warrior)
8:30 Bachelor in Paradise THEN Mid Week Live THEN Sunday Night Takeaway THEN Celebrity Name Game THEN Trial By Kyle
9:30 10 This Evening

6:00 The Project
7:00 10 Evening News
7:30 Come Dine With Me (4 Weeks) THEN The Apprentice (8 Weeks) THEN I’m a Celebrity (6 Weeks) THEN Masterchef (12 Weeks) THEN The Bachelor (8 Weeks) THEN The Bachelorette (6 Weeks) THEN The Masked Singer (2 Weeks) THEN Come Dine With Me (4 Weeks)
8:30 Bachelor in Paradise THEN Gogglebox THEN Show Me The Movie THEN Taboo THEN Gogglebox THEN Kimmie Live
9:30 10 This Evening

6:00 The Project
7:00 10 Evening News
7:30 I’m a Celebrity, Masterchef and Come Dine With Me to air here. When not on Good News Week
8:30 The Living Room
9:30 10 This Evening

6:00 The Project
7:00 10 Evening News
7:30 Graham Norton
8:30 Wanted Australia
9:00 Cold Justice
9:30 10 This Evening



Some interesting aspects to this schedule:

  1. If 10 are to compete at breakfast they need to deliver some different, either hard news or The Loop. Liv Phyland in the studio from 6-8.30am - :00 headlines, :05 music, :25 entertainment, repeat.

  2. 10’s current daytime offering is fine as is, 10 News First needs to stay at 5pm although I would love to see an 11am bulletin. If I was to play around with their current schedule I would consider airing Ready Steady Cook at 3.30 but Dr. Phil, ET, Judge Judy, etc. do well.

  3. I really like the idea of $20 All Aussie Adventures (and also Come Dine with Me), I think they are better suited to the primetime schedule. Keep The Project (even though it is extremely toxic) in its current timeslot, it serves as a nice lead-in to tentpole realities. A hyper-localised, no BS 10 News First bulletin at 6pm would be a strong contender even if it gets mediocre ratings of around 300,000.

  4. Factuals would do a great job on Sunday nights, I would love to see 10 try their hand at Live PD. They could air it on a delayed feed (~15 min) on Friday and Saturday nights either on 10 Bold or the main channel with a packaged version on Sunday, I’d imagine it would rate quite well. Throw in Educating (following the journey of students and teachers at a school over a couple of months), and an SES factual as well.

  5. US/UK imports don’t serve a role on the main channel unless it is a big brand such as NCIS or Law & Order. They’d do well on 10 Peach where their primetime schedule is currently lacking. 10 are going to do better for themselves by sticking to the big guns than trying something new unfortunately, they might work for the first season or so (see The Good Doctor, God Friended Me, etc.) but will fizzle out and people will instead watch them on their own terms.

  6. Mid Week LIVE is a great idea but I don’t think a variety show is going to work in the Australian market. If it is something more akin to The Graham Norton Show or The Late Late Show I’m all for it as opposed to another reincarnation of Hey Hey It’s Saturday. Courtney Act or Ronny Chieng would be my host nominations or for something unconventional maybe Randy Feltface (from Sammy J and Randy - see Randy Writes a Novel), steer clear of the familiar faces like Kitty, Charlie Pickering, Rove, Chris & Julia, etc.



Very solid schedule here. Some minor nitpicks though:

  • Keep 48 Hours clear of 60 Minutes and Sunday Night. Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday night are the best options in my opinion. I’d really like to see 10 have a go at a hard-hitting current affairs show in the vein of Four Corners with Hamish Macdonald, PVO, Waleed Aly, Hugh Riminton, etc.
  • I don’t think moving Survivor is a good idea. It does well for itself alongside The Bachelor at the back-end of the year, it is going to be a difficult proposition to move it forward: either they hold 2019 back until February next year, difficult given their tendency to cast celebrities as leaks may get out OR they film back-to-back and air two seasons within 6 months of each other. Putting it up against MAFS will kill the series in my opinion.
  • I’m not sold on The Masked Singer as a format. It’s a fad that will probably fizzle out after the first week.
  • Big tick for The Apprentice however, the brand is damaged goods with it’s politicisation through Donald Trump so I doubt 10 will go for it.


Fair call. I still stand by Survivor moving. Not the same audience as Married. Plus something has to air opposite it. The Bachelor and Survivor do not target the same audience and don’t really benefit one another. So this will hopefully help free that slot up for similar shows to suit The Bachelor.

I always had 48 Hours on Tuesdays. But I guess if you are going to target a factual audience 48 Hours would be the ideal lead out.

I’m not sure about Masked Singer either. However, it would only be 12 episodes long and be over in 4 weeks. So hopefully it could get the same sort of audience Ninja did in its first season



I wonder if a re-boot of Australian Idol could work for Ten, and screening between the first week October (on the back of the NRL/AFL grand final weekend - possibly starting on the Monday) and the grand finale screening on New Years Eve. Ten could then use it as launch pad for new content right at the start of the year. Although December/January is the non-rating period, now with all regions having access to three (main) commercial channels, it increases opportunities all year round



48 Hours could actually work as a lead-out to The Bachelor/ette on a Wednesday or Thursday evening. It’s a different genre altogether but targets a similar demographic, I think if you had a look at the main demographic of true crime podcasts you would see it’s mostly 16-39 females, the same demographic that 10 are going for with The Bachelor/ette. If 10 are going to do 48 Hours, they also need to cash in on the podcast craze with a companion show.



Definitely, I know the demographics of true crime - another reason I put it where I did. The Bachelor/ette doesn’t screen all year round so that timeslot will vary with that demographic. Also the demographic is often slightly older females not normally the main demographic of The bachelor franchise.

I also thought about Wednesdays but liked the idea of variety in that slot. Gogglebox does really well in the Thursday slot. So I didn’t really want to mess with those. That left Tuesday, which I thought would be a nice slot to have drama - something that has worked for other networks.

Simple answer is no i wouldn’t try that again.