Mock Schedules


Yes agree. I would love to see the return of a 11AM. But then again, it’s not cheap to produce for only an audience of 90k

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But if i was more like the morning news was and not doing as many live feeds to other locations, it could work.



From what I can tell, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with what Seven currently airs between 11am and midday.

6pm to 7.30pm (particularly in Sydney & Melbourne) however, is a totally different story.



And the 6pm bulletins and Home and Away should be axed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Another scenario for Nine (weekdays) in 2022
5AM - Today Show (replaces the Early News - rebrand the name and use a different logo)
8:30AM - Today Extra. (Try and compete against Studio 10, where they had another head start.
11AM - Morning News -
11:30AM - Extra
12 Noon - Movie (At the end of last year, there was speculation that Ellen DeGeneres will quit TV in 2020.)
2PM - Realty Show encore (remove News Now as having two consecutive news bulletins in afternoons is overkill).
4PM - Localised Arvo News
5PM - A Quiz Show
6PM - Nine News
7PM - Reality Show (ACA moved to late Night at 10 Noon
8:10PM - Drama



If Nine wanted to maintain 2 bulletins, perhaps they could screen a news bulletin around 2pm between the movie and reality show (with possibly a repeat comedy of some sort (eg Hot In Cleveland) or fly on wall series (eg Customs) as a filler afterwards - especially given most days the reality shows rarely screen for 2 hours.

Would you screen say a 5 minutes Nightline inspired newsbreak (similar to those that screened on the weekends in the late 1980s/early 1990s) as a lead-in?



10 are really struggling against MAFS (and MKR) and need something new. Here is my suggestion for what they can do in 2020 leading up to Masterchef.

Sunday - 19.30 Big Brother (Elimination), 21.00 NCIS
Monday - 19.30 Big Brother (Head of Household), 20.30 Hughesy, We Have a Problem
Tuesday - 19.30 Big Brother (Nominations), 20.30 48 Hours
Wednesday - 19.30 Big Brother, 20.30 What the Frock?
Thursday - 19.30 Show Me the Movie!, 20.30 Gogglebox Australia
Friday - 19.30 Big Brother: Friday Night Games
Saturday - 19.30 Bondi Rescue

Sunday - 19.30 I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, 21.00 NCIS
Monday - 19.30 I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, 20.30 Have You Been Paying Attention?
Tuesday - 19.30 I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, 20.30 Ambulance Australia
Wednesday - 19.30 I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, 20.30 Mr. Black
Thursday - 19.30 I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, 20.30 Gogglebox Australia
Friday - 19.30 The Living Room
Saturday - 19.30 I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!: Saturday Schoolies

Sunday - 19.30 Returning the Favour, 21.00 NCIS
Monday - 19.30 MasterChef Australia, 20.30 Have You Been Paying Attention?
Tuesday - 19.30 MasterChef Australia, 20.30 Shark Tank
Wednesday - 19.30 MasterChef Australia, 20.30 My Life Is Murder
Thursday - 19.30 MasterChef Australia, 20.30 Todd Sampson’s Body Hack
Friday - 19.30 The Living Room
Saturday - 19.30 Educating

Big Brother is the perfect solution to go up against MAFS. Launch it against the Australian Open, build an audience early on and cast drama-filled housemates to eat into the MAFS audience. Lock in Courtney Act as host.

I’m a Celebrity helps keep people on 10 in the lead-up to MasterChef with a 4-week season. I think 10 should change things up with Liv Phyland and Scott Tweedie as hosts but we’ll get stuck with Chris & Julia again I’m sure.

Other changes include: 48 Hours, What the Frock? (new makeover reality format), Returning the Favour (fronted by Samuel Johnson, giving back to people who do good things in the community), Educating (fly-on-the-wall format following the students and staff at a troubled school).

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Why that long away?

And why an 8:10 start?



This is where most kids would spend time studying. I worried that some shows will drag much longer.



As you would know from previous mocks I have suggested BB in this same slot and with Courtney Act as host. However, I wonder why you have just skipped it on a Thursday and put a show like Show me the Movie at 7:30 which gets around 200-300k at the moment. Could you not put that in a 8:30 timeslot if you are going to keep during that period?

I don’t mind this idea of Celebrity at this time at all. I think it is a good idea! I would probably look at putting Bachelor in Paradise in an 8:30 slot at this time and making it more adult.

Again not sure of the random days not showing Masterchef. Like the idea of the show but perhaps again an 8:30 slot?

Yeah I am sorry I don’t mind shows starting on the half hour the hour but an 8:10 start is very odd and something I couldn’t see myself just getting used to.

I am still wondering why you decided this would start in 2022. Why wouldn’t it start in 2020?



Another idea re 10 in 2020:

7:30 Big Brother (Eviction, Nomination, Head of House, The Challenge, Thursday Night Games
8:30 Eviction Show, Dirty Laundry Live, 48 Hours Australia, Bachelor in Paradise

7:30 The Masked Singer, Survivor Australia, The Apprentice
8:30 Dirty Laundry Live, 48 Hours Australia, My Life is Murder, Gogglebox

7:30 Come Dine With Me Australia
8:30 Courtney Live, Have You Been Paying Attention, 48 Hours Australia, Australian Drama, Gameshow (Celebrity Name Game)

7:30 Masterchef
8:30 Courtney Live, Have You Been Paying Attention, 48 Hours Australia, Australian Drama, Gameshow

23RD AUGUST - OCTOBER 17TH (8 Week Run)
7:30 Sunday Night Takeaway, Dancing With the Stars, Ambulance Australia, The Bachelor

7:30 Sunday Night Takeaway, Dancing With the Stars, One Born Every Minute, The Bachelorette
*it would be assumed that Dancing would only go for 11-12 weeks so in those weeks The Bachelorette could air multiple times)

7:30 I’m a Celebrity Get Me Outta Here



I feel as though there are a number of reasons 10 are currently in dire straits with nothing firing for them.

Firstly, attempting a complete new slate to start the year without fixing core problem areas. 6 - 7:30, weekend news etc.

Attempting to revive old formats and also skewing young when Married at First Sight skews young. Counter programming disaster. Big Brother is NOT the solution. Sorry Turdall.

Launching LATE!

New news set should have been rolled out over Summer. Promoted the shit out of.

The Project marketing blitz should have been done earlier. IMO needs to be reworked and rebranded.

Just misstep after misstep.



See I think The Project brand is big. Its a known credible source. So I don’t think it needs to be rebranded at all.

Out of curiosity what do you think the solution is for this time of the year? I don’t think BB is the solution against MKR and Married. But if I had it my way it would only last 8 weeks and basically launch the year.

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I get that is has watercooler buzz. Perhaps this could be used as an online brand.

I have been working on something. Post soon :slight_smile:

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I look forward to seeing it. I do think 10 should go with a brand that is a known success against big formats. Survivor handled itself well against The Block. I really think it could be a good point of difference against Married.



Is that their fourth channel?



No. I think they may get a fourth channel called 10 Beauty on channel 12 replacing 10 Bold Simulcast :joy:



Nine in August 2019
7pm - The Block
8:10pm - 60 Mins
9:10pm - Drama

7:30pm - The Block
8:45pm - This Time Next Year
9:45pm - 100% Footy (NSW/QLD/NT/ACT), Footy Classified in Rest of States.

7:30PM - The Block
8:40PM - Doctor Doctor

7:30PM - The Block
8:40PM - hamish & andy’s perfect holiday

7:30PM - NRL (SYD/BNE/Canberra)
7:30PM - RBT (rpt or new) - (TAS/Melbourne/Adelaide/Perth)
8:40PM - 20 to 1

7:30PM - NRL (SYD/BNE/Canberra/NT)
For Rest of States
7:30PM - Vet on the Hill
8:40PM - Movie

7PM - NRL (SYD/BNE/Canberra/NT)
7PM - Movie (rest of states)



Seven schedule if I was a Seven programmer:

First Week of January - Last Sunday of March
7:00/7:30 - MKR (Sunday-Thursday) (head start on both Celebrity and Tennis)
8:30 - Sunday Night/Wanted/The Good Doctor/Bride and Prejudice (30 minutes)
9:00 - The Latest

Last Monday of March- First Sunday of July
7:00/7:30 Instant Hotel (Sunday-Thursday) (House Rules is axed)
8:30 - Sunday Night/The Killing Field (based off the movie)/Between Two Worlds/Interview with Andrew Denton (30 minutes)
9:00 - The Latest

First Monday of July-End of September
7:00/7:30 Ladies Night/Real Full Monty/The Masked Singer (or All Together Now) (Sunday-Tuesday), Factuals (Wednesday), Ms Fisher (Thursday)
8:30 - Sunday Night/800 Words/Wife Swap/9-1-1 (30 minutes)
9:00 - The Latest

October-End of December (no Big Bash/Tests)
7:00/7:30 AGT (Sunday/Monday), First Dates (Tuesday), Just Desserts (Wednesday/Thursday)
8:30 - Sunday Night/Packed to the Rafters Revival/Secret Bridesmaids Business/Australian Gangster (30 minutes)
9:00 - The Latest

If I was in charge of Seven, I would probanly save myself a tonne of money by giving up cricket rights for first run programming that will keep audience glued all the way till the end of the year. I’d also renegotiate the AFL deal to include streaming rights to all Seven matches and exclusivity to Finals event (+streaming) and increase the number of matches produced by Seven so that they can get the most out of the AFL like 10 did.



Where would you put the big bash? And does that mean we get nearly 4 months or 16 weeks of MKR? Seems a bit excessive to me.

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